Anytime people spend a great part of their lives together, there is a huge probability of falling in love. When you are with someone for long periods of time, familiarity, comfort, and acceptance become part of that relationship.

The most common place to find your soulmate is not at the supermarket, in your apartment building, or at a bar. And no, it’s not even on an Internet dating site.

The One Most Probable Place To Find Your Soulmate

The most probable place to find that one special person is in your workplace because it is there that you spend more time participating in something that is important to you. Our jobs, in most cases, become our livelihood.

There are many components to why we fall in love with someone we work with every day. We look for partners who share the same similar goals. When we meet someone at work, they understand the ins and outs of our daily struggles to succeed. This person gets it. They are witnessing the duties and what it all entails. Most people who are in relationships and do not work together can’t relate to their partner’s challenges at work.

Stress is a common bonding element in relationships at work. They count on others at the workplace to understand and support each other. Someone who doesn’t work with you may empathize with your stories, but they don’t know firsthand what you go through. However, someone who is in the same environment acknowledges and accepts all aspects of your day.

Another reason that people fall in love and find their soulmates at work is that they have similar interests. For example, someone in the fashion business understands the ups and downs of fashion. Another couple working in a magazine can relate to the fast pace and ever-constant changes of last-minute details. These people have a common root that they don’t have to explain at the end of the day.


Working side by side in any office allows you to see people in many forms. Whereas, if you are meeting online, you get to see what that person wants you to see, oftentimes, not the real person. Co-workers share countless hours a year participating in projects, obstacles, and deadlines. Also, with a co-worker, you get to be who you are in the rawest of forms. You partake in lunchtime talks, walks, and the hustle and bustle of daily life. The close proximity adds to the intensity of nurturing love.

There is also the possibility of finding your soulmate at work while you are still married, or in a committed relationship. You begin to see the things that are missing in your life outside of work. This person understands what you go through on a daily basis and admires your commitment to getting things done. In many cases, your co-worker is seeing you looking your best. You begin to confide in that person. You create a close-knit relationship that starts to overlap with your home life. Most soulmates come into your life with powerful life lessons that mirror your own. It’s no wonder we may meet them at our place of business.

Dr. Tina Tessina shares her insight on why we fall in love with a co-worker:

“Research shows that the workplace is where the majority of couples meet. There’s a reason for this: Unlike online dating, newspaper ads, singles events, and speed dating, the office gives you a chance to actually get to know and even bond with a person before declaring your interest. Working side by side with someone daily, seeing him or her under pressure, commiserating over problems and congratulating over wins gives you a portrait of the person on the inside as well as the outside.

Because it’s the inside that matters in a love relationship (despite all the media focus on the external) love can grow without either party really being aware of it. The couple develops a relationship “infrastructure” in an organic, natural fashion, as opposed to forcing it. These relationships often last a long time, because they’re reality-based. Unfortunately, the same ingredients can make office connections tempting even to the married, which is the downside of the issue.”

Having a relationship with a co-worker has its highlights and disastrous points. If the relationship doesn’t work out, you still have to see them at work each day. There may be a power struggle in play. There could also be jealousy and other emotional attachments. However, if you find your soulmate while tending to your professional life, don’t dismiss the opportunity to follow through with this once-in-a-lifetime love affair. (That’s if you are not already in a healthy relationship).
things that happen when you meet your soulmateThere is a difference between a flirtatious lustful affair and a serious-ever-changing love union. You might not get a second chance to connect with someone that deeply who is truly your soul counterpart. You can always find another job, but a soulmate is difficult to encounter. Take this chance to dive into the depth of love and make it work (no pun intended).