It’s normal to question if you have a loyal partner. They’re all heavy words– faith, honesty, truth, and loyalty. You may have some basic concept of these things, but it’s not until you’re in a fully committed relationship that you truly understand them.

You can be loyal to your favorite restaurant, your faith, or a sports team. Even these things take your time to develop that respect. Your favorite eatery earned a special place in your mind because of all the good experiences while dining with them. One thing you cannot do is force someone to be loyal to you. These are things that someone earns over a period.

Twelve Signs of a Loyal Partner

When you first start a relationship, you can’t expect this person to have the kind of devotion a couple of 25 years has developed. Just like your love blossoms and grows, so does your dedication. How do you know if you’re dating someone who is a loyal partner? Here are some signs of a dependable and devoted person that you should see from early on.

loyal partner

1. Their Phone and Email Accounts Are Not Hidden

It’s an honest person who leaves their phone on the table with you while they go to another room. They don’t try to hide texts, phone calls, or email messages. They’re transparent with their phone and don’t mind you going through them.

People who have something to hide will be very secretive with their phones. They will take calls in the other room, downplay texts, and act suspicious every time it rings. Someone who never deletes their history and is trustworthy with their phone is a keeper.

2. A Loyal Partner Maintains Appropriate Boundaries with Others

One of the biggest signs of a loyal partner is maintaining proper boundaries with others. Are they flirtatious with people when they’re with you, or are they sending nonverbal cues while in your presence? These are disrespectful actions that show they’re not loyal or committed.

You can bet this person has a wandering eye and won’t be faithful to you. Save yourself the heartache and move on. Someone in the relationship 100 percent will only have eyes for you. Even if someone flirts with them, they will politely turn them down.

3. They Show Consistency

Consistency is a part of loyalty. Your partner shows up daily and proves how devoted they are to you. You don’t have those games of hot/cold behavior where you can’t decide if they’re on today or off.

You know where you stand with them. They’re consistent in everything they do. You look forward to those cheesy texts each day because you know that you’re the first thing on their mind when they get up.

This person knows that the foundation of loyalty and faithfulness is consistency, and they’ve mastered it.

4. A Loyal Partner Will Keep Their Word

If someone tells you that they’re going to be at your front door to pick you up at six pm, you expect them to be there. You’re only as good as your word, and a loyal partner knows how to say what they mean and mean what they say.

You can count on this person to do what they promised they would do. When there are little broken promises every day, it puts a wedge between you. However, if you can count on them as you count on the sun to come up in the morning, you’ve found a loyal partner you should hold onto.

5. They Manage Their Emotions Effectively

If someone can manage their emotions, it shows they’ve matured. They know how to be empathetic towards you and the situations you find yourself in, and they’re loyal because they’re not constantly being spastic. Coping with stress is a constant battle in life, and you can’t have someone loyal to you unless they learn effective ways to cope with daily stressors.

Mental Health America warns that people who don’tknow how to manage their emotions will turn to things like bullying, self-harm, and substance abuse. You don’t want any of those things in a relationship, so ensure they can manage their stress effectively.

6. They’re Proud to Show You Off

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the friend zone in a relationship. You want someone who isn’t afraid to show you off, as they’re proud you’re with them. They won’t hesitate to post your pictures on social media and declare their love publicly.

They want you to go to all their social events with them, as they can’t imagine one night without you. When someone is proud that you’re their other half, it shows loyalty and devotion.

7. They’re the Rock You Can Lean On

Your home is built on concrete footers, ensuring it’s not going anywhere. Wood is a vital building material but put into the ground can rot and decay over time. However, laying the solid rock foundation behind it makes it a tower of strength.

You want your partner to be as strong as you and your home’s foundation. They hold you up when everything around you seems to fall apart. They’re faithful, steadfast, and supportive. They know the right words to say to make even the darkest night seem brighter.

loyal partner

8. They Always Tell the Truth

What most people wouldn’t give to have a partner who tells the truth! Some people seem to have a problem with the very concept of the word. However, the truth is not a problem if you’ve found a loyal partner. They’re honest and transparent, qualities you want in any person.

9. They Embrace Routine and Change

If you know one thing about life, it’s constantly changing. What’s here today may be gone tomorrow. You want someone who can embrace change as well as routine.

There will be seasons in your life when everything seems mundane and boring, but these are the times you should relish the most. It won’t be long before everything turns upside down, and the foundation is the only thing you have remaining in your relationship. Being flexible is an admirable quality that helps you weigh out the ebbs and flows of life.

10. They Guard Your Secrets

A loyal partner is someone with whom you can be vulnerable without the fear of them telling your embarrassing stories. You know that you can tell them anything, and it will never go beyond the two of you.

They’re fiercely protective of you and won’t dare betray your trust. This is one of the impressive signs of loyalty in a relationship, and it’s a sign that this person is a keeper.

11. A Loyal Partner Displays Physical and Emotional Intimacy

Many people get hung up on physical intimacy, but the truth is that you need emotional intimacy too. Sometimes it’s things like wrapping your arms around them in a tight hug or patting their shoulder that mean so much. You don’t always have to connect intimately, as there are many other needs in a relationship.

12. They Always Talk Positively and Tell the Truth About You

Someone who is a loyal partner will say the same things to your face that they say when you’re not there. You don’t want someone who kisses you and then sticks a knife in your back when you turn around. Talking trash about your partner is not classy, and it just shows that they’re not a loyal person to you.

Your devoted partner should talk about you positively to others and be the first one to jump to your defense. Not only is this a sign of a healthy relationship, but it also shows that they’re 100 percent devoted to you.


Final Thoughts on Recognizing the Truth and Kindness a Loyal Partner Will Display

The truth is that a loyal partner is not always easy to find. Even the princess had to kiss a few frogs before one turned into a handsome prince. You want someone with whom you can grow individually and as a couple.

They should enhance your life and not further complicate it. Together, you can grow into a potent force that can stand the test of time.