Are you at the edge of insanity by trying fad diets and worrying about your weight? What if you learn to love your body without a doubt? Most men want those six-pack abs, and women desire an hourglass figure that fits perfectly into clothes, but it’s unrealistic. Instead of bodyshaming, show yourself some grace and love.

According to International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, the average size of a woman today falls between sizes sixteen to eighteen. Shockingly, this is considered plus size, and you’ll never have a skinny-waisted hourglass figure based on statistics. Conversely, some people are naturally super-thin and desire more curves, much to their dismay. Either way, you are perfect! You must learn to stop bodyshaming yourself and learn to love the skin you’re in.

Fifteen Reasons to Love Your Body

You’re never going to look like Hollywood’s elite, as it’s impossible. Since you’re stuck with your body, you must learn to rock it! Self-love means taking care of and loving yourself, even those pesky imperfections. Here are some reasons you must learn to love your body, and you will see all the benefits of this positive mindset.


1. You Feel More Comfortable in Your Skin When You Love Your Body

It’s a waste of time to worry constantly about your figure. Unless you’re severely overweight (or underweight) and it affects your health, you need to give yourself a break. Don’t waste rare opportunities to buy those stylish jeans you’ve always wanted. Love your body the way it is, and dress yourself to flatter your physique.

2. When You Quit Bodyshaming and Love Yourself, Your Sensuality Will Increase

Everyone has a sensual side. When you have no inhibitions with your body, you will allow yourself to give and receive pleasure with greater confidence. People who are reserved and have body shaming issues won’t feel free to embrace this side of themselves. When you learn to love yourself just as you are, you will be a more enthusiastic lover.

3. You’ll Attract More People When You Love Your Body As-Is

You’ll attract more of the same when you’re a positive person who doesn’t engage in harmful bodyshaming. The energy that flows from you will be well-received by others. Self-acceptance is a beautiful thing to possess, as you will attract people who also support this healthy lifestyle. You will learn that it’s less about what’s on the outside and more about what’s on the inside.

4. You’ll Ward off Depression When You Stop Bodyshaming

According to Harvard Medical School, depression can occur for several reasons. First, it can happen due to conditions that weigh heavily on your mind and body, which is called circumstantial. This situation can happen due to organic reasons or an imbalance of chemicals within the brain.

While you can’t control some things with your mind, you do have the power to control other aspects. Did you know that when you learn to love your body just as it is, you will be less likely to be depressed? Self-love is accepting what you have, curves and all. You will feel stronger and healthier mentally when you believe you’re handsome or beautiful.

5. You Feel Liberty to Express Yourself

When you love your body, you will feel a sense of liberty that others don’t possess. Self-love can compel you to go out on a limb and show your artistic expression, regardless of what others think. You don’t fear every little step you make in life, as you’re confident and able to take a few hits.

People become dissatisfied when they expect themselves to be perfect. However, confidence comes with self-love, and you’ll feel like you can tackle the world.

6. Self-Love Enhances the Mind/Body Connection

Accepting yourself gives you a higher state of awareness of your mind and body connection. Learning to love your body makes you more in tune with the relationship between your physical and mental being. You will be able to identify things that affect your mood, focus, and overall well-being, and you can take steps to fix them.

7. Your Health Will Improve When You Stop Bodyshaming

Self-love does terrific things for your mind. Did you know that a better mindset can improve your health? When you accept and love yourself, you will celebrate the temple that houses your soul. You will want to live healthier and eat better, as you’re all about self-care and nourishment.

love your body

8. It Grounds You Spiritually

When you kick body shaming to the curb, it helps to ground you spiritually. Your body is a temple, and this is a place where your soul rests. When you accept the temple you already have, it helps to keep you centered spiritually.

You have unique qualities unlike anyone on planet earth, so you can learn to celebrate and accept these gifts and talents. Self-love will only make your spiritual self more vital and stronger.

9. Your Confidence Will Soar

Have you ever been around someone who doesn’t like who they are? They hold their head down, lack confidence, and have an unhealthy body image. Consequently, when you love your body, you feel calmer and more comfortable, and people won’t mind being around you. Folks like to be around self-assured, as they don’t whine and constantly spew negativity.

10. You’ll Attract the Perfect Mate if You Love Your Body

Have you ever met someone who settles for a partner that’s not good for them? Sadly, they live a life of complete chaos because of their bad choices. Most people who choose out of desperation live to regret their decisions.

However, when you’re comfortable in your skin, you don’t need to find a partner as much as you desire companionship. The desperation level drops dramatically, and you can make sound judgments. You will enhance your charisma, which potential partners will find very attractive.

11. You’ll Have More Energy

You will have higher energy levels when you walk like someone with clout. When you feel good about yourself, you will increase your posture. Holding yourself in such a manner increases the blood flow to all your vital organs as the circulation is enhanced. You will notice that you feel better when you hold your head up high and are proud of who you are.

12. Love Your Body… You’ll Have More Fun

People that lack self-love and engage in body shaming won’t be as eager to get out and do things. They will think of 101 reasons why they can’t go out with their friends, as they feel uncomfortable and like everyone is watching them. However, when you love your body and your personality, you will be free to go out and have fun at a moment’s notice.

13. You Accept the Things You Can’t Change

There are many things in your life that you cannot change, and your body is one of them. There’s no reason to engage in bodyshaming and crying over something that most people can’t fix.

You can’t change your bone structure or genetics, so you must learn to embrace your curves. Learning to accept your body the way it opens your mind to realize there are other things you can’t alter.

14. You Learn You’re Unique and Special and Love Your Body Because It’s Unique

Most people fantasize about having a body like a model or being free enough to wear that bikini or tight shorts on the beach. However, the world would be very dull if everyone was a carbon copy of each other. Individuality is the key to making the world unique. Besides that, telling yourself you “can’t” wear an itty-bitty bikini is another sneaky type of bodyshaming.

When you learn to love yourself and stop body shaming, you will realize that you have unique features like your eyes, lips, legs, and toes. Instead of putting yourself down, you will learn to find things you like about yourself.

15. You’ll Treat Yourself Like Royalty

Have you ever seen how princes and princesses are treated in royal families? They have people who help them get dressed, special spa days, and they make sure their clothes are always perfect. You will see your actual value when you learn to love your body. You will treat yourself as you deserve to be treated, as you matter.

love your body

Final Thoughts on Learning to Skip Bodyshaming and Love Your Body

Many people go through life miserable because they’ve never learned to love who they are in this life. They have low self-esteem and engage in bodyshaming because they feel uncomfortable in their skin. Then, you’ve seen people who don’t care what others think of them and love themselves for who they are.

Look at Christy Metz or Melissa McCarthy. These beautiful and talented stand-outs defied the odds and made it big in Hollywood. They both have done television and movies because their charisma is infectious. People love watching them because they look beyond the exterior to see the actual talent. These women are perfect examples of why you need to love your body and never let a thing like weight hold you back.

Isn’t it time to love your body without judgment?