Have you discovered the amazing things that happen when you start loving yourself? It places you on the path you were destined to travel. There’s no better time than the present to start healing yourself with love.

When we talk about self-love, it’s not narcissism or arrogance. When you practice loving yourself, you extend the same compassion and mercy you would show to others. How long has it been since you looked in the mirror and told yourself, “I love you just as you are?”

Learning to show yourself love may not come easy for you. Maybe you were taught that this kind of affection is selfish and unacceptable. Did you grow up believing that you were unworthy of love, even from yourself?

If you are ready to take a stand and allow love to radiate throughout your being, then you will notice remarkable changes. Are you ready to embrace yourself in compassion and acceptance? You may see these eleven tremendous changes happen in your life when self-love becomes a habit.

1. Anger Will Minimize

Some people say that anger is the most natural emotion, especially when you aren’t sure how you feel. There are a time and place for righteous anger when you see injustices and cruelty in your world. However, stored-up rage can stagnate in your heart and create soul-debilitating bitterness.

As you practice love for yourself, you can see beyond the anger and watch it dissipate. Perhaps your anger was displaced, and you were more upset with yourself than the situation. As love spreads throughout your soul, you discover that you no longer have room for hostile, self-destructive emotions.

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2. You Will Finally Forgive and Be Forgiven

Have you ever held on to a petty grudge and justified it by saying you cannot forgive a trespass? The real issue is you won’t forgive, but you have the capability within yourself. Are there grudges in the past that you refuse to relinquish?

Many people have a skewed definition of forgiveness and consider it a weakness or admission of defeat. The person who forgives shows more strength and character than the one who infringes.

Loving yourself turns on a light within and lets you see the icicles of unforgiveness weighing down your soul. Letting go of these burdens is a gift of love you deserve. It may take time, but you can do it.

It would help if you learned to forgive the hurts for self-freedom. It does not excuse or forget the wrong or wrongdoer. Instead, forgiveness removes the self-inflicted shackles so that you can go on with your life.

If you are the wrongdoer, loving yourself can make you want to be a better person. Apologizing and making amends also allows you the freedom to move into the future. Even if the other person does not forgive you, you have done your part.

3. You’ll Find Acceptance

No matter who you are or how much money you make, we all want acceptance. It’s a basic need that must be fulfilled. However, we are often more accepting of others than we are of ourselves.

Listen to your self-talk and notice the tone. Are you offering kindness and compassion or constant criticism of yourself? Refusing to accept you can be the root of many problems you’ve faced in the past, present, and future if you don’t change things.

Loving yourself comes with the acceptance of your life and circumstances. As you learn to foster this wholistic love, you begin to accept yourself as the beautiful soul. Additionally, your heart will be more open to receiving others, flaws, and all.

4. You May Start to Feel Better

Folks who practice self-love radiate with assurance and feel at ease. When you are boiling with inner conflict and self-loathing, you can have anxiety and other health issues. A poor self-image can wear you down, making you prone to illness.

Many people who have learned to love themselves often claim that they feel better. While the love of self is not a cure for a disease, it can strengthen your body to help ward them off. Maybe your first step in physical, mental, and spiritual healing is to shower yourself with love.

5. You Learn to Show Gratitude

Gratitude and contentment go hand-in-hand. The more you foster a love for yourself, the easier it is to be grateful and content. If you have no self-worth, then nothing will make you happy. Have you ever wondered why so many rich and famous people never find true fulfillment?

As you expel the negativity of self-loathing and replace it with real love, it overflows from your soul into your environment. This loving gratitude is not greed or materialism but contentment for what you have.

When you accept yourself with perfect love, you realize that you don’t need “stuff” to make you happy. You start to see the beauty and simplicity of yourself. Society’s urge to buy bigger, better, and more, will no longer affect you.

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6. You’ll Throw Away the Gavel of Judgment

Aside from the courts of law, we were not born into this world to judge others. True, we must consider others’ characters and actions, but we are ultimately not their judge.

Have you slammed the gavel down on people over the years and felt the weight of a judgmental attitude? Maybe you have even judged yourself too harshly. Finding love for yourself eliminates your need to decide as you replace it with compassion and mercy.

7. Creativity Blossoms

Have you ever declared that you are not a creative person? The good news is that all of us are imaginative to a certain point. While you may not be a Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso, you may discover you can be a decent painter with practice and some encouragement for your abilities.

Low self-esteem hinders creativity at its source, and it can cause depression. When you feel bad about yourself and make self-defeating statements, it blocks the positive energy within you. This is the energy that allows you to imagine and create things you never thought possible.

Try building self-respect and love, and watch how your creativity will flow like water from a broken dam. Your heart, mind, and soul will be free of self-defeating sludge, and you will gain a fresh perspective and inspiration.

8. You’ll Energize Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Who among us couldn’t use a little more energy? Even with the constant perks of modern technology, our lives often seem busier than ever. When you juggle a family, career, and social obligations, it’s no wonder you deplete your reservoir every day.

Some of the energy sag and emotional drain may come from a lack of love and not respecting yourself. Do you often overextend your time and resources to please others? When do you give yourself the same courtesies?

Love is the guiding force of the universe, and it can energize your whole being. You learn from loving and respecting yourself that your needs are also essential. Sometimes you must say “no.” Dropping the weight of low self-esteem can empower you with more energy, confidence, and physical stamina.

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9. You Will Become More Comfortable with Change

Someone once said that the only thing concrete in this life is that nothing is concrete. Does your self-confidence depend on everything staying the same? Are you afraid to take risks because you fear change and would hate yourself if you failed?

An increase in love can give you the grace to accept change. If you are unhappy with things in your life, love can encourage you to make changes that you have always wanted to make. In the ups and downs of living, your love for yourself will keep sustain you.

10. True Love May Find You

Have you ever been around people who constantly apologize and put themselves down? While humility is a virtue, excessive self-deprecation is a turn-off to most people. If you have longed to find your soulmate, listen to how you talk and see how much love you are showing yourself.

People who practice loving themselves effervesce with the confidence that others find attractive. When you respect yourself the way you deserve, it is easier to love someone else. If you already have your real love, it can revive your relationship.

11. You Can Find Joy

Although we use the terms interchangeably, happiness and joy are not synonyms. Happiness is temporary and depends on your circumstances. With love for yourself comes joy, a state of well-being regardless of what you have or what you are experiencing.

Like love, joy is not an emotion. Instead, it is a choice. As you choose to love and respect yourself as a worthy person, you can also choose joy. These are accompanied by peace, patience, and esteem for your life.

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Final Thoughts: Start Loving Yourself Today

Why not decide today to increase the love and respect for yourself? It may be the thing that provides the joy and abundance you deserve. Walk into your destiny with your head up and your heart and mind open. The world is your oyster if you only look at it through the eyes of love.