What would life be without relationships? We all need someone to help us get through this crazy ride, but sometimes, our own relationships can make life more difficult. When times get tough or you just need some simple reminders to help you remember why you fell in love with your significant other in the first place, just reference these quick tips.

Here are one sentence reminders every relationship needs to hear:

1. Never take your love for granted – even when times get tough, true love will get you through.

2. Take time to make each other feel special; after all, the magic shouldn’t just disappear just because you’ve been together for a while.

3. Great sex only goes so far. So make your partner feel loved in other intimate ways, such as holding hands, kissing them in public, and hugging them, just because.

4. Tell each other “I love you” as much as possible, and share the reasons why you feel this way.

5. When the times get rough, remember why you fell for him or her to begin with.

6. Share your deepest, darkest secrets with one another, but don’t feel like you have to spill everything onto the table. The mysteries of the human soul make life worth it.

7. Express gratitude for each other every day.

8. Forget the rest of the world and create your own story.

9. Hold onto each other, especially through the storms.

10. Don’t stop believin’.

11. Remember to spend time apart sometimes. Indeed, distance will make your relationship even better.

12. Go stargazing sometime – it will help you remember just how lucky you are to have come across one another in this vast universe.

13. Keep the lines of communication open at all times.

14. Encourage self-love on the daily, as you will become better partners if you learn to love yourselves first.

15. Have cute names for each other.

16. Learn how to forgive one another, even if you don’t fully agree with the other person’s words or actions.

17. Remember that you will fight sometimes, but this doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship.

18. Sometimes, you’ll have to ask for forgiveness. This doesn’t make you weak. Instead, it means you really love your guy or gal and want another chance.

19. You will never stop learning from one another.

20. Engage in deep discussions often.

21. Surprise your partner sometimes. That’s because this element keeps the relationship fresh and exciting.

22. Rejoice during the happy times, and cry during the sad ones. Part of the human experience is to feel many different emotions, and that’s perfectly okay.

23. Embrace the weirdness in both of you.

24. Relationships change over time. So don’t fight the evolution of your bond.

25. Develop friendships outside of your relationship, too; that way, you won’t get bored of one another.

26. Realize how amazing your partner is, and remind them daily.

27. Your partner won’t always make you happy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you unconditionally.

28. Share your thoughts with your partner always, even if you two have differing opinions.

29. Trust and respect are the number two most important things in your relationship.

30. Get out of the city once in a while and feel the wind in your hair – it will do your relationship good.

31. In a discussion, remember to listen to each other before speaking.

32. Remember that relationships take work. Nothing worth having ever comes easily.

33. Make time to have fun and play; just because you’re adults, doesn’t mean you can’t roll around in the grass and get a little dirty, right?

34. Eat ice cream in bed and watch Netflix all day. Without feeling guilty.

35. Try new exotic foods together. In fact, sharing experiences will help you grow as a couple.

36. Go a day each week without your phones.

37. Act like big kids for a day. So have a water balloon fight, play hide and seek, and make macaroni and cheese for dinner.

38. Congratulate each other on any accomplishment, no matter how small.

39. Walk on the beach hand in hand, focusing on how amazing love feels.

40. Read a book together in bed.

41. Never forget your inside jokes.

42. Your partner will annoy you to death sometimes. However, you’ll even find this cute about them.

43. Go on a road trip together, and see the world from a different perspective.

44. Challenge each other to new experiences that will help both of you grow as people.

45. Take care of one another and cherish the relationship you have, because every fleeting moment is precious.