How can you be sure your guy is genuinely in love with you? You may have sent a secret note in grade school for him to check yes, no, or maybe. As an adult, you’ll find that his actions indicate his feelings about the relationships better than his words.

An attractive man sees you from across the room and smiles. Perhaps he will come over and introduce himself to you, and then you’ll know he’s attracted to you. At this point, it’s a physical attraction, not anything more profound.

Many people don’t realize that love is a choice, not just an emotion. When a person falls for you, they know everything about you. They see you at your best and worst, but they choose you regardless. Conversely, infatuation is a self-motivated emotion that doesn’t come with a deep connection.

Of course, you should be attracted to one another as you don’t want someone who repulses you. However, true love is work and takes time and dedication. How do you know if a man has genuinely given you his heart or is just fascinated with your beauty?

The New Testament offers a relevant definition of love to consider. St. Paul wrote that it was patient, kind, and not arrogant. It’s not irritable or resentful, and it rejoices in the truth. In 1 Corinthians 13:13, we learn that love is the greatest of all gifts.

NOTE: If you are a man wondering about the traits a woman in love might display, please see our companion article. Because male and female behaviors sometimes differ, we gave them each a closer look at the topic. We also acknowledge that these are only eleven possible relationship behaviors, and every person will behave uniquely.

Eleven Signs A Man is Truly in Love With You

Several hit songs contemplate whether a man is in love with you, as matters of the heart can be confusing. Have you made a connection and wondered if it’s the real deal? These are eleven ways men show that they’re genuinely in love.


1. A Man in Love Likes to Stay Close to You (within reason)

To be attracted to someone means you want to be close to them. Men in love will often use any excuse to be at your side. They want to sit close during dates and be cozy on the sofa.

You’ll notice that their hand lingers as it holds yours, and they crave your touch. Of course, a thoughtful boyfriend respects your boundaries and won’t smother you. Their physical closeness often represents the loving bonds of your relationship.

2. When You Talk, Someone Who Desires a Relationship Actively Listens

How can someone be in a relationship if they don’t listen to you? If your potential boyfriend tunes you out whenever you want to talk, they’re not serious. You can tell when a guy is truly in love when they actively listen.

Hearing you speak isn’t the same as genuinely listening to you. Men with “selective” hearing don’t want to be involved in conversations. According to a study published by the Journal of Family Psychology, active listening leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

Does your man maintain proper eye contact and avoid interrupting when you’re talking? Active listening also involves receptive body language and empathizing with the speaker’s emotions. They’re probably enamored if they are interested in your thoughts and ideas.

3. A Man in Love Will Introduce You to Their Circle of Friends

It’s no secret that male bonding is essential to a man’s mental and social well-being. Guys usually bond over experiences and don’t often confide in each other as women do. Your mate probably gets together with his buddies for fun, laughter, and mutual support.

Men also have the habit of teasing each other about potential partners. Some guys like to keep their buddies and their amour interests separate. A man truly adores you when they proudly introduce you to their family and friends.

4. They Keep in Touch with You

There’s no way to have a meaningful relationship if you and your partner don’t communicate. Smitten men don’t leave their lady clueless for days at a time. They’ll send you loving texts and call to see how your day goes.

When you awaken in the morning, they’re the first to greet you with loving words. If either of you is out of town, they check in with you to see how you’re doing. They are genuinely happy when you call or message them.

5. They’re Interested in Your Life

Have you ever been in a one-sided relationship where they only care about themselves? Fellows like that dominate the conversation with their opinions, experiences, and achievements. Your thoughts and aspirations are usually put on the back burner.

Conversely, a guy who cherishes you values your thoughts and wants to know your heart. They are sincerely interested in what’s happening in your daily life, even the most minor details. It should be important to them if it’s essential to you.

Your partner knows where you work, but do they understand what you do? Do they display a keen interest in your past or the activities you enjoy? A genuine partner also wants to know about and participate in your life.

6. They Make Compromises in the Relationship

Relationships are a two-way street where both partners give and take. When your partner insists on doing everything their way, it’s not fair to you. Although you’re a couple, you still maintain your individual opinions and preferences.

While some are non-negotiable, you can find a middle ground for many others. A loving guy is willing to make compromises to make you happy and stronger as a couple.


7. They Make You Feel Safe

As a modern woman, you don’t strive to be the “damsel in distress.” However, every woman likes to feel safe in her man’s arms. You need to know that he will defend you even when it comes to family and friends.

You’re entirely at ease when you share what’s on your mind. He’ll listen without judgment and will be on your side. Security and trust are vital to your relationship.

8. They Try to Make Your Life Easier

Life can be exhausting even for the strongest person. Isn’t it a blessing to have someone who makes it a little easier? A loving fellow is concerned for your well-being and tries to brighten your day in every way possible.

For example, they may do the grocery shopping or run errands to give you some time to relax. They may get up early and make breakfast so you can sleep in a bit. These little acts of affection show how much his heart belongs to you.

9. A Man in Love Sees You as a Couple

Isn’t it odd how quickly two people can go from individuals to couples? When your guy is genuinely smitten with you, they refer to you as a “we.” Listen when they discuss the future and see if you’re included.

It’s no longer what’s best for “me” but what’s best for “us.” Your connection is paramount, and you make important decisions together.

10. They Choose Gifts Thoughtfully

Everyone appreciates occasional tokens of affection, especially if you’re a couple. Not only do you enjoy gifts on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, but also ones that are “just because.” A gentleman who knows your heart will also know what gifts please you the most.

It’s not the price tag that counts but the thoughts behind it. They consider what you like and want to make you smile.

11. They Are Quick to Apologize if They Damage Your Trust or the Relationship

Nobody is perfect; even the best partners can say or do something hurtful. A man smitten with you will quickly apologize if they offended you. They don’t try to define their actions or shift the blame over to you as some toxic people would do.

Harvard Medical School published an excerpt from a paper by Marsha L. Wagner that discusses the power of apology. It acknowledges the perceived offense as harmful, and the offender takes responsibility. Then, they try to make amends and never repeat the offense.

When your partner does something to offend you, how do they respond? Is their apology sincere, and do they want to make amends? These are the actions of a responsible adult who shows how much they adore you.


Final Thoughts on How to Spot a Man in Love (even in a newer relationship)

Everyone deserves to be with someone madly, deeply in love with them. It goes beyond casual friendship. When you see your man’s true intentions, you won’t be afraid to offer him your heart. Perhaps you’ve found your soul mate.