20 Parent Hacks Every Mom and Dad Needs To Know

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Parenting involves a lot of patience and learning as you go, but many moms and dads say having a child totally changed their lives. Watching a child grow and getting to shape them along their journey is such a rewarding, joyful experience; however, parenting comes with a lot of challenges. These parent hacks we’ve listed below can make raising children just a little bit easier on all the moms and dads out there.

Here are 20 parent hacks every mom and dad needs to know:

1. This creative parent hack will help your kids stay on track!

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2. Need help putting your baby to sleep? Try these 5 steps…

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3. If you need extra hands while traveling, try the Mountain Buggy! A true miracle in the world of parent hacks…

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4. This parent hack will keep your kids fueled up on road trips and keep the crumbs off the floor.

5. Some dad hacks are actually genius!

6. This parent hack might just save you thousands of dollars…

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7. Don’t have a white noise machine? Well, this parent hack might come in handy…

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8. Adding baking soda to your child’s bath can do wonders for them.

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9. These cool gadgets will make your life easier as a parent (and may just save your child’s life).

10. If the dryer always eats your kids’ socks, this gadget is for you.

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11. Another great dad hack! You can still have a BBQ AND keep the kids safe!

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12. If your kids have been getting into your candy stash, use this parent hack to hide it in a clever way.

13. Lost your sunglasses? Send your kid on a scavenger hunt to find all your missing stuff!

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14. Is your kid sick and doesn’t want to take his/her medicine? Just dip a lollipop in it!

15. Need to keep your toddler entertained? Use this fun parent hack!

16. Need something to hold your messy breakfast in the car? Try a diaper, courtesy of this dad hack.

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17. Want to keep your little one safe while also soothing them to sleep? Try this!

18. Hands on magnets can help keep your kid safe around cars.

19. These bouncy seats are baby-powered! No need for batteries. (one of the best parent hacks EVER)

20. If you ever need to get snow off your driveway, simply attach a snow plough to your kid’s toy car. Problem solved.

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Which of these parent hacks is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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