Some people consider the air sign Libra as the best friend or romantic partner in the zodiac. Their calm, gentle, friendly demeanor instantly makes people feel comfortable around them. They also have a compassionate, empathetic nature that puts everyone around them at ease. Born between September 23 and October 22, Librans are also known as the peacemakers of the zodiac. They strive for balance and justice in life and can’t stand to see others being mistreated.

Because of their high standards and humanitarian efforts, people gravitate toward them in times of need. The Libra longs for everyone to find peace and happiness and cares deeply about others’ wellbeing. Since Venus – the planet of love – rules them, many of their personality traits make sense.

Venus is associated with love, beauty, balance, and artistic endeavors. Librans will go to great lengths to make everything around them aesthetically pleasing. They also ensure that their friends and family feel comforted and cared for in any way possible. In short, you won’t find anyone as loving and supportive as Libra!

If you’re born under this horoscope, you’ll relate to the following traits about yourself.

7 Common Personality Traits of a Libra


1. They’re altruistic and kindhearted.

While Librans can get a bit fixated on their appearance, they care more about helping others. The generous Libra loves to reach out to people and consider others’ needs before their own. They can donate to charities, volunteer at soup kitchens, and run 5K races to benefit cancer research.

They’re always looking for new, creative ways to improve the lives of their fellow humans. Libras take on the suffering of others because of their high sensitivity. Therefore, they feel the world’s pain and want to lessen it somehow.

2. Libras are idealistic.

Libras look around at the world and notice the glaringly obvious problems. However, they don’t allow the numerous issues to ruin their optimism and inner peace. Instead, they take the glass-half-full approach and see life’s positive aspects. They also try to see the good in others instead of pointing out all their flaws.

Libras believe that others will follow their example by becoming the change they wish to see. Their idealism can sometimes cause frustration when the world doesn’t match their vision. But it doesn’t stop them from trying to create a more harmonious planet.

3. They strive for order and balance in all things.

Represented by the scales, this zodiac sign values fairness and justice above all else. In their own lives, they try to maintain balance and organization in everything they do. Libras also apply these lofty ideals to help others who have been mistreated.

This humanitarian zodiac sign may gravitate toward careers where they can support others and give them proper representation. Common job titles for Libras include HR managers, lawyers, detectives, and counselors, all professions that require strong people skills. Luckily, Libras greatly enjoy talking with others and helping them solve problems so they would excel in any of these fields.


4. The Libra dislikes confrontation.

Even though Libras have no problem being honest with you, they shy away from arguments and confrontations. As the peacekeepers of the zodiac, they try to avoid situations that cause tension and anger with others. However, this can frustrate their friends and family when problems arise, as the Libra needs time to collect their thoughts.

Libras only like to have conversations when everyone can calmly and rationally explain their views. They see no problem with walking away from an argument so that it doesn’t escalate and create further division. You won’t see a Libra losing their cool often because it isn’t in their nature to make a huge scene.

5. They’re fiercely loyal to friends and family.

You won’t find a more loyal or authentic zodiac sign than the Libra. Even when they disagree with loved ones, this zodiac sign never wavers or turns their back on family. They stick up for the people in their circle and always have their backs, no matter what happens.

Libras highly value their relationships, whether platonic or romantic, so they strive to keep their loved ones happy. As one of the most selfless signs in the zodiac, Libras don’t ask for anything in return for their generosity. They derive the greatest joy and inner peace by making those around them feel comfortable and loved.

6. Libras listen intently to others.

People from all walks of life feel comfortable opening up to the kindhearted, empathetic Libra. Just being in the presence of this zodiac sign has a soothing, calming effect on people. Libras genuinely enjoy listening to others and offering advice when they can, and people pick up on this welcoming energy.

You might notice the Libra pause before speaking to gather their thoughts and choose their words carefully. They try to practice what they preach and always speak with kindness, as words can hurt or heal. This air sign listens more than they talk, but people hang on to every word because they always have something meaningful to say.

7. They’re clever and charming.

As natural extroverts, Libras enjoy talking to people from various backgrounds and career paths. They’re lifelong learners who have a keen interest in hearing others’ perspectives and experiences. They never meet a stranger since they can connect with pretty much anyone. Libras are highly intellectual and need a lot of mental stimulation to feel satisfied. These social butterflies can talk about politics, philosophy, travel, and activism for hours. If you find a Libra at a party, bring your best conversational skills!


Final Thoughts on Things Only a Libra Understands

Libras are complex, multifaceted individuals who can get along with almost anyone. Their polite, diplomatic demeanor makes people feel safe and comfortable in their company. Libra has a knack for breaking down barriers between themselves and others with charm and a peaceful personality. They may run from confrontations, but at least they cool off before discussing important matters. In summary, Libras are the idealists of the zodiac who want a better world for everyone. What’s not to love about them?!