One of the best ways to improve your life is to learn something new. No matter how much knowledge you possess, there is always something more out there. You can build on skills you already have or spend time focusing on something entirely new.

While you might not think you have the time to take an in-person class, you do have other options. You might also believe that acquiring a new skill requires paying for expensive courses. However, there are many free options for development and growth.

Learning something new is exciting, and you shouldn’t miss out on it because of cost or time constraints. Luckily, you will find websites to help you learn something new every day for free. If you have self-motivation and a focused mind, you can Learn baking and other useful skills online.

Instead of missing out or spending time sitting through long lectures, you can make progress on your schedule. These websites will help you learn something new without requiring schedule or financial changes.

Free Websites to Help You Learn Something New Every Day

Check out these free learning resources.

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1. Coursera

As a website that works with universities and reputable organizations, Coursera offers many online courses for free. Aside from universities, you’ll find courses from museums and trusts, too. The course selection is vast, and it’s easy to search for something that’ll interest you.

Not only do you have plenty of courses to choose from, but the courses are also in-depth. Each one lasts about four to twelve weeks, depending on the topic. The lessons consist of video lectures, quizzes, weekly exercises, peer-revied assignments, and a final project or exam.

2. Khan Academy

The teachers for Khan Academy break down complicated topics into simple concepts for you to understand. Rather than devoting lots of time to long lessons, Khan Academy allows you to learn in just a few minutes each day. You can spend more time if you want, but it isn’t necessary for making progress.

Khan Academy is user-friendly, making it easy to stick to your goals. They use short videos to teach information, allowing you to retain each bit of information. Plus, you can do optional supplementary practice exercises.

3. Hackaday

Hackaday is a website that offers information on making your life easier and becoming more productive. The courses focus on life hacks and productivity, and many of them take only five minutes each day. If you need to learn more about technology, this website is the perfect one for you.

You can find more than just technology hacks on Hackaday, too. They also offer information on art, design, and science.

4. Open Culture Online Courses

Open Culture Online Courses offer thousands of lectures, videos, and podcasts from universities worldwide. They offer a wide variety of topics, allowing you to learn something new every day. Some of their content comes directly from the private sites of prestigious universities.

Their website is easy to browse, making it easy to find the content you desire. It allows you to choose information from many universities all in one place rather than browsing each website.

5. Highbrow

Highbrow is a user-friendly website with plenty of courses on business, marketing, creativity, design, history, and more. When you sign up, you’ll receive new lessons in your e-mail each morning, allowing you to learn something new every day.

The courses are only five minutes each and offer plenty of information to help you become a better version of yourself. They even give tips and offer lessons on being happy, working with a focused mind, and negotiating better.

6. Lynda

Created by LinkedIn, Lynda offers thousands of courses about business, marketing, design, and software tools, including Photoshop. It is only free for the first ten days, but you can learn so much during that time. The courses are taught by experts, allowing you to improve your skills exponentially.

After the ten days are up, you can decide to pay to continue using their platform. You can use the skills you learn in a professional or personal setting, so you’ll never run out of new content.

7. Academic Earth

Academic Earth brings many courses from universities to one place on their website. The lessons are taught by professionals and experts, ensuring you get the best information. Academic Earth offers courses on many subjects, so you can find anything you’re looking for. It’s easy to find courses that interest you as they are listed by subject and school.

8. Rype

If you want to learn a foreign language, Rype is the website for you. You can get an unlimited number of 1-on-1 language lessons with professionals from around the world. The lessons are thirty minutes each, easily fitting into your daily schedule. Plus, the short sessions make it easier to retain the information.

Rype is only free for the first two weeks, but you can get a good start during that time. You can decide if it works for you before committing financially.

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9. Codeacademy

Codeacademy can help you learn to build a website through an interactive approach to coding. It helps you learn programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and much more.

On Codeacademy, you will learn by practicing the languages without spending time on the theory. You can practice the languages while still viewing the lesson material, allowing optimal progress. The things you learn on Codeacademy can be used on your resume, helping you get a job or promotion. They can also help you build a website and take your future into your own hands.

10. Lifehack Fast Track Class

The skills you’ll learn from Lifehack Fast Track Class will help you make the most of your time, energy, and quality of life. The courses give expert mentoring and coaching to succeed with your business.

You’ll gain tools that allow you to understand powerful internet marketing concepts, including training in affiliate business. The courses also offer general knowledge on business strategies, personal development, management, and many other topics.

11. Calm

Calm is a website all about meditation, teaching you how to get started or do different types. There are step-by-step guides for everyone, no matter how much you know about meditation. It helps with your first experience, but you can also find more in-depth teachings to help build on your skills.

The teachers are easy to follow, and they offer enlightening insight into the practice of mediation. Calm is especially beneficial to those who struggle with stress and anxiety. It teaches you how to use your breathing to increase your overall well-being.

12. Investopedia

If you’re interested in finances, then Investopedia is the website for you. The website offers courses in personal finance, investing, and market analysis.

Finances are tricky, and you might not know where to begin, but Investopedia has all of the information you could ask for. You can spend a little time on their website each day, ensuring that you learn something new every day.

13. Udemy

Udemy offers many courses covering a variety of topics. Their concept is similar to Coursera’s but has some additional options. You can build custom courses from the lessons you find, allowing you to take control.

When you can customize your courses, you ensure the best course for your needs. You won’t have to waste time on concepts you don’t want or need. The customized option still offers courses from professors at top universities worldwide.

Udemy focuses on providing top-quality content, so you’ll always receive the best information. They offer free courses, but you will find paid content mixed in.

14. Big Think

Big Think is another website that allows you to learn from experts worldwide. You can learn about scientific breakthroughs, business concepts, and many other topics. They offer courses about anything from disease research to social media data. Their short videos allow you to learn something new every day, and you commit less than ten minutes of your time.

15. 7-Min

Many people want to become more active but don’t know how to find the time. 7-Min is a website that teaches you dozens of seven-minute workout routines to help you get in shape. With these exercises, you can stay active even with a busy life.

No matter how much time your work, family, and hobbies take, you can spare seven minutes to be active. You can save time by not having to drive to the gym and back, and you’ll still get a little physical activity in. It’s harder to make excuses when the exercise takes up so little of your time.

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Final Thoughts on Finding Wonderful Websites to Help You Learn Something New Every Day (for Free!)

You no longer have to go to in-person courses to learn something new every day. You can learn new skills or build on pre-existing strengths through these helpful websites. When it’s so easy to develop new skills, you have no excuse for not bettering yourself every day.

Try out the websites and see how much you learn in just a short time. You’ll learn to love free online educational resources, continually boosting your learn .