Like gravity, the Law of Attraction applies to everyone equally. No exceptions! Why, then, can some people manifest the life of their dreams while others struggle to get by? It just doesn’t seem fair. And if you’ve been on the “tried that, it didn’t work” side of the manifestation conversation, you might feel frustrated and discouraged. It might seem to you like you’re swimming upstream, fighting tooth and nail for what you want, and feeling defeated when it still doesn’t manifest. Perhaps you feel confused and overwhelmed by all the complex Law of Attraction theories and don’t know where to begin.

Manifestation Hacks for the Best Life Imaginable

Here are three easy, actionable Law of Attraction hacks that you can use today to make this mighty law of the universe work for you so you can manifest your dream life.

Implementing just one of these hacks significantly changes your point of attraction and turns you into a cooperative component in creating your best life. These three hacks, used together, can significantly accelerate the manifestation process, transforming your life into one you’re excited to experience.

Manifestation Hack #1: Align Your Intentions

Intentional living is perhaps the greatest gift you can give to not only yourself but to everyone who knows and interacts with you.

When you live intentionally, you transition from WISHful living into WILLful living. You do this by realizing that you choose every moment of your life and that you can choose deliberately.

To set an effective intention, you must first become clear about what it is you want. This is often easier said than done. Many people never allow themselves the luxury of asking the vital question: “What is it that I actually want?”

Whether you’ve never done this before or you set intentions regularly, take a moment now and define your intentions. This is a gift you give yourself.


Even though setting intentions is vital in manifesting what you want, it is only half the work. This is evidenced by how not everyone who sets intentions attains them. Many people set intentions, but few live the intentions they set. For most people, their intentions are dreams that in time, fade into the shadows of their minds and cause them pain and regret. This is because four elements must align for an intention to manifest.

These four additional elements are:

  1. Vision
  2. Belief
  3. Emotion
  4. Action

Each of the below elements leads into and supports the next:

Let’s start with a vision. For your vision to manifest, you must first see it with absolute clarity. If your vision is fuzzy or it keeps changing, you’re not cultivating a strong point of attraction. If you’re not sure what you want or you can’t see it with clarity, take some time to build out your vision. Journal on it, talk to your allies about it, daydream, and meditate on it.

Once your vision is clear, you must match it with equal or greater belief. Let’s say you have a clear vision to make a million dollars this year. You know precisely what this would look like, how this money would change or influence your life, what you’d spend it on, and so on. But, when you’re truly honest with yourself, you realize that you don’t believe that you can make that much money in one year. In this situation, you can want the money and see it with absolute clarity, but it will not manifest because you don’t believe it’s possible. You have too much doubt.

To make the Law of Attraction work for you, you’ll have to either raise your belief to match your vision or you need to adjust your vision to one that you can actually believe is possible.

Your emotions and intentions must align.

When you think about your intention, the relationship between your belief and vision creates your emotions. You want your emotions to be mostly positive for your intention to manifest. Enthusiasm, excitement, positive anticipation, gratitude. These emotions turn you into a magnet for your desires. If, when you think about your intention, you experience fear, paralysis, or feel overwhelmed, you need to find ways to shift your emotions into a more positive place.

Finally, to work toward your intentions, you need to take action fueled by positive emotions like enthusiasm and excitement rather than by fear. If you find yourself taking action because you fear missing out on an opportunity, it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and relax.

Manifestation favors inspired action, not forced action.

Aligning your intentions along the four elements of Vision, Belief, Emotion, and Action is a highly effective way of manifesting more deliberately.

Manifestation Hack #2: Match the Emotion, Not the Action

“Act as though you already have the thing you want,” is the most misunderstood piece of manifestation advice shared by nearly everyone who speaks of or teaches the Law of Attraction. Misunderstood because too often, this advice leads well-meaning people to take unnecessary risk with their lives and livelihoods that lead them into financial disaster, heightened anxiety, and a sense of being dishonest with themselves.

This advice, though seemingly reckless, is quite sound. To make it work for you, however, you have to understand one key quality of the inner workings of your brain: Your brain cannot distinguish between whether you are experiencing an event in your physical reality right now, remembering that event from a past experience, or fantasizing about a possible future.

