This Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife (And It Couldn’t Be More Accurate)

This Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife (And It Couldn’t Be More Accurate)

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We have featured Israeli comic artist Yehuda DeVir before, but we wanted to show off more of his work because it’s so relatable for people in relationships! He’s an expert at capturing everyday life and turning it into hilarious comics that win the hearts of people all over the world. Yehuda believes that his artwork helps people relive the moments in their own relationships that make them special and remember that they aren’t alone in their struggles as well.

So, we hope you enjoy these comics that show what everyday life is like in a relationship!

This artist illustrates everyday life with his wife (and it couldn’t be more accurate):

1. Everyday life with your wife sometimes means getting caught eating straight out of the fridge.

2. It also means saying sorry when you know you did or said something wrong.

3. Sometimes you’ve gotta take one for the team and sit next to the crying baby on the plane, even if it’s cramped.

4. Picking a song you both enjoy while sharing headphones is also an important part of everyday life as a couple.

5. Birthdays are important and should be celebrated to the highest degree! (But maybe with a few less desserts)

6. All kisses are beautiful, even duck kisses.

7. Marriage means comforting each other through the hardest of times, like having to give blood, for example.

8. Getting to cuddle everyday is one of the best parts of a relationship.

9. Married life means sharing your toys, even if your wife is hogging the present she bought for you.

10. It also means celebrating the important moments together, because your relationship means more than anything.

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11. Hey, you’ve gotta do a hair check sometimes, even if it’s in a car window.

12. As you get older, birthdays seem less exciting, but your partner won’t let you forget about it!

We hope you enjoyed these comics about everyday life in a relationship from this talented artist! If you did, please comment below with your favorite comic and share with your friends, family, and significant other!

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