Have you ever felt that an angel messenger was watching over you? Most of us would love to think we have guardian angels or spirit guides helping direct our lives. It brings great comfort and reassurance to believe that these otherworldly beings want to help us through our earthly journey.

But you may not know when an angel messenger wants to connect with you. They usually give subtle signs to let you know they’re around. However, you might miss some of these signals if you don’t pay close attention. Below, we’ll discuss a few signs that you have an angel in your presence.

8 Signs an Angel Messenger Wants to Connect With You


1. You See Light Orbs (Your Messenger Is Nearby)

Most people associate light orbs with ghosts, which means you have an angel messenger nearby. Some ghost chasers and paranormal investigators regularly see orbs during their expeditions. The phenomenon often expresses itself in various colors depending on the ghost’s frequency.

For instance, a red-colored orb may indicate an angry spirit, while a blue one signifies truth or peace. If you see white orbs, it’s a sign of divine or angelic guidance. Or, it might be a departed loved one or friend with a pure heart. Either way, seeing a white light near you signifies a positive spirit.

2. You Sense a Presence In the Room

Since angel messengers operate in higher realms, they communicate in non-verbal ways. Feeling a presence in the room with you can indicate they want to share with you. Or, perhaps, they just want to watch over you and provide comfort and solace.

You may even feel someone brushing against you or touching your shoulder. These subtle sensations indicate that you have an angelic presence in your company.

Also, take note of drastic temperature changes, such as a cold spot in the room. Angels and ghosts cause vibrational fluctuations in the atmosphere due to their higher frequency. So, you might get goosebumps or chills when you enter the room with the angel messenger.

3. You Have Dreams About Angels

Angel messengers also like to communicate through dreams since you’re easier to reach in this subconscious state. Angels know that humans have a lot on their plates during ordinary waking consciousness. Therefore, they would rather visit us when our minds aren’t flooded with so much information. In the dreaming state, our brains can finally relax and absorb new messages without distractions.

So, try to remember any dreams you have when you wake up. It may help to keep a dream journal so you know when a spiritual guide visited you. If they try to reach you in a dream, they likely have an important message to send.

4. A Butterfly Lands on You or Flies Near You

Butterflies have a cultural and spiritual significance. For example, many cultures have revered butterflies, believing they symbolize the immortal soul. These beautiful winged creatures represent reincarnation and transformation of the soul. If you see one near you, an angel messenger may want to give you a sign from above. Butterflies help us remember the importance of spiritual development and self-realization.


5. You Notice a Comforting or Nostalgic Smell

Believe it or not, angel messengers can also communicate through the sense of smell. Smells can remind us of fond memories from childhood or our favorite foods. Suddenly smelling something familiar in your environment may indicate an otherworldly presence.

Also, notice any smells that arise during meditation or spiritual practices. For example, if you unexpectedly smell flowers while meditating, your spirit guides may have paid a visit.

Smelling food or other familiar scents from your childhood can signal the presence of a departed loved one. For instance, many people say they randomly smell the perfume of a deceased family member. They may have moved on to the angelic realms and wish to reconnect with you.

If you’re with other people and only you notice the smell, the angel messenger intended the message specifically for you.

6. The Messenger Tries to Reach You Through a Song

Sometimes, angel messengers like to communicate through music. They know that music represents a universal frequency that we can all understand. Therefore, it makes the perfect medium to relay important messages.

If you notice a song playing repeatedly, pay close attention. The lyrics may have significant meaning to some aspect of your life. Also, pay attention to how you feel when you hear the song. If the lyrics seem to speak to you directly, they may apply to a particular situation in your life. Angels always know how to talk to us — we just have to remain open to their messages.

7. You Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers Everywhere

According to Doreen Virtue, seeing the number 11:11 frequently means that your angels have a divine message. It can also signify that you’re aligned with the universe and have made significant spiritual progress. The more you see repeating numbers, especially 1’s, the stronger your connection to the higher realms.

8. You Unexpectedly Find a White Feather

Discovering a white feather also indicates that you have an angel messenger nearby. White signifies purity and holiness, both qualities of exalted divine beings. People usually come across a feather of this color when they need a sign from above. Angels may speak through the animal feather to let you know you’re loved and protected.

Some people believe that white feathers represent the white wings of angels. Spirit guides often visit us when we feel lonely and afraid on our earthly journey. So if you see these feathers, your angel messenger wants to reassure you and give you to strength to continue.


Final Thoughts on Signs of an Angel Messenger

Many people call on angels for peace and solace in these turbulent times. They want to connect with these beings to help them navigate their spiritual journey. Luckily, we can receive signs from above that our angels are watching over us. If a spirit wants to visit, it will give subtle hints and signals of its presence.

Pay attention to temperature changes or familiar smells in the room. They like to communicate in non-verbal ways since they can’t speak with us directly. Also, notice any repeating numbers or songs playing on the radio. Angels also utilize other mediums like books and music to share important messages with us. Your angels desire to build a relationship with you, so keep your heart open to their unconditional love. They can offer comfort and guidance even in the darkest times.