People often view success as a specific formula they use that comprises things like luck, intelligence, and talent. While that sounds like a nice theory, you know that many ideas are invalidated. How well you handle your mental load is now believed to be the definitive predictor of your success, and it has nothing to do with having the “it” factor.

Has anyone ever told you that you had strong willpower, grit, moxie, or are just downright stubborn? They were probably criticizing you, but these traits can also be very desirable. When you’re relentless in your pursuit to change and be a better person, it shows how mentally tough you’re on the inside.

Possessing resilience is something that many people want, but they’re not sure how to go about it. Do you think you’re mentally strong? Then, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you keep going even when things get rocky?
  • Do you have zero time for excuses and procrastination?
  • When you have a goal in mind, do you do everything in your power to complete this objective?
  • Do you refuse to wallow in self-pity?

If you could answer these questions honestly with a “yes,” then it’s possible that you have that toughness that some people only dream of possessing.

10 Signs You Have the Strength to Carry a Challenging Mental Load

Strength comes from within, and some people are born with it naturally, while others need time to hone this skill. Your mental load will either make or break you. How often have you heard someone say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

Even the Bible says in I Corinthians 10:13 that the Lord won’t put more on you than you can bear. However, His definition of what you can handle and yours might be different. Here are some signs that you have what it takes to manage a heavy mental load.

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1. You Recognize Your Weaknesses

Being mentally tough doesn’t equal perfection. Someone who has this tenacity about them knows that they’re not invincible to failure. However, the difference is that they won’t let these obstacles stand in their way.

You won’t make excuses for what you can’t or don’t do well, but you will find another way to get the job done. You’ve realized that there’s no way you can do everything on your own, and you know that a practical leader delegates tasks for a greater chance of success.

You have weaknesses, but you don’t let these hold you back. Instead, you view them as mere challenges on the road to achieving your goals.

2. You Know the Limits of Your Mental Load

Being emotional is hindering only if you let it consume you, but acknowledging your feelings, even the bad ones, is essential. Sure, your nature is stubborn, and you don’t like to give up. However, you know when something is a lost cause, you need to abort the mission.

You know your limits on your mental load, so you must know when it’s time to walk away. Sometimes it takes a stronger person to leave when something isn’t working than to stay and be miserable. To be a mentally strong individual, you must recognize your limits and not be afraid to bow out gracefully.

3. You Know Life Isn’t Always Bliss

Some folks live with the mental delusion that life is supposed to be pure bliss. However, you’re not one of those folks. You know that it will be raining and storming some days, and the sun will be bright on other days. What keeps you mentally strong is knowing that you’ve learned to keep things under control inside no matter what’s happening around you.

You roll with the highs and lows and realize that it’s not a permanent emotion when you’re sad, as it can quickly change. You have times of adversity, but you know that this helps you make your willpower even stronger.

4. You’re Not Afraid of Commitment

Have you ever known someone who won’t commit to anything? Many people have something in their past that instills fear of commitment. This hesitation can happen in relationships and other aspects of life.

The key is that your strength doesn’t allow you to fear failure, but you’ll lick your wounds and keep going if it happens. Resilience is the drive inside you that you can’t let yourself stop trying even though you’ve had hurts. You have no problem committing; if it fails, you’ll try something new.

5. You Are Flexible in How You Handle Your Mental Load

Carrying a sizeable mental load means you must be flexible. You always have a Plan A and a Plan B, as you know that things never go the way you want. Resilient folks know that there will be bumps in the road, and things aren’t going even to look remotely how they should be, but you’ve always got that backup plan ready to execute to keep things going.

Being able to adapt to many situations makes you one tough cookie. For instance, the wedding planning for your daughter was going to be outside, but now the forecast says rain. Some people would fall to pieces and think the day was ruined, but you knew this might happen, so you step into a management role.

When the rest of the world might fall apart due to a heavy mental load, you pick up and keep going due to your flexibility.

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6. You Realize It’s Okay to Fall

If you stumble and fall, you’ll shake the dust off you and get right back up. You have the drive in your spirit. Even if you fail a hundred times, you will still get back up. Remember when you were learning to ride a bike? If you stayed down each time you lost, you could never ride.

However, you are determined to conquer this goal that brought you to victory. Sure, you might have had some help along the way from parents or relatives, but you didn’t see it as rejection or failure. Instead, you knew to grow and evolve into a better person, and you needed guidance.

When you fail, you’re just taking a step towards doing it the right way. You will keep failing until you accomplish the task at hand. However, you know that your failures are not your end game; it just means you must play harder to turn the failures into wins.

7. You Strive for Self-Improvement

When people think they’ve arrived, they’re in a dangerous position. There’s always room for self-improvement, and if you realize that you need to be growing and changing, it shows your mental strength. Have you ever had to work with someone who thought they knew it all?

After working with them for some time, you soon realized that they had much to learn. People who walk around and act cocky are often the ones who have the most knowledge to gain. However, you know that self-improvement will continue throughout your life. You get older, wiser, and become a better person with every lesson.

8. You’re Humble

Some folks need external gratification, but the mentally tough people are the ones that have everything they need inside themselves. You don’t feel like you need to show off to prove yourself to others, as you are sure about things and don’t feel the need to brag.

You feel bragging is a waste of energy, so you’re likely not a person who gets on social media to post every time you have a gourmet dinner, get a bonus, or pay off a credit card bill.

9. You’re True to Your Principles

You have an internal set of rules that you live by, and even if it means winning or losing, you won’t compromise your principles. Your mental load is a lot right now, but you won’t defy your core values to make something change. You’re true to yourself above all else, and this means you won’t stoop to unscrupulous methods to get things done.

10. You Live Life on Your Terms

Part of your resilience is that you don’t need or seek approval from others. You know the status quo but keeping up with society isn’t what motivates you. You’re not afraid to live life on your terms, and if people like you, that’s great, and if they don’t, you’re not going to lose sleep over it.

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Final Thoughts on the Ability to Carry a Heavy Mental Load

It’s often been said that those folks who are mentally healthy live authentic lives. They’re true to themselves as well as everyone around them. They don’t need smoke, mirrors, or any fancy tricks to get things done, as they’re not afraid of hard work.

This person is even more endearing because they’re not afraid of failure. They expect to fall a few times before they get things right. They see these times of disappointment to grow and become better.