Here are three important questions for you to consider. How can you expand on what you are now capable of doing and break free of your limitations? How can you fulfill all of your hopes and dreams? Finally, how can you go where no mind has gone before?

The mind is powerful and it has enormous untapped potential. Below, we’ll talk about how you can tap into this wellspring of knowledge and information within your mind, and use it to understand yourself a little better.

3 Ways You Can Go Where No Mind Has Gone Before

1 – Use Your Mind and Your Imagination

“Of course, in order to play, you’ve got to have an imagination. Do you know what the imagination is? . . . The imagination is a place all by itself, a separate country. You’ve heard of the British nation and the French nation. Now this is the Imagination.” – Kris Kringle, Miracle on 34th Street.

Right now, you can be anyone, anywhere in the world, just by remembering to use the creative power of your imagination.

We literally have the power to create whole worlds within our minds. As adults, we often set aside this incredible power to create our own world. Creativity is within us if we can allow ourselves to think beyond what we know to be true about ourselves.

According to The Oxford Handbook of the Development of Imagination, it is children’s lack of experience that allows them to create an original interpretation of their world. The authors also say that although the capability of creating original interpretations of our world, or creativity, is in every one of us, the capacity is not always engaged.

Take a moment to allow your mind to go where it has not gone in a while by imagining your ideal present moment. What sights, sounds, smells, and physical sensations would you be experiencing right now in that ideal present moment? Now, imagine all of your limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself disappearing. Imagining away with your imagination can take your mind further than you have allowed yourself to go before.

2 – Astral Travel

Don Miguel Ruiz, co-author of The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery, has said that it is possible to leave the physical body and travel outside of ourselves. In an interview about the experience, Don Miguel Ruiz says the following:

“I knew that I was not my physical body. I experienced myself as a force that moves the physical body. A force that is hard to talk about, but we can see its results and manifestation in everything. It is this force that opens the flowers and it is the same force that moves the stars and moves the atoms. That is what I am and what you are.”

The mere possibility of the fact that we can learn how to leave our physical bodies, means that what we think of as our ‘self,’ exists separately from our bodies. The location of our conscious mind has not yet been discovered. The essence of what makes you, you, including your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, experiences, dreams and all the non-visible parts of your past, present and future are not limited by your physical form.

Scientists conducted an unusual experiment where participants watched a video of themselves being interviewed from the interviewer’s perspective while being touched throughout the video. The combination of the ‘observer’ perspective combined with the sensation of physical touch made the subjects feel as if they were having an out of body experience. The researchers call this an out of body illusion, not a ‘real’ experience.

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3 – Your Mind Is Self-Healing

No one would choose to suffer from an illness or a painful prognosis. It is possible, however, that we have failed to choose to not suffer. For an example of this, consider that the body language, facial expression, and words that we convey for our suffering.

These things are all a choice that we can display when we may need empathy from another person. In other words, when we experience pain, we can also choose to continue to smile, to warmly greet others and not show the pain to the outside world. If we make a choice to suffer then, why not choose to not suffer?

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