Everybody needs a little motivation from time to time. There are many psychological theories on how to accomplish this, but you must find the methods that work for you to be successful. It would help if you transformed motivation into excitement.

The world can be an extremely negative place at times. You wonder how you can get through another day with all the things you must accomplish. How can you push yourself to be all you can be while remaining positive?

Twelve Ways to Motivate Yourself Without Being Critical

Thankfully, this is an area of psychology that has been well studied. You can accomplish everything your heart desires by merely changing your mindset. Just like a child, you may need to use some motivation tactics to give you some pep in your step. Here are 12 ways that you can motivate yourself to keep going without using any self-criticism.

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1. Use A Reward System

Have you ever used a star chart for your children to reward them for a job well done? Well, even though you’re grown and have adult responsibilities, you can still benefit from a reward system.

According to Brain Facts, when you reward yourself, you stimulate the dopamine-producing neurons, making you feel good. Who doesn’t need a little natural boost in your brain’s chemicals?

It feels good when you can see that you’ve accomplished something, and it feels even better to be rewarded. Your brain will respond to these positive stimuli and will want to do more to be compensated.

2. Know When You Need A Break

As adults, you try to push yourself to accomplish all that you must daily. However, you need to know when you need a break. Remember when you were little, and you would play a game with your friends. When you surrendered or gave up, you would say that you cried “uncle.”

Now that you’re an adult, you need to know when it’s time to cry “uncle.” You can only take so much, and only you can determine when it’s time to take a necessary break.

3. Keep Your Plans to Yourself

Why is it that when people have exciting things on the horizon, they feel the need to get on social media and broadcast it to the world? Plans change, and people go in different directions all the time. You don’t want to answer 100 questions about failed dreams, so leave things off social media until it’s a done deal.

4. Define Your Legacy

What is your purpose here on earth? Do you live each day with purpose, or do you meander through life like a lost soul?

When you define your legacy, you dictate what you were put on this earth to do. If you want to motivate yourself, then you must determine your reason for existence.

5. Cut Your to Do List

Do you put so much on your to-do list that there’s no way you can accomplish it all? Start being realistic with yourself and only put down the things you know you can do. When you have a daunting list of impossibilities, it’s not going to give you any motivation to finish the tasks.

6. Never Compare Yourself to Others

Do you look at friends and relatives around you and compare your life? The grass always looks greener on the other side, but that’s because you don’t know the struggles that it takes each person to obtain what they have.

Additionally, don’t motivate yourself to gain material possessions as those things only last for a matter of time. It would help if you left behind more than money and worldly goods. Whether you’re a millionaire or have $20 in the bank, all graves look the same. Strive to be the best you possible and stop looking in the windows of other homes and beating yourself up.

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7. Celebrate Victories No Matter How Small

It would be best if you celebrate your milestones, no matter how trivial they seem. Did you get a raise at work? Who cares if it’s only a quarter, you deserve every dime you make? Take time to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments, as it will make you feel like doing even more.

8. Change Your Way of Thinking

How is your mindset? Do you tend to be a positive or a negative person? Your brain is the first place you need to start to motivate yourself. Practice positive thinking and kick negative thoughts to the curb.

If you think you will fail at everything you set out to accomplish, then the chances are that you will. However, if you believe that you will have a fantastic day and accomplish everything on your list, then chances are that you will be successful.

9. Cut the Chaos

There’s so much chaos nowadays that you must learn to disconnect to stay motivated. How many times are you distracted from text messages, email alerts, or phone calls? Sometimes it’s essential to unplug so that you can have the focus to get things done.

There’s no reason to check your emails more than 2-3 times a day. If it’s something important, the person can call you. Text messages are also usually not necessary. If you’re continually filtering calls, emails, texts, and social media alerts, then your motivation will lack.

10. Embrace Your Vulnerability

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were a perfect person who never made a mistake? What if your life was the object of envy from others because you were so flawless? There’s no way that you will ever be perfect, and no one else is perfect either.

It’s time to embrace your vulnerable spots, and sharing your story with others can help them become motivated. Did you fight a health battle that you came out on the other side, okay? You never know when your testimony will help someone else going through a test in their life.

Never be afraid to show your failures because it makes you a human being. People like folks who can be real with themselves and others. The fake people try to act like they have it all together that rubs individuals the wrong way.

11. Use Positive Affirmations

Do you practice positive affirmations as soon as you awaken in the morning? If you don’t, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to motivate yourself. When you see the sun peak over the horizon, tell yourself things like this:

  • Today is going to be a great day.
  • I will embrace my vulnerabilities.
  • I am loved.
  • I’m successful.
  • I will accomplish everything on my to-do list.
  • I will take time for me.
  • My challenges will be lessons.
  • I will eat healthily.
  • I’ll help others who need me.
  • I am thankful for all the Universe has given me.

If you want to watch your whole attitude improve, then start saying things like this to yourself. Now, to take things a step further and motivate your family, why not say something like this to your spouse or children too. Imagine how much better this work would be if everyone started looking at things opportunistically.

12. Meditate Often

Did you know that meditation is an ancient art that dates back more than 5,000 years? According to Time Magazine, it started as a spiritual practice. However, today it’s become more about psychology and less about faith. Meditation is the key to ridding your mind of all the negativity of the day.

Did you know that you don’t need to be any wear fancy to practice this art? If you’re having a terrible day at work, then you can escape to your car and do a quick session there. All you need is a place to decompress and let the negativity go.

There are guided meditations for those who are new to this art, or you can do your version without music and soothing voices. The key is to get your breathing under control, which regulates your heart rate. Your stress will reduce, and you will feel empowered when you learn how to turn all your negativity into motivation and success.

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Final Thoughts on Motivating Yourself

It’s hard to motivate yourself every day, and there’s no reason to sugar coat things and say it’s always going to be a walk in the park. There’s going to be a time when nothing but a good nap and a vacation works, and it’s okay to give yourself time off.

Society is flawed into thinking that everything must be perfect for it to work. When you can’t get anything right or get all you need to be done in a day, you need to call on your support system.

Above all else, you need a support system that you can call at a moment’s notice for help. These people always know just what to say to keep you from throwing in the towel. When you need a boost in your step or additional assistance, turn to a trusted friend to give you that boost you need.