Women tend to be much more in touch with their emotions, and yet, they sometimes keep those emotions close to the chest. They don’t want to give too much away too soon. They are subtle and complex in their signals. Sometimes, guys feel like they have to be mind readers to figure out what is happening inside their women. But, when they are falling in love, they let their guard down, and the signs become more apparent.

Here are 11 things women do when they are falling in love:


1. She Cuts Out Other Guys

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one dating situation going on at one time on the dating scene. But when a woman starts to fall for someone, they cut out those other suitors. They are no longer accepting applications. The position has been filled. I appreciate your interest.

2. She Uses The Royal We

She starts thinking of you two as a couple and refers to you both in conversation as a single unit. You will notice that she uses the royal we. “We would love to attend” “We brought you a housewarming gift” She starts thinking of you as part of her team.

3. She Makes Plans For You Both

She starts making plans for you both to do things together. Besides that, she doesn’t just plan to go on vacation alone or with her friends. She plans to go on vacation with you. She plans to go to dinner with you. She’ll assume that you will want to do those things together. She is thinking of you and her as a team.

4. She Gives Meaningful Gifts

She doesn’t just give you a throwaway gift that anyone could have gotten for you. In fact, she puts a lot of thought into what you want, what you like, and what you would most enjoy. She listens when you mention that you like a specific band, tv show, style of clothing, or sports team. And she pays attention to the details and gets you something that fits you perfectly. It is the thought that counts, and she is thinking about you.

5. She Finds Your Quirks Endearing

Your friends may joke about your quirks. Your family may find those quirks annoying as hell. But she loves those weird quirks about you. To her, they are what makes you so uniquely you. She falls in love with those little quirks of yours.

6. She Thinks About You All The Time

She can’t stop thinking about you. She’ll become distracted because she is daydreaming about you and her. She finds concentrating hard because you keep popping up in her day-to-day thoughts. Also, she lets you know she is thinking about you. She will text you or call or DM to let you know she is thinking about you.

7. She Acts Silly

Your lady turns into a giddy schoolgirl when you are around. She feels awkward and clumsy. Perhaps she giggles about things that she usually wouldn’t. Her love and joy bubble up from within, and she cannot hold it in any longer.

8. She Misses You

Yes, you just saw each other five minutes ago when you walked into the kitchen to heat that burrito, but she already misses your company. She wants more of your time together. She wants more of that emotional high from being around you.

9. She Can’t Get Enough

Because being around you is intoxicating to her, she wants to spend a lot of time with you. She’s thinking about you all of the time, and she misses you intensely when you are gone. She wants to keep that high going, so she will be slow to say goodbye. She’ll linger long after the date is over. She will squeeze as much time as she can out of you before you have to go. She’s addicted to you and her growing love.

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10. She Is Self-Conscious

She wants to look her best for you. She’ll take forever getting ready, picking out her clothes, doing her makeup, and ensuring everything is perfect. She feels self-conscious because she wants to knock your socks off when you see her.

11. She Tells You How She Feels

The biggest and most stressful thing (for her) is telling you how she feels. This is a big step as it makes her vulnerable to rejection if you don’t feel the same way. It takes a lot of courage to admit your feelings, but when she is in love, she doesn’t care. She has to tell the world how she feels about you.

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