Life has many ups and downs, but the ability to make someone smile is a gift that anyone will cherish. How many times have you had a bad day, but something changed your whole mood because it made you smile? If someone you know or love is having a difficult time, you want to cheer them up however you can.

Fifteen Easy Ways To Make Someone Smile

Some folks have a knack for making people feel better when they’re going through a time of grief or they’re just feeling down. Here are some fantastic ways to help make someone smile with ease.

1. Tell a Joke

Most folks like a good joke, even if it’s silly and doesn’t make much sense. Jokes can make you laugh, and it sure helps boost your spirits when things are down. If your friend or loved one needs to smile, telling them a riddle, pun, or joke is a viable solution.

make someone smile
2. Put a Note in Their Lunch Bag, Briefcase, or Purse

The little things in life count, so putting a note in a conspicuous place might do the trick. When they open their lunchbox, purse, or briefcase and find that you went out of your way to handwrite a note, it can make their day. Indeed, they will smile at the kindness of your gesture.

3. Send Flowers to Make Someone Smile

Flowers were often thought of as just a gift for females, but men love to get flowers. While they might prefer some more woodsy pieces, flower shops can certainly provide gender-neutral arrangements. Flowers can brighten any space, and the surprise of receiving such a gift won’t go unnoticed.

4. Spend Quality Time With Them

Sometimes people don’t need expensive gifts, or you’re trying too hard to make them smile. Perhaps the one thing they need more than anything is for you to be there for them.

When someone is going through a challenging time, knowing you’re standing right beside them may be all it takes to make them smile and feel a sense of peace.

5. Have Movie or Game Night

Throw out the electronics and bring on the board games! Yes, some of the old-fashioned board games are still the best way to have a night of fun. If you want to make someone smile, then why not show them how to win at a hand of Monopoly, Clue, or Battleship.

With a little bit of creative thinking, you will think of so many amazing games out there that will surely make everyone smile.

6. Bake a Sweet Treat to Make Someone Smile

Who doesn’t like some freshly baked goodies or something made from your kitchen? Baked goods tend to show how much you care, as they require real-time and effort to create. If you know whether they prefer brownies, pies, cakes, or some other yummy treat, it makes it easier to make them happy with a homemade delight.

7. Send an Inspirational Message

Sending an inspirational message is always a good idea. The Universe has a way of giving you the right things to say when they need it most. You can send them a message on social media, a text, or even an email.


8. An Easy Way to Make Someone Smile–Hug Them

Did you know that your embrace has healing properties? It sounds crazy, but according to the National Library of Medicine, hugging someone helps release the “feel good” hormones like oxytocin.

In fact, the same site reports that therapeutic touch is being explored for helping people recover from a significant illness. So, why not hug someone you love that needs a little boost in their mood?

make someone smile

9. Buy a “Just Because” Gift

Do you need an occasion to buy someone a gift? You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or buy something significant. Remember, it truly is the thought that counts and they will appreciate the gesture.

10. Tell Them You’re Proud of Them

Life isn’t always kind, and sometimes you need to hear that you’re doing good. Many folks seek validation from their parents, friends, and other relatives. So, by you going out of your way to tell someone how proud you are of them and their accomplishments, it’s just enough to make them smile.

11. Encourage Someone Who Is Bummed Out

There are 101 ways that you can encourage someone who’s fallen on hard times. However, find some way to lift the spirits of someone who’s bummed out. Maybe you give them a lovely card and leave it on their desk at work, or perhaps you buy them a cup of coffee to start their day.

Think outside the box a bit and come up with something to lift the spirits of someone who’s having it rough.

12. Say “I’m Sorry.”

Perhaps one of the reasons why this person is so upset is because you did something to anger or hurt them. Saying the words “I’m sorry” has powerful effects. If you were in the wrong, then you need to own your mistakes and make things right. Indeed, apologizing can make someone grin.

13. Smile at Them

Did you know that smiles are infectious? Trends in Cognitive Science posted a study conducted on how smiling was contagious. Try smiling at someone and see how long it takes them to smile back?

The study proved that your brain would mimic what it sees and perceives, which can also pick up on negativity. However, when feeling down and out, smile at them and watch the magic happen.

14. Give Them a Kiss

If the person is someone you love deeply, your embrace and a kiss can be very comforting to them. How can you not smile when someone passionately kisses you? If it’s not your romantic partner, a kiss on the cheek is very appropriate in many situations, and it’s a commonplace in countries like France.

So, pucker up; it could be just what your friend or loved one needs to smile.

15. Give a Huge Tip at Your Favorite Eatery

Okay, so this one might be a bit random, but leaving a big tip can sure make your waitstaff’s day. According to Zip Recruiter, being a server isn’t a lucrative career. Some can earn as low as $6.97 an hour with tips. It all depends on the restaurant, the crowd, and how many hours they get.

In states like Ohio, the minimum wage for wait staff is a mere $3.65 an hour, according to Pocket Sense. So, if you want to make someone smile who’s got the challenging job of waiting tables, give them an extra tip. If they’ve done an excellent job serving you, then they should be rewarded. Also, think of all the people who don’t tip at all or leave very little.


Eight Things Not To Do To Cheer Someone Up

Now that you know all the things that you should do to make someone smile, there are a few things you should try to avoid. Here are some things that can be offensive or of little help to someone down on their luck.

  1. Telling them to cheer up
  2. Stating that you know what they’re going through
  3. Expecting them to snap out of it when they’ve had a significant blow
  4. Acting as if nothing happened or ignoring the obvious
  5. Asking for detail about a situation that they don’t want to talk about
  6. Analyzing the situation
  7. Judging them or others involved
  8. Taking sides in a family dispute

It’s so easy to try to interject into the middle of a problem, but your advice may be unwarranted. Only give advice when someone asks for it, or you could make matters much worse. Sometimes people don’t need you to judge them, ask questions, or form your own opinions, as they want you to be there.

If you want to make someone smile, avoid anything considered aggressive or offensive to a hurting heart. In many instances, people have bad days for no good reason, so they need a smile to help boost their mood and nothing else.

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Final Thoughts on How To Make Someone Smile

Everyone deals with grief in their way. Sadly, there is not one thing that will make everyone smile, so you might need to get a bit creative. If someone has gone through a significant tragedy, then you might not be able to cheer them up with a small act, as it might take some time to work through things. Never underestimate the power of just being with someone as they go through a rough time.


Sometimes the most supportive thing to do is be there. Being a positive force in someone’s life helps to contribute to the good of the world around you, and the Universe will repay your kindness when it’s your turn to go through troubles.