Kristy, a mom of three who lost weight with a good old-fashioned diet and exercise, inspires us with her story. She’s lost 150 pounds so far, allowing her to achieve things she never thought possible. When you lose weight, it frees up your mind and body to experience life more fully.

After getting rid of excess weight, most people say it’s not the physical transformation that matters. The mental and emotional changes you experience are far more significant because you see the world through new eyes.

After she lost weight, Kristy says she could do more with her kids and husband. Now, they enjoy activities such as hiking and going for long walks. Before her weight loss, she couldn’t do things like that with her family, so she’s very thankful.

Getting healthier transformed Kristy’s entire life, from her relationship with herself to those around her. Here’s her story of losing weight and the advice she offers others on a similar path.

Mom of Three Lost Weight, Here’s Her Inspiring Story

“I started in December of 2018 when I started to not recognize who I was anymore. I knew that I needed to just start making some changes, I just didn’t know how,” Kristy says. “So I started small, and the first thing I gave up was regular soda. And then I started making other small changes, like changing from fried food to grilled food.”

She also cut her portion sizes in half, which helped reduce her overall calorie intake. Additionally, Kristy decided to eat more vegetables and fresh foods, increasing energy and providing essential nutrients. When people eat more fruits and vegetables, they reach satiety more quickly. This happens because foods from nature have more fiber and volume than processed items.

“I eventually joined online communities that were talking more about healthy lifestyles, and I eventually discovered calorie counting. And that’s what I did for my entire weight loss journey,” Kristy said.

In addition to eating healthier, Kristy eventually began an exercise regimen. Both diet and exercise play a role in weight loss, though the foods you eat make a more considerable impact. However, Kristy lost weight and toned up by committing to regular workouts.

“So as far as working out goes, I started working out about 4 or 5 months into losing weight. My dad was in an accident, and he was refusing to go to physical therapy. So, I told him: if you go to physical therapy, I will go to the gym. So, to support me in my health journey, he started going to physical therapy, and I started going to the gym and just continued to go,” Kristy explained.

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She began her workout regimen with something fun, a dance routine called Zumba. Many women ease their way into working out with dance classes if they’re not familiar with workout equipment. Or, some just enjoy dance and workouts that “flow” more than traditional activities.

“Eventually, I started taking different classes that the gym offered, which included things like weight lifting. So eventually, I got comfortable with using those things, and I did research online on how to use the equipment at the gym. I also got into cycling, which is what I do now and really love,” Kristy said.

Kristy Lost Weight, But Faced Challenges Along the Way

The greatest obstacle Kristy encountered on her quest to lose weight was herself. Negative self-talk affects most of us; those who have lost weight can attest to how it impacted their journey. When that voice in your head says you’re not good enough, it can keep you from reaching your goals.

Halfway through her journey, Kristy realized that her negative self-talk hurt her mind and body. If she wanted to keep going, she’d have to change her view of herself beyond just her physical appearance.

“it didn’t matter how good I looked on the outside if I was feeling bad and negative about myself on the inside,” Kristy said.

“So, my health journey also turned into a mental health journey. In total, I’ve lost 150 pounds, something that has kept me motivated.”

She said that pain-free also encourages her to continue a healthy lifestyle. Frequent joint and back pain from carrying excess weight can make you mentally exhausted. So, Kristy says she’s thankful not to feel that way anymore.

Also, anxieties about being overweight, such as breaking a chair or not getting enough to eat, disappeared after she lost weight. She added that not thinking about food anymore freed her mind to focus on other things.

If she could offer a piece of advice to those wanting to lose weight, she would say, “just start.” Even if you don’t hit the ground running, you can still make small changes at first. Emptying your pantry of unhealthy foods, joining a gym, or making other minor changes can make a world of difference.

“But I think the most important thing is to not give up on yourself. Things will be hard, things will be difficult, it will be challenging, but do not give up on yourself. You are worth it. You are worth every single obstacle that you will face, and you can get through it, I promise you,” Kristy concluded.

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Final Thoughts on How a Mom of Three Lost Weight (And Kept It Off)

You know the mental and physical battle it requires if you’ve ever lost weight. However, Kristy found that the mental aspect proved the most challenging, as your body follows your mind. In other words, your body only moves when your mind does. Moreover, changing the human brain doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes small daily changes to your routine and mindset to reach your goals. For instance, deciding to practice positive affirmations can help shift your focus and increase mental energy. No matter what path you take, remember to love yourself where you’re at now. Remember, your mindset attracts your reality, so choose accordingly.