Did you know that you can improve your optimistic thinking like any other skill? Maybe you know someone you admire because they radiate confidence and vibrant energy. What are some of the habits you can learn from them to increase your positive thinking?

Contrary to popular belief, being an optimist doesn’t deny reality. Life has its share of heartache and disappointments. These ebbs and flows are constant regardless of if you’re a billionaire or live from paycheck to paycheck.

It’s all about your perspective. Optimistic people have problems and adverse events just like anyone else. However, they focus on what’s good in their lives instead of the bad.

Being optimistic isn’t just an attitude but a complete lifestyle. It becomes the lens through which you view your world. You don’t create your perfect Universe, but you learn to be grateful for your blessings.

Like any other learned skill, practice makes progress. You’re not going to change your outlook overnight. By surrounding yourself with positive influences, you soon learn how you can bring more positivity into your thought processes.

Ten Habits of Optimistic People

The good news is that you don’t need a magic wand to increase your positive energy. What are the steps you need to take to get started? Here are ten habits of optimistic people for you to consider.


1. Optimistic People Never Give Up

Some people won’t even try something new if they think it’s too complicated. They let fear and intimidation hinder them from reaching higher goals. If they do try and make the slightest error, they throw up their hands in defeat.

Let’s face it, nobody is perfect, and you will make mistakes. A primary difference between positive thinking and pessimism is that the optimist won’t give up. You see your failures as teaching tools that will guide you to eventual success.

2. Positive Thinkers Practice Gratitude Daily

Have you ever met someone with such a negative attitude that nothing made them happy? They could win the lottery and complain that they had to split it with another winner. According to the law of attraction, they declare negativity into the Universe and receive the same negativity in return.

If you favor optimism, you’ve learned to count your blessings. You probably have a gratitude list that you review daily. Optimists have problems like everyone else but tend to see that the good outweighs the bad.

3. Optimistic People Do What They Love

One of the countless gifts of positive thinking is that you’re more in tune with yourself. So, allow that quiet, gentle voice to guide you in your career and outside interests. Your optimism may have started in childhood, and you’ve always known what you wanted to do with your life.

Those who work with you notice your bright outlook and passion for your work. You’re one of those folks who would choose a job they love for a dreaded one that made more money. You also select hobbies and interests that spark your creativity and bring you joy.

4. Optimistic People Surround Themselves with Positivity

The people you surround yourself with can affect your attitude, says Dr. Syed Muhammad Sajjad Kabir. Kabir explains how your circle may influence who you are, what you value, and how much money you make. If they are pessimists, their life’s outlook can also be damaging and bleak.

For example: how do you feel when talking to someone who is a chronic pessimist? They have a negative retort, no matter how you try to brighten the mood. If you’re around them too much, their depressing attitude will affect you.

That’s why positive thinking can encourage you to spend time around people with the same attitude. They believe in your dreams and aspirations and inspire you to keep trying. As you all send positive affirmations into the Universe, you’re attracting more positivity to your lives.

5. Positive Thinkers Love to Smile and Do It Often

Smiling is a precious gift that costs you nothing yet is priceless. Researchers have debated whether animals smile, but it seems to be a uniquely human ability. A smiling face can instantly put people at ease and makes you approachable.

According to Science Times, even if you fake a smile, it can create more positivity. Of course, an insincere smile often masks internal pain or anger. However, you may feel more optimism if you smile rather than frown or grimace.

Have you ever been in a room filled with strangers? You probably were drawn to the first person with a welcoming smile. This universal expression conveys optimism, openness, and joy.


6. Positive People Focus on Strengths Instead of Weaknesses

Everyone has personal strengths and weaknesses. Asking you to identify them is a classic question for job interviews. It’s not a shame to admit that you need to work on specific skills if you can highlight your strengths.

An attitude of optimism doesn’t mean you think that you’re perfect. Instead, you know where your strengths lie, and you capitalize on them. For example, you wouldn’t apply to be a music teacher if you can sing or play music.

You’re apt to accomplish more in your more substantial areas. It gives you the motivation to improve in skills where you’re lacking. If optimism is one of your strong suits, it can help you in all areas of your life.

7. Optimistic People Don’t Hold Grudges

Nobody is immune from getting angry or hurt when someone offends them unless they’re a saint. It’s a natural response, and the negative feelings can overwhelm you. However, you can choose to overcome these feelings or let them continue smoldering as a grudge.

The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament aptly calls this condition the “root of bitterness.” Most gardeners can tell you about their struggles with invasive plants. Some plants, like certain species of ivy, can invade your lawn and garden and even cause damage to your home’s foundation.

It all starts with a tiny root that’s allowed to grow and take over everything. Likewise, bitterness can take root in your heart and destroy your joy and optimism. Positive thinkers like you understand this condition and nip it in the bud before it consumes them.

When you forgive somebody who’s hurt you, it’s more for you than for them. It doesn’t excuse the offender or mean that you forget the offense. Forgiveness breaks the chains of bitterness and gives you the freedom to leave it in the past.

8. Optimists Often Journal about Positive Experiences

Another habit of those who embrace optimism is that they often keep journals. Perhaps you keep a journal that includes a gratitude list and brief highlights of your day. Some people use journaling to record their thoughts, ideas, and aspirations.

Of course, everyone has bad days, and every entry won’t be champagne and roses. However, you’ll probably notice that you have more positive notes than negative ones. As you review past entries, you can see how you confronted problems and eventually found solutions.

9. Optimists Focus on Building Your Relationships

Being in a relationship requires work on both sides, personal or professional. You both learn how to compromise and work on difficult issues together. Positive thinking is an effective tool that builds strong and lasting relationships.

Plus, positive-thinking people are often the best listeners. You find value in what the other person is saying and actively listen. Instead of interrupting, you listen, mirror their emotions, and ask them to clarify anything you may have missed.

Such communication is vital for any relationship. It can make you a better partner, family member, friend, or employee. Others are more apt to be committed to you when they see your commitment.

10. Optimistic Thinkers Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Optimism benefits your body, mind, and spirit, as positivity is good for your soul. Caring for your body by following a healthy lifestyle may prevent certain physical and mental diseases. It’s about proper food choices, daily exercise, and a positive outlook.

Unfortunately, the media often portrays unrealistic expectations for beauty and success. These outlets create false beliefs that if you’re beautiful, thin, wealthy, and intelligent enough, you’re worthy. Optimists reject these facades and love themselves for who they are.

When you feel good about your body, you want to take care of it. You try to use moderation and avoid habits that can harm your health. Your well-being often depends on positive thinking about yourself.

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Final Thoughts on Ten Habits of Optimistic People

Are you ready to work with the law of attraction and attract more positivity in your life? Consider these ten habits of people who have learned how to do it successfully and live each day with an optimistic outlook.

Not only will you have a brighter perspective, but you’ll also reap the benefits of maintaining positivity at home and work. Positive thinking will change your entire life for the better.