15 Behaviors to Increase Positive Thinking

15 Behaviors to Increase Positive Thinking

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Positive thinking isn’t just a trendy term that people use. Instead, positivity is a lifestyle that makes you a better person. When you have a positive mindset, you’re better equipped with ways to handle things in your life. The world around you is geared toward a negative mindset, so positive thinking and having an optimistic attitude are going against the grain.

If you want to embrace positivity, you need to learn activities that can push you from the negative mindset that’s become common in life to a more positive one. Though it’s challenging, it can be done. Optimism is the key to living a happy life, and those that master this feat will find joy and contentment.

Four Common Causes of Negativity

It’s easy to be negative, as misery loves company. The people around you will join in and sing their woes right along with you. However, do you ever stop and wonder where all these toxic thoughts come from inside you? Here are the most common places:

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1. Fear

At the helm of your negativity is a powerful emotion called fear. It will inhibit your positive thinking and can paralyze you from being all you can be in this life.

2. Poor Self-Image

Having low self-esteem and an overall view of yourself inhibits positive thoughts. Rather than seeing all your beautiful qualities, you tend to dwell on the negative ones.

3. Your Inner Critic

The voice in your head can be pretty destructive, so you need to combat it with constructive activities. The key is to train your inner critic to criticize constructively, and it will help you generate more positive thoughts.

4. Toxic Relationships

Have you heard the adage that birds of a feather flock together? If you’re hanging around individuals with a negative mindset, it’s safe to say that you will also be pessimistic. Find people who increase the positivity in your life and not the negative.

Fifteen Activities That Increase Positive Thinking

What are the fifteen best activities to enhance your positive thinking? We have gathered them for you below. You will find that incorporating these things into your life will elevate your mood and make you feel happier in general.

1. Don’t Live According to a Label

Labeling people is a toxic trait that others do, and you also do it to yourself. Putting yourself in a class can empower you to have feelings that aren’t always healthy. Stop telling yourself all the negative stuff, and ensure your self-talk is filled with optimism.

The first positivity-boosting behavior involves speaking kindly to yourself. Start saying things like “I am a survivor.” “I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do.” “I am a happy person.” Proverbs 23:7 says that as you think in your heart, so shall you be, so it’s time to start having more positive thoughts.

2. Reframe Negative Situations

How’s your mental power? Some folks crumble when anything unpleasant comes their way, but it’s all a matter of perception. It would help if you learned to reframe situations to see the optimistic side rather than dwelling on the negativity.

Too often, folks like to wallow in their overwhelming feelings of disappointment and sadness, but the key is learning to shift your perspective. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining, and you can find the positive in the most negative situations.

3. Embrace Positive Thinking by Embracing Change

Humans are creatures of habit, and change can be hard to experience. However, life isn’t going to stay the same, as things constantly evolve. Learning to embrace changes in your life rather than fighting them can be the key to having more optimism, positive thoughts, and less negativity.

4. Try Meditation to Boost Positivity

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help enhance your positive thinking. This ancient art works so well because it allows you to silence your thoughts, slow your brain down, and enhance your focus. Too many times, people concentrate on things that are not even relevant, and thus it creates chaos and noise that they can’t ignore.

You don’t need much time to devote to meditation, as just a few minutes will do. Many find that it helps them to be more clear-headed, so they use it at work, on lunch break, or anywhere they need to silence the noise by turning the focus inward.

5. Settle Unfinished Business

Do you have unfinished business that’s inhibiting your positive thoughts? Maybe you need to apologize to someone for saying or doing something wrong. It’s challenging to turn over a new leaf with positive thinking if you have some negativity holding you back.

If there’s any business you need to settle, now is the time to let go of these ties that bind. It may be holding you back from keeping positive thoughts rather than ones based on negativity.


6. Don’t Fight Your Emotions

You’re hardwired with many different emotions, and if you’re trying to fight these emotions, it can make you miserable. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you couldn’t have a refreshing cry? Embrace the ebbs and flows of your feelings, and you must allow yourself to be angry and sad if the situation warrants it.

7. Laugh Often to Increase Positive Thinking

A good belly laugh can boost your optimism and encourage positive thinking. You’ve likely heard laughter is the best medicine, but a National Library of Medicine study shows that it’s true. Additionally, the study found that being a happy person and laughing more can keep dementia at bay, and everyone needs some positivity.

8. Open Your Mind to Positivity

Having close-minded and rigid thinking can make you miserable. You must open yourself to different thoughts and opinions to engage in more positive thinking. You’ll find positivity when you learn to accept and experience diversity, as you will realize there’s so much out there than just your way of thinking and living.

9. Travel and Experience New Things

It’s effortless to get stuck in a rut that can inhibit your positive thinking. Getting away for a few days can be refreshing and boost your optimism. Meeting new people and doing new things can be just what you need to increase the positivity in your life.

10. Giving Back Increases Positive Thinking

Giving back to those less fortunate can give you an endorphin rush. When you help people, you’re putting positive energy into the atmosphere, and the Universe adds to your karmic bank. Assisting others from a selfless place where you don’t want anything in return helps you become more authentic and positive.

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