There are many kinds of people and personalities in this world. However, folks can be categorized as leaders or followers. What classification do you fall into?

Are you a take-charge person that needs to be in control? Do people naturally flock to you for advice and guidance on matters? Perhaps, you prefer to follow the crowd and not stand out too much, and you especially don’t want to cause any issues.

Followers tend to melt into the background and listen to the leader rather than make any bold choices or ripples in the water. What makes a natural-born leader, and why are these people so strong and able to trailblaze through whatever comes their way? According to Psych Reg, these people are typical Type B personalities.

Understanding a Type B Personality

Rosenman and Friedman were responsible for the development of the personality types A and B. They did a study using 3,000 men to gather their analysis back in 1974. They classified type B as those who are highly directed and task-oriented.

They’re the first to learn and do new tasks, and they pick up things fast. They’re self-starters, so they don’t wait on others to get the ball rolling. While type A often has issues with their overall self-worth, the Type B personality is self-sufficient and has a relaxed view of life.

People flock to this person because they handle things without being too aggressive. They’re ambitious, but they do it in a way that is not overpowering. True leaders don’t have to use scare tactics or browbeat their people into following. They will observe and trust the instinct of this person because they lead by example.

The Confident Behaviors of The Natural Born Leader

Isaac was the first person on the playground that had new games to play and kept the other kids busy. He was always coming up with creative things for his friends and fellow students to do. At an early age, his teachers could see that he was a born leader, and he was the one other children looked up to and came to when they needed help.

Today, Isaac is running a company, and his employees are delighted to work for him. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and help them, nor is he off playing golf while others work. He arrives at work before the office opens and stays long after it closes in the evening. He’s driven, and therefore his company is succeeding.

Do you see any parallels between you and this theoretical story? Here are some ways to tell if you’re one of the natural-born leaders that others tend to flock to.

1. Not Afraid to Speak Their Mind

One of the ways that natural-born leaders set themselves aside from others is how they aren’t afraid to speak their minds. They will challenge things that don’t sit right with them, and they’re not afraid to stand up to people for what they believe is right. While many folks lack the courage to go against the grain, a leader doesn’t have any issue shaking things up a bit.

2. They Won’t Settle for Mediocrity

When they take on the leadership role, they won’t settle for anything less than delivering an excellent outcome. They want things to be exceptional, not mediocre. They want only the best for themselves, their team, and the outcome of a project.

If someone isn’t happy with their company or service, they will go out of their way to change their opinion. They see each customer as valuable to their company, and they don’t want their reputation to be marred by one bad experience.

3. They’ll Never Let You See Them Sweat

One thing that is so fascinating about these people is that they can remain calm and relaxed no matter what’s come their way. They don’t get overly excited when trouble comes as they step into resolution mode. When the going gets tough, they get to work.

4. They Listen to Others

One of the reasons why leaders get things done and are well-liked is because they listen and care about the opinion of others. These people don’t think they know everything. While they’re confident, they still believe it’s important and valuable to listen to others.

5. They Face Things Head-On

It’s easy to run when things are looking bad, but they will face their obstacles head-on. There is no sweeping things under the rug and hoping that they go away, as they want to deal with the issue, find a resolution, and move on. Other folks might ignore it and pray it goes away, but you won’t find that method used when dealing with leaders.

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6. They Think Outside the Box

Where would this country be if everyone conformed and listened to what they were told was acceptable? Leaders like to think outside the box, and they always want to reinvent or create ways or products that make life easier. Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist who created electricity.

Though many people had their hand in the pot for creating this invention, it was Volta in 1800 that learned that a steady electric current could be produced from a volcanic pile. How many people do you think thought he was crazy? Back in those times, they used gas lamps, and homes didn’t have electricity as they do today.

However, thinking outside the box can allow magnificent things to happen that can benefit many people.

7. They Show Praise and Appreciation to Others

The leader is not too proud to tell someone when they’ve done an excellent job. People love working for them because they do give them the boost they need to be successful. From the management view, if the people who work under you don’t love their job and feel like they make a difference, it will affect the overall company reputation and productivity.

8. They’re Passionate About Life

Natural-born leaders have a zest for life that’s infectious. Their passion is so palpable that people around them can’t help but be affected by it. They are often fascinating folks to watch and be around because they can make going to work a bit more enjoyable.

9. They’re Empathetic

One reason why people are so attracted to this person is that they’re empathetic. They can feel the pain you’re going through, and they jump into “fix-it” mode to help you resolve the issue. They’re truly a friend and like to help whenever they can.

10. They Roll with The Punches

This person knows that life isn’t always going to go the way they want. They’ve had their fair share of heartbreaks and upsets, but they learn to roll with the punches. Rather than getting overly upset, they step into fixer mode to learn how to handle what life just threw their way.

11. They Have Great Flexibility

The key to being a great leader is not to be too rigid about things. You must be flexible because nothing ever goes as planned. They’re not going to get too worked up if something goes array, as they will see it as a learning experience and find another way to handle things.

12. They’re Always Optimistic

A leader learns to embrace the power of positivity. They always see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Their helpful attitude and optimism is another reason why so many people like to be around them. They make you feel better about yourself as they have a way of leading people into being the best they can be.

13. They Have a Good Life Balance

Another wonderful thing about a leader is the fact that they can maintain a good life balance. They don’t overwork themselves and ignore their family at home. They know the importance of putting aside work for relaxation and play.

Perhaps most importantly, they know the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Thus, they don’t overwork their employees either. Taking time off for vacations and personal days is essential to them as it gives them the fuel they need to keep going.

Final Thoughts on Natural Born Leaders

Did you learn anything you didn’t know about leaders? Perhaps you tend to be a leader more so than a follower, or maybe you’re in-between. Being a leader is never bad, especially when they tend to be problem solvers, have empathy for others, live their life looking through optimistic lenses, and have an infectious zeal for life.

Unlike the Type A personality, who tends to have self-esteem issues and can be pretty aggressive in getting things done, the Type B personality has more than enough confidence. They don’t use aggression or blackmail, or any other tactics to complete the task at hand. They know that when they treat people right and pitch in to help, they will accomplish their goals.