Men have the strength and the need to be the protector ingrained into them from birth. Sadly, many outside influences can affect a man’s self-esteem as well as the respect he has for himself. It’s often thought that women are the worriers, but guys worry just as much about stuff.

The difference is they’re usually not as vocal and eager to share their feelings. Guys believe they need to push through fears and put them in the back of their minds, as they must be strong. However, no man should be alone when they have doubts and questions that plague their mind, as they need comfort too.

NOTE: Women, too, have specific concerns that cause them to feel uneasy. However, their needs differ, so we cover those in a different article.

Things Men Commonly Worry About

Men are expected to pull back and retreat to themselves when they have these moments of overwhelming anxiety. Their partner might believe they’re cheating because they’re distant. No, worry is eating away his self-confidence and ability to be present. So, what do guys worry about? Here are some of the top things that cause them to fear.


1. They Worry About Earning Enough Money

Today’s society finds both men and women have an inner drive to make good money. Still, an element inside him compels him to be the provider. He feels it’s his responsibility to provide for his partner and kids, so it’s only natural for him to worry about making enough money. How can anyone respect or look up to him if he’s not giving the best life possible to his family?

2. Being a Good Father

Men worry about their children having daddy issues, especially if this is something they had to overcome in the past. According to an article published by Drexel University Libraries, when there’s a fatherly absence or paternal apathy, it can cause the child to grow up lacking.

Today the man holds just as much of an essential role in the family as the woman, but people still grow up with these issues when a relationship with their father is lackluster. Having “daddy issues” can affect self-esteem and cause deep-seated psychological problems. It’s only natural that he’s concerned about having a good relationship and spending sufficient time with his children.

3. They Worry They Will Gain Weight

Most women love a man with a teddy bear exterior, but guys worry about their weight too. They might not fret about it as much as a lady but gaining weight can mess with their self-confidence. A man doesn’t like to feel inferior to others in his office or social circle, so gaining weight can cause him to worry about how others perceive him.

4. Losing Their Hair

According to an article by the Ohio State University, the average person loses around a hundred hairs daily. You won’t notice if you lose the typical amount, but bald spots and a receding hairline appear if a man loses more than this amount. One of the biggest kicks to a man’s self-esteem is going bald too young.

Men are more apt to lose their hair before a woman, but it doesn’t mean women are immune. Some guys can rock the bald look or get hair transplant surgery, but it’s not an option for everyone.

5. Being a Good Lover

It takes skills to be a good lover, and every guy wants to satisfy their woman in the bedroom. Being skillful in the romance department helps with their self-confidence, so it’s only natural that they worry about pleasing their partner.

6. They Worry About Their Masculinity

Have you ever heard the term “macho man?” Guys need to be seen as macho and able to save their families by being the protector. It’s not uncommon for a man to worry about their masculinity. The rough, rugged cowboy with well-seasoned hands is considered sexy by most women.

They wonder if they’re strong enough, measure up, and if their lady sees them as the strong man she desires. Their self-esteem depends on them having the right amount of masculinity.

7. Being Cheated On

Why does society always picture women as the ones who are the victims of a man cheating? Guys don’t want to be cheated on, either. Sure, a study by the University of Colorado shows that men are more likely to cheat than women, but only 21 percent of guys admitted to cheating.

Many guys out there fear that their partner will be unfaithful, and it scares them to think that they’re not enough for them. How can they respect themselves if someone they love doesn’t love them enough to be faithful?


8. Making an Impact in Life

Many guys worry about leaving a legacy behind. Are they doing enough? Is there something more they could do to have an impact on their family and the world around them? A man who doesn’t feel he’s doing or being enough to those who need him the most might struggle with his self-confidence, as he always feels inadequate.

9. They Worry About Getting Old

If you thought crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles only bothered women, guess again. Men are just as concerned about their appearance. Guys try to turn back the hands of time by dying their hair, dressing younger, and doing facial treatments. They worry people won’t have the same respect for them as they age, so they try to stay young in their minds and appearance.

10. Losing Their Job

There’s always someone more intelligent, more educated, and with greater skills that can come in and take a job from a hardworking man. His self-confidence might not be able to suffer a blow from a job loss where he felt deficient. He knows he needs to take care of his family and himself, so he worries about his ability to keep his job in this challenging market.

11. What To Talk About on Date Night

Going on a date brings out all kinds of nerves and butterflies. Ladies wonder what they should talk about and if there will be long periods of silence, but guys also wonder about that stuff. He wants a woman to respect him and think he’s worthy of a second date, and he’s terrified he will say the wrong thing.

12. Not Attractive Enough

He might be a man who looks in the mirror and sees all the flaws and imperfections rather than the true masterpiece. He worries about his looks and if he will ever find someone to love him for who he is and what he looks like. It affects his self-esteem, especially if he’s still a bachelor after 30.

13. Finding a Life Partner

He worries about finding someone to grow old with in this life. Getting to a certain age and not finding a soul mate is hard on both a man and a woman.

The need to have a lover and someone to share all your secrets with is just a part of life. He might struggle with self-confidence if his friends and family members have all found their special someone and he’s still a party of one.

14. Health Problems

Men worry about getting cancer, an autoimmune condition, or being unable to work because of health issues. They may work out and eat right, but there’s no guarantee that a significant sickness won’t cause problems.

A man can take a major hit to their self-confidence if their health leaves them unable to provide or live the life they desire. So, they worry about their health and overall well-being.

15. The Past

Men get stuck in the past too. Emotional baggage from poor relationships and a traumatic childhood affect both genders equally. A man who can’t get over the things that happen in the rear-view mirror will struggle with their self-esteem and confidence levels.

They may feel that people can’t respect them because they didn’t grow up or have the experiences of others. The past hinders the present, and if a guy doesn’t learn to process the things that happened to him, it will affect his future.


Final Thoughts on Common Worries of Men

Men have worries that they wish they didn’t have to dominate their minds. While they might not be as eager to discuss it with you, these fears affect their self-esteem. They want you to respect them and look at them as the macho guy who can save the day, but inside there are moments when their anxieties are great.

When a man can’t stop worrying, it affects his daily life; he may have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is no respecter of persons, and when a guy has trouble with chronic worrying, it can indicate a mental health concern. Encourage the guys in your life to open up about their fears, as they’re not alone.