If your brain cannot differentiate between a current occurrence, a memory, or a fantasy, do you have to buy that Chanel purse to feel like you own it? Or can you imagine what having a Chanel purse would feel like and give yourself the experience of owning it without having to charge $3,000 to your credit card?

Be bold enough to match the emotion, not the behavior.

Matching the emotion is vital in the manifestation process. That’s because it is the emotion within you that the Law of Attraction responds to.

Your desires can mobilize toward you only when you become an emotional match to them. So, instead of going out and charging a bunch of goodies to your credit cards, take a few minutes and answer these three questions:

  1. What would you like to manifest?
  2. How would you feel if you manifested your desire today?
  3. What free, easy, low-impact action can you take daily that helps you feel this way?

Now that you know what having what you want feels like and what free action you can take to feel this way, make sure that you create this emotion within yourself every day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you start manifesting the things you want when you match the emotion of already having them.

Manifestation Hack #3: Keep Your Word To Yourself

best life

The Law of Attraction responds to the certainty you feel when you decide on what you want and declare it to yourself. One powerful way to develop this certainty within yourself is by strengthening your personal integrity.

Many people mistake integrity for morality or ethics, but there are distinct differences between these.

  • Morality refers to a society’s standards about right and wrong behavior. It assumes that there is a course of action or behavior that is right and something that is wrong.
  • Ethics refers to the normative sets of values between right and wrong and applies them to all members of a group or organization.
  • Integrity, on the other hand, is a purely positive proposition devoid of all judgment of right or wrongdoing.

Social science backs this up.

Michael Jensen of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) defines integrity as the decision to be your word or honor your word. He says that integrity sets up the relationship between your word and the outcome of your actions. Basically, when you live 100% in integrity, you are your word by following through on all your promises. Suppose you can’t follow through on your promise. In that case, you can honor your word by letting each person affected know right away and make alternate arrangements to minimize the impact of your inability to follow through.

Here’s an example:

If I tell you that I will call you tomorrow at ten in the morning, I can either be my word by calling you at the predetermined time or, if I, for whatever reason, am unable to call, I will let you know as soon as possible.

Let’s say I’m calling to translate a conversation for you. This means that you’re counting on me and have perhaps arranged your phone call at that specific time so that I’d be available to help you. In a situation like this, it would be very inconvenient for you if I didn’t show up or if I canceled last minute without offering a solution.

If I’m genuinely in integrity, I’ll honor my word by finding you an alternate translator who can fill in for me. I then message you as soon as possible, letting you know that, regretfully, I won’t be able to be there for your call, but I have arranged for Sarah, an excellent translator, to take over for me. Sarah has already been briefed on the job. I’ll even send an introduction email or text, connecting you to Sarah, so you can rest assured that your translation needs will still be met, even though I won’t be able to meet them.

Integrity is much like the law of gravity.

There’s no right or wrong gravity. There’s only gravity. Similarly, there’s no right or wrong integrity; you are either in integrity or not. If you’re not integrity, that’s okay. You can always decide to be more integrity than you have been in the past. In fact, I urge you to do so. That’s because becoming a person who is in integrity will change your life in positive ways far greater than the small amount of effort required.

Michael Jensen found that when companies implement a 100% in-integrity policy — meaning every employee is his/her word or honors his/her word 100% of the time — productivity within the company rises between 100 – 500% without additional input. This is a vast increase in productivity!

On an individual level, too, being in integrity has a massive impact. When you make plans and decisions you don’t honor, you fall out of integrity with yourself. This lack of integrity causes you to mistrust your own words. This mistrust gets in the way of you manifesting the life you want.

If you lack integrity and declare your desires, some doubt you can have what you want. This makes it nearly impossible for you to manifest.

On the other hand, a powerful psychological and metaphysical occurrence takes root within you when you consciously choose to live in integrity: When you become your word, you KNOW that what you say will come true.

When you learn to live 100% in integrity with yourself. That means you are either your word or honor it 100% of the time. Everything you declare becomes infused with the certainty of, “It is done!”  This certainty magnetizes your intentions, draws to you all cooperative components, and allows you to use The Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.


Final Thoughts on Putting These Manifestation Hacks to Work for a Fuller Life

Let me know in the comments which of these three hacks you’re committing to using. For one whole week, implement the hack into your daily life. Then return and let me know how this hack has changed your life. I cannot wait to hear your manifestation stories.