Mantras are often used interchangeably with affirmations. They focus on positive thinking and improving your well-being. Repeating affirmations encourage you to focus, meditate, and do what’s best for your life.

Consistent repetition is the best way to use mantras because it helps your mind view it as truth. Telling yourself that you are calm can help you achieve that mental state. You’ll gain strength and energy as you repeat them and embrace what you deserve in your life.

While you can’t prevent all chaos, you can control your reactions during the experience. These mantras can help you make the best decisions for yourself amidst the chaos. As you read through the affirmations, write the ones that resonate within you.

By choosing the ones that you relate to, you’ll help yourself make beneficial changes. You can use the same affirmations each day or switch it up at any time. These mantras will help you refocus on what’s important in life while resisting the chaos around you.

Fifteen Mantras That Help You Stay Calm Through Chaos


1 – I am safe right now, and everything will be okay.

When the world around you seems to be in shambles, remind yourself that you’re okay. Anxious thoughts during chaotic moments can make you feel like something detrimental will happen to you. Remembering that you’re okay can help you stay calm and get through anything.

2 – I deserve love and give myself the attention I need.

When life gets crazy, it’s easy to think you don’t deserve love and attention. However, you deserve all the good things in life, and you don’t have to wait for anyone to give them to you. Focus on self-love, and you’ll feel your worries ease and your self-worth increase.

3 – I am relaxed and calm no matter what occurs around me.

Telling yourself that you’re calm can help you relax through the power of self-belief. Your mind believes what you say, so repeating this mantra can help. The more you tell yourself that you’re relaxed and calm, the better you’ll feel.

4 – I feel my tension melting away.

When you tell yourself that you feel your tension melting away, you’ll likely experience less stress. Try to use visualization as you repeat this affirmation. Visualize the tension leaving your body and positivity flowing throughout.

5 – I know that my worries are temporary.

Hard times and worrisome moments don’t last forever. When chaos seems to take over your life, use this affirmation to remind yourself that it’s only temporary. The negative feelings won’t last forever, and reminding yourself can make the good times come sooner.

6 – I am at peace with my life and the world around me.

Being at peace with your life can help you resist external chaos. It limits the effect of stress if you tell yourself that you’re peaceful. Self-belief will allow you to have an easier time staying calm and letting the hardships pass.

7 – I am focusing on my breathing and letting everything else go.

When the chaos around you becomes too much, this affirmation can help you refocus. Tell yourself that you’re focusing on your breathing, and you’ll start to do just that. As you breathe, you can visualize letting everything else go, including worry, chaos, and negativity.

8 – I am calm and centered in every situation.

Tell yourself that you’re calm and centered, and you’ll feel more in control of the situation. Don’t let hardship and chaos disrupt your well-being.

Use this affirmation every morning to prepare yourself for the unexpected. You can also use it throughout the day when the chaos becomes overwhelming.

9 – I am releasing my negative thoughts and replacing them with positivity.

Negative thoughts can send you into a chaotic spiral, questioning everything about yourself. This mantra helps you release the negativity and focus on the good things in your life. You’ll experience positive self-talk and notice that you don’t turn to negative thoughts as often as before.

10 – I am focusing on being the best version of myself.

When chaos occurs around you, you might forget to focus on who you are. You behave in ways that aren’t like you, worsening the situation.

Rather than giving into the chaos, use this affirmation to focus on being your best. Not only will it help you stay calm, but it also increases your sense of self-worth.

11 – I am overcoming my fears and living courageously.

Don’t let your fear hold you back, even if you feel like you can never do something. Instead, turn to this mantra to guide you forward and help you face your fears.

It’ll help you take on new challenges and opportunities while opening you up to many experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise. The situation might seem chaotic at the time, but once you convince yourself that you can overcome your fears, you’ll be glad you pushed through.

12 – I am setting and enforcing boundaries that allow me to feel comfortable.

Setting boundaries allow you to regain control of your life when everything seems crazy. You can set boundaries that make you comfortable, and you’re allowed to enforce them whenever necessary. Using this mantra helps you remember that boundaries are okay and that it’s not okay for anyone to cross them.

13 – I release tension when I feel stressed.

If your coping mechanism isn’t healthy, you’ll need to find a new way to cope with chaos. This mantra helps you remember that lashing out or doing anything detrimental won’t help your situation.

Instead, releasing tension and focusing on your thoughts can make all the difference. Use this affirmation every day if you struggle with pent-up anxiety or coping in negative ways.


14 – I feel my mind slowing down and relaxing.

This mantra can help you focus on mindfulness as you start the day. It can also help you calm your mind before falling asleep. Either way, repeat it until you feel your body relaxing.

You might want to focus on your breathing as you repeat this mantra. Or you can use it during mindfulness meditation. It’s beneficial in many instances and helps you stay calm no matter what’s happening around you.

15 – I will look for the positive aspects of all experiences.

When you look for the good in all situations, chaos won’t affect you as much. There are positive aspects to even the most difficult situations, so make a conscious effort to identify them. When you look for the positives, you can stay calm, knowing there is hope.

You can use this affirmation anytime, but it’s especially beneficial if you know you have a challenging experience to handle. It’s also helpful to repeat as you get ready in the morning to remember to look for positivity.

Besides Mantras, Try These Seven Ways to Stay Calm in Chaos

These mantras can help you stay calm, but there are other things you can try. Use your affirmations every day and try other helpful techniques along with it.

  1. Identify your triggers: When you identify the moments that trigger your stress, you can find ways to calm yourself. Think about what happens when you experience your triggers and consider how you feel during those moments. Once you’ve identified your triggers, you can think about ways to avoid those triggers or react differently. If you have a plan, you’ll feel in control, allowing you to stay calm during chaos.
  2. Get active: When stress and chaos seem to consume your life, staying active can help you remain calm. Exercise is helpful because it releases endorphins that make you feel good and ease stress. It’ll reduce stress and pain while encouraging euphoria.
  3. Practice Deep Breathing: When you’re worried, breathing can release negative feelings quickly. Focus on taking long, deep, and calming breaths until you feel yourself calm down.
  4. Focus on something else: You don’t have to focus on the chaos all the time. Take some time to do something you enjoy or keep your mind busy. Walk away from what worries you so that you have time to reflect and destress.
  5. Go outside: Fresh air can help you stay calm in stressful situations. If you start getting worked up, go outside to get some space. It’ll help you calm down, and the change of scenery can distract your thoughts.
  6. Eat something: Lacking nutrients can worsen stressful situations, so make sure you eat something. Even eating dark chocolate can help, as it can boost your brain health and reduce stress. Eat a meal, snack, or healthy drink to help reduce your stress levels and allow you to stay calm.
  7. Listen to music and dance along: Listening to your favorite music can help you stay calm. It has a calming effect, allowing you to relax your mind. Research shows that dancing can also help reduce worry as it eases depression and anxiety.


Final Thoughts on Mantras That Help You Stay Calm Through Chaos

These mantras can help you stay calm through chaos, even when it seems nothing can protect you. Use these affirmations when you wake up in the morning, throughout your day, or before you go to bed.

Using them in the morning can help you focus on positivity throughout the day. Reciting them throughout the day can help you keep going without giving in to the chaos.

Write the mantras that resonate within you so you can read them whenever necessary. It can make all the difference in your life and help you see positivity during the hard times.