Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out if someone secretly likes you. Knowing what signs to watch can help determine if your crush admires you. The better you know someone, the easier it is for the person to hide their feelings, but there will be signs you can watch for.

Even when someone hides their feelings, you can figure out if the person admires you. Once you know, it’ll be up to you if you want to do anything about it since they’ve kept it a secret. They are likely afraid to make their feelings known without you making the first move.

Body language signs and other indicators can help you determine the truth. You can’t read their mind, but you can read their actions and demeanor when you’re around. They’ll give clues without realizing they’re doing it, and you can discover the truth by paying attention.

Fifteen Signs Someone Secretly Likes You

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1 – When Someone Likes You, They Want to Make You Happy

When someone secretly likes you, your happiness will make them happy. They know you deserve the best and will do what it takes to give it to you. The person will likely ask how you’re doing and if they can do anything to make your life easier.

Your admirer will surprise you to inspire your happiness, making you feel special. They will also ask your opinion before making decisions to ensure you’ll be happy with what they do. Someone who isn’t romantically interested in you won’t go out of their way to do these things, so it’s a good indication.

2 – An Admirer Fidgets When You’re Around

You might notice that someone seems to fidget when you’re near them. They might play with their clothes, mess with their hair, or touch their face. It shows that they are nervous or want to draw your attention.

The person often doesn’t realize that they are fidgeting, so it’s a subconscious action you can pick up on. Try to watch them when they don’t know you’re around to see if they fidget the same way they do when you’re there. If not, it’s time to consider whether you want to address their admiration.

3 – They Maintain Eye Contact and Sometimes Seem to Stare

When someone likes you, they’ll look at you more often than others. They’ll want to look deep into your eyes whenever they can, and you might catch them staring sometimes. An admirer does this subconsciously to understand and figure out your thoughts.

4 – When Someone Likes You, They Lean Toward You and Often Find Ways to Touch You

Watch how someone positions themselves when they are near you. They’ll often move closer or lean toward you if they like you. They’ll also look for innocent ways to touch you. You might notice that they rub your arm or have their leg against yours while sitting next to each other.

5 – An Admirer Shares Personal Details About Their Life

Not everyone will open up and share personal details with you. When they do, it could mean that they secretly have a crush on you.

It shows that they feel comfortable with you and trust that you won’t judge them or share their personal information with others. While it could indicate a deep friendship, it could mean much more. It deepens intimacy and makes the two of you closer than they are to others.

6 – When Someone Likes You, They Keep Things You Give Them

Having romantic feelings for someone often leads to cherishing everything you receive from them. When someone keeps old gifts or random mementos from you, it’s a good sign that they want to be more than friends. They might save a keychain you gave them, a picture you drew years ago, or anything else that makes them think of you.

The person doesn’t hold onto the gifts because they’re valuable. They hold onto them because they see you as an asset in their life that they don’t want to lose.

7 – An Admirer Smiles Often and Laughs at Your Jokes

One way to determine if someone has a secret crush on you is by watching how often they smile and laugh around you. If they smile most of the time they’re in your presence, there’s a good chance they like you. It shows that they’re happy with you and cherishes your company.

Additionally, laughing at all your jokes is another sign that they enjoy spending time with you more than as friends. They might laugh even when your joke isn’t great, indicating attraction and a desire to connect on a deeper level.


8 – They Do What They Can to Make You Feel Good

Someone who likes you will want to do whatever they can to make you feel good about yourself. They might offer frequent compliments, hugs, and support whenever you’re in their presence.

When someone does this, it shows that they want you to notice them. It can also mean that they want to be the reason for your happiness. Someone with a crush on you will also notice subtle changes in your appearance.

They are often the first to notice a new haircut or color or point out a wardrobe change. Not only will they notice, but they’ll compliment you and assure you that it suits you.

9 – When Someone Likes You, They Mimic Your Body Language

When someone likes you, they might mimic your body language. You can watch them to see if they cross their arms when you do or tilt their head after you tilt yours. Sometimes, they’ll speak at the same volume or speed, even if it’s not how they typically talk.

The person won’t always realize they’re doing it, but it often happens when there’s romantic attraction involved. It shows that they want to make you feel comfortable around them and establish trust.

10 – They Want to Be Friends With Those Closest to You

One sign that someone secretly likes you is if they want to become friends with your friends and family. They’ll try to form a connection with the people in your life they don’t know well. The person wouldn’t go through the effort if they didn’t have feelings for you, so don’t ignore this sign.

Getting close to your friends and family is a way for your admirer to get closer to you. It can also give them insight into who you are and where you came from. This situation allows them to gather details about you without asking you directly.

11 – An Admirer Likes to Walk Next to You

When someone walks next to you without falling behind or getting even slightly ahead, they might secretly like you. They’ll fall into step with you and try to match your pace without realizing they’re doing it.

12 – They Look for Reasons to Spend Time with You

Someone who likes you will often try to find a reason to be near you. The person might show up in places you go to or take their lunch at the same time as you. An admirer might also offer to help you with things so they can spend time with you.

Additionally, when someone secretly likes you, they’ll be available when you want to hang out. They likely cancel their other plans or drop what they’re doing to be available when you ask. It shows that they prioritize your presence in their life over everything else.

13 – When Someone Likes You, They Don’t Go Back on Their Promises

Many people break promises, even when they intend to keep them. You can’t rely on everyone, but you can rely on someone who secretly likes you. They’ll keep their promises even if it means sacrificing something else to make it happen.

14 – They Want to Look Their Best Around You

Consider how the person appeared before they got to know you and how they present themselves now. Your admirer might secretly like you if they make more effort with their appearance when they know they’ll see you. It shows that they want to impress you and have you notice them at their best.

They might obsess about their hair, frequently checking their reflection to see if it’s still in place. Additionally, they might start dressing differently if they did it once and you complimented them. They’ll remember your compliment forever and strive to make a permanent change.

15 – When Someone Likes You, They Seem Jealous When Others Show Interest in You

Jealousy is a common sign that someone has a secret crush. While people don’t always show it when they feel jealous, you can pick up on it. They might be jealous if they become tense when you bring someone up or a certain person talks to you.

Additionally, they might say negative things about someone they think likes you, even if they don’t know the person well. Another indication of jealousy is changing the conversation when they don’t like the person or topic you bring up. When someone behaves this way, it could be that they are jealous of the other person.

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Final Thoughts on Signs Someone Who Likes You

When someone likes you more than a friend, they won’t always be willing to admit it. They might even go out of their way to cover it up because they fear rejection. This situation often means that the person doesn’t want to lose you as a friend but would rather have more.

These signs can help you determine if someone secretly likes you. Then, you can decide if you want to do anything about it. The choice is up to you, but it’s always nice to know how others feel.