Some people make being a ninja warrior look so easy! Fanny Josefine from Sweden, a self-proclaimed “ninja,” makes the world her gym, training in various climates and terrains. She’s even reconfigured her home to make it suitable for her intense workout sessions. For Fanny, nothing is off-limits or too crazy to try, as she’s always pushing herself to the next level.

On her Instagram and other social media accounts, she posts videos of her pulling off insane stunts and routines. For instance, one video shows her taking an ice bath in a frozen lake, presumably somewhere in Sweden. She’s wearing nothing but a thin swimsuit, but doesn’t seem phased by the frigid water!

Another video shows her using a beam underneath a bridge as her personal monkey bars. With a river running below her, she fearlessly climbs across the beam, relying on her strong arm muscles to carry her safely to the other side. She’s truly a beast!

At home, she installed a rock climbing wall and monkey bars in her hallway to maintain her training. She also regularly goes to the gym, lifting weights, running, practicing pull-ups, and performing balancing acts on various gym equipment. It’s amazing to see what this ninja warrior can do!

Meet a Woman Who is a Real Life Ninja Warrior

“My favorite exercise is both pull-ups and muscle-ups – muscle-ups because it took me a really long time to learn how to do it, and pull-ups because it’s just my favorite. I also love running; it’s my favorite thing to do.

“I love doing crazy workouts, I love running, and I really love the sport swim-run. It’s a sport where you are swimming and running in really cool places,” Fanny says.

Swim running resembles a triathlon, except participants don’t typically change clothing during transitions. They also don’t transition between sports just once during the race, like an aquathlon or triathlon. Instead, they switch between swimming and running several times during a single race, keeping their swimsuit or trainers on the entire time.

It’s an increasingly popular endurance sport that takes you along beautiful cross-country trails and backcountry areas. Swim running appeals to many people because it gets them in touch with wild locations that they wouldn’t typically see otherwise.

In addition to swim running and gym workouts, the real-life ninja warrior enjoys other sports as well.

“When I was a child I was always in the stable. I did some running with my dad, but mostly just the stable and the horses. When I was 20 years old, I started with kickboxing and then boxing, and I’ve been competing in both. Kickboxing and boxing was a beginning for me with really hard workouts and I really enjoyed it,” Fanny said.

She never seems to run out of ideas for new challenges or workouts to try. Combining creativity with her athleticism, she’s constantly inspired by the world around her. As we said before, the world is her gym, so there’s always an opportunity for this ninja!

Ninja Warrior Keeps Her Eyes Peeled For New Workouts

“I have a lot of crazy things going on in my head and big ideas, but I also get a lot of inspiration from both Instagram and TikTok. I see a lot of things and I’m wondering, ‘Can I do it in my way?’ And then I’ll try it, and 9 of 10 times it doesn’t go the right way, but I have fun at the same time,” Fanny says.

While she makes everything look effortless and simple, Fanny still struggles in some areas. Like any great athlete, she doesn’t give up the first time she fails at something. She knows it takes dedication, mental strength and willpower to endure and overcome difficulties.

“Right now, the most challenging thing in my workouts is swimming. I’m not really good at the technique, so I’m trying to learn the right technique, and it’s hard because I’m doing different things with my arms, but I’m really motivated to learn to be a better swimmer.

“When something is really hard, I just need to trust myself and know that I can do it, just if I put in the time and all the work. Really, many things are really hard to learn, but you just need to try and try to learn how to do it. If you want to try a new sport, don’t be afraid to be a beginner in the beginning. Remember that it’s not always fun; it should be hard sometimes, but mostly fun,” Fanny says.

She gives wonderful advice, because many people in the world take themselves far too seriously. While it’s important to achieve your goals, you should also make it fun and laugh along the way!

In many of her videos, you can see this positive attitude in action. For example, she sometimes does crunches with her dog sitting at her feet, feeding her treats as she comes up. Another fun workout involved her doing pull-ups while sitting on a blowup unicorn. Another time, she even peeled a banana with one hand while hanging on a pull-up bar with the other!

If you’re inspired by her workouts and want to become a ninja warrior yourself, Fanny offers some tips on creating a “ninja” home.


Final Thoughts on the Inspiring Ninja Warrior Woman

Being a ninja never seems to get old for Fanny, as she jumps on new opportunities to expand her training. Mainly, she enjoys running, swim running, climbing, obstacle course racing and lifting weights. She also brings her partner along for many of the activities since they share a love for fitness. Hopefully, Fanny inspired you to try a new sport or even become a ninja warrior!

Her Instagram account offers many ideas for anyone looking to get involved in obstacle course races. Now, we’re just waiting on her to appear on the actual show, because we’re convinced she would win! If you think she should compete, let us know in the comments.