You just can’t get motivated to do what needs to be done, and the reason why might not be obvious. If only you had the energy, drive and determination to get up and get moving, you’d be set, but it’s nowhere to be found.

You are definitely not alone. People who struggle with motivation find that although they have the desire to take action, their body and brain aren’t making any effort.

Breaking this feeling of being stuck and not being able to get motivated to do anything is the key to changing your life, if you can find a way to just do it. Let’s look at why you can’t get motivated and what you can do about it.

If You Feel Like You Can’t Get Motivated, This May Be Why

Ask yourself these questions about your recent lack of motivation:

  • Is your gut telling you that something is wrong?
  • Are you literally having digestive problems lately?
  • Do you feel out of control and powerless?
  • Are you engaging in risky or self-medicating behaviors?
  • Do you lack physical energy?
  • Do you worry about how others see you?

This may sound like a strange set of questions to ask yourself regarding your lack of motivation but it can reveal the cause of your blocked motivational energy.

If any of these symptoms sounds familiar, you might not be able to get up and get going due to a blocked chakra. Specifically, your solar plexus chakra is blocked and is not allowing energy to flow.

The good news is that the blockage is a spiritual, psychological, or metaphysical one. This means you can heal this energy block and get your motivation back again.

energy vampire

Energy blockage

The unseen flow of energy surrounding and penetrating your body is your aura. An ancient Ayurvedic healing theory says that your energy flows like a force that provides energy to your organs through 7 energy centers or chakras.

These chakras send energy from the earth under your feet through your body’s 7 centers in an upward spiral beginning at your tailbone and ending at crown of your head.

When there is a blockage in your solar plexus chakra, above your belly button, you can’t get motivated. You feel tired, mentally drained, and you feel less than yourself. If you are giving mental and physical energy to something that is not helping you, then chose to stop now.

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Spinning your wheels is a metaphor that people use when they just can’t get past a point at which they are stuck. A spinning chakra sends energy no where; usually the chakra will spin in a spiral, sending energy to your higher chakras. When you are blocked, you cannot receive the information from your gut in your brain.

How you can remove the blocked energy

Working with opening the chakra of the solar plexus is an emotional process. The solar plexus is the gut chakra. This is exactly the energy center that we are referring to when we say ‘Trust your gut.’

Your instincts have been off lately, which is causing you to fail to act out of fear. You might have recently had a setback, or discovered that you couldn’t trust someone that you thought you could. Something happened that caused you to stop listening to your gut.

Begin the process of healing your solar plexus chakra by seeing with open eyes, heart and mind what is hurting your feelings right now. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is hurting or frustrating me the most right now? Say it aloud.
  • What part of your life is not the way you want it to be?
  • Why are you continuing to allow this circumstance to continue in a way that is causing you frustration and anxiety?
  • Why have you not decided to act yet?
  • When will you decide to act?
  • Why not now?
  • What other excuses are you making to keep from making progress?
  • Why are you making excuses when all you need to do is acknowledge that you have failed to act, decide to act, and take a step forward?


Other reasons you can’t get motivated

A balanced solar plexus chakra should help you to feel self-confident, in control, and energized. If you’re still feeling like you can’t get motivated, evaluate whether or not you might be sabotaging yourself by creating the blockage.

In psychology, many cures are focused on becoming mindful of the small ways in which we might be setting ourselves up for failure rather than for success. Ask yourself what else you have not tried to remove any obstacles to succeeding with getting motivated.

For example, you may be secretly afraid of failure or afraid of success. Not being able to get motivated might mean that you prefer to stay put rather than go forward into an unknown. Do you fear the hurt of failing? Decide not to be afraid.