Babies and their dads love spending more time together than ever before. That’s mostly because societal views on gender roles changed drastically over the past few years. Nowadays, women contribute to the household income as well as men. Thus, both parents help out with chores and raising their children. In fact, we no longer view males as the sole breadwinners anymore. And that’s probably a good thing.

Children benefit greatly when both parents are around to give them love, support, and important life skills. According to a survey, 75% of dads view raising their children as their most important job.

So because of these changes, we want to show you some heartwarming photos of babies and their dads that confirm this rising trend.

Here are 15 photos that perfectly capture babies and their dads bonding:

1. There’s nothing like getting a milkshake to bring a smile to your face!

Shared a milkshake with my little man this summer
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2. Babies and their dads cuddling is one of the cutest things ever.


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3. Please tell us if you have ever seen anything more adorable than this. We’re waiting …


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4. Like father, like son!

I don’t think I’ll need a paternity test
by u/NotFoolishYet in aww

5. These two are definitely peas in a pod.

[deleted by user]
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6. Fatherhood definitely looks good on this guy.

Can you tell I’m happy?
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7. So if this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.

First smile in her life! Less than an hour after being born!
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8. Nap times with dad are the best!


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9. Babies and their dads should spend time having fun together, like these two!

War faces
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10. Wonder if he’ll grow up to have a great beard just like his daddy…

He makes the BEST face when being burped!
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11. Kids definitely miss their dads when they go off to work. So this little one wanted to come along for the ride!

Second one hid in my bag hoping to come to work with me.
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12. Yep, our hearts definitely just melted all over the floor.


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13. These two make such a cute pair.

My son and my beard are both three months old
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14. These two are practically twins!

Laying around, watching pretty lights, listening to Radiohead and talking an everything and nothing.
by u/zCYNICALifornia in daddit

15. Babies and their dads who snuggle together, grow together.


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That guy sure knows how to make the ladies swoon, we must say! In today’s world, both moms and dads are sharing more of the responsibility when it comes to raising their children. Dads might have more flexible work schedules to spend more time with their kids while moms may work while dad is at home.

These are beautiful times to live in because people are less concerned with gender roles. Indeed, today’s parent gives more focus on raising their kids in a healthy, happy environment.

Of course, no parents are perfect. But as long as your children feel loved and supported, that’s all that really matters in the end. Indeed, any parent can do is try to love their child the best way they can. We hope you enjoyed these adorable photos of babies and their dads! If so, please share and comment!