Kristen Butler quotes can help you find positivity, motivation, and inspiration. When negativity overwhelms your thoughts, and you feel yourself shifting from positive thinking, these motivational quotes can help. The words are inspiring and can help you refocus on the good things again.

Kristen Butler founded Power of Positivity because she wanted to help others. She strives to spread positive messages and offer inspiration to others.

These Kristen Butler quotes can help refill your positivity. Life can get hard, and you might find yourself experiencing negative thoughts. Reading quotes can help you regain hope and excitement.

Kristen Butler Quotes to Refill Your Positivity

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1 – “I believe, with all my heart, that anyone can improve and create a life they love from where they are right now.”

Things might not be how you want them, but don’t lose hope. You can improve your life and create something you love no matter where you are. Remember this quote so you can focus on your next steps.

2 – “Hey, what others think about you doesn’t matter. Be who you truly are, say what feels right to you and live in accordance to your own beliefs. When you live and act from the heart, you can never go wrong. Look at life through your own eyes and follow your unique souls journey. Soar towards your own vision and destiny. You have infinite potential and there are no right or wrong ways, only your own right way. Ultimately, the people who truly matter will love and respect you for living your truth.”

Don’t fixate on what other people think about you because the only opinion that matters is yours. When you focus on what you want and need without negative influence from others, you’ll find positivity and discover the people who love who you are.

3 – “Self care isn’t just treating yourself from time to time. It’s choosing peace during an argument. It’s not feeling guilty for saying “no.” It’s spending less time with negative people. It’s prioritizing mental health. It’s praying. It’s choosing not to take things personally.”

Practicing self-care is one of the best ways to refill your positivity. This Kristen Butler quote reminds you that taking care of yourself requires putting yourself first without feeling guilty.

4 – “Live your truth. Love yourself. Do what you were uniquely created to do.”

When you want to refill your positivity, look within. Think about your beliefs and how you want your life to turn out. Love who you are and embrace your purpose.

5 – “For a good life, stay in good company. Negative people awaken negative parts inside of us.”

The people you spend time with contribute to your mindset. For more positivity, surround yourself with people who embrace happiness and growth.

6 – “Spend less time trying to change someone and more time trying to love and understand them.”

Caring about someone doesn’t mean you should spend time trying to change them. Instead, love who they are and try to understand why they behave how they do. When you shift from trying to change someone, you’ll notice positive improvements in your life.

7 – “Never allow a struggle to turn your sky into a ceiling. You must believe there’s always a way.”

There will be struggles and hardships, but it doesn’t mean you should give up. This Kristen Butler quote explains that there’s always another way to make things happen.

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8 – “Give yourself permission to envision a big life, a happy life. Accept your greatness. Don’t settle! You didn’t come here to play small or make someone else’s dreams come true. You’re meant for everything that’s written in your heart, but it’s up to you.”

Thinking of your dreams and accepting your strengths can help you live the life of your dreams. Focus on what you want rather than building your life around what others want. It can make all the difference.

9 – “Journaling is the perfect way to shift your emotions immediately and process your feelings without judgment, so you don’t get stuck in unpleasant experiences.”

You can find positivity by writing in a journal because it can help you process your feelings. It helps you get your thoughts out and shift away from negativity.

10 – “In solitude, I find my answers.”

Sometimes finding positivity is possible by sitting in silence. Finding a quiet place to be alone can help you work through your thoughts and feelings.

11 – “To get where you want to be is simply a switch in thinking and elevation in vibration. Release old habits and thoughts that do not serve you. Then, be what you want to become.”

When negativity takes over, consider where you want to be and how you can get there. This thought process can help you release habits that don’t serve you and develop ones that encourage growth.

12 – “Instead of looking at what’s depressing, look at what’s a blessing.”

You can find positivity by focusing on the good things around you. Shift your thought process, pushing away thoughts that make you depressed and replacing them with joy.

13 – “Don’t let anyone break you. There may always be people who secretly want to see you fail. That’s okay. Just stay strong and stand tall.”

Some people don’t want to see you find success or happiness. They’ll do whatever they can to interfere, but you don’t have to let it affect you. Remember this Kristen Butler quote so you can focus on staying strong and positive.


14 – “You’ll never get from where you are to where you want to be if you keep your focus on the fact that you are not there yet. See it the way you desire and feel it ‛‛as if’’ it is happening.”

You might not have achieved all your goals yet, but you’re on your way to accomplishment. Remind yourself that it’s happening even if you aren’t there yet.

15 – “May you be filled with love, peace, patience, strength, and courage to face the rest of the day. No matter what happens you can restore balance through taking a moment to focus on your breath, gratitude, and positive thoughts.”

Having a negative moment doesn’t mean you can’t recover and find positivity the rest of the day. Take a moment to focus on the good things in your life so that a single moment doesn’t ruin your time.

16 – “The words we use shape our reality. They are the blueprint for our experiences.”

How you talk to yourself can make a difference in having a positive or negative mindset. Make a conscious effort to focus on positive self-talk to prevent getting caught up in negativity.

17 – “Some people can’t handle your level of awesome. That’s okay. Just keep being you. There are people who can and will.”

Don’t worry about what other people think or say about you. Focus on being yourself, and you’ll find all you want.

18 – “In the age of speed, there’s something to be found in slowing down.”

Slowing down can help you embrace all the good things. It’ll help you learn to appreciate the world around you and let go of negativity.

19 – “Focus more on people who inspire you rather than annoy you. You’ll get much further in life.”

Focusing on annoyances can trigger a negative mindset. Rather than allowing these people to affect you, think about people who inspire you instead.


20 – “The challenge is… learning to be my own best friend instead of my own worst critic.”

You can be your best friend if you love yourself enough. Being your best friend means you’ll always recognize your greatness and worth.

21 – “Instead of planning for the worst case scenario and feeding your anxiety, how about expecting the best case scenario and restoring your peace.”

Thinking that the worst thing will always happen triggers anxiety and negativity. Shift your thoughts and assume things will work out for the best.

22 – “Trying to please everyone, in every way, is a race you’ll never win. You can spend all day measuring what people like and don’t like, but don’t let it change who you are. You are unique for a reason. Every single person is not going to vibe with everything, and that’s ok.”

Push away the urge to make everyone happy because it’s an unachievable goal. Instead, focus on being yourself and accepting that not everyone will appreciate it. You’ll feel better and experience more positivity when you know you’re true to yourself.

23 – “While you might be doubting yourself, someone else is admiring your strength.”

Remember that someone admires what you do and who you are. It can help you push away your self-doubt and find positivity moving forward.

24 – “Life is not happening to you. It’s happening for you in response to what you’re saying and feeling.”

Things happen based on what you say and feel. If you don’t love how things are going, consider shifting your thoughts and refraining from saying negative words.

25 – “Don’t give up. Good people just like you still exist.”

You’re sure to experience toxic or negative people, but good people are out there. Don’t lose hope as you look for those who will bring joy to your life.

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Final Thoughts on Reading Kristen Butler Quotes to Restore Your Positive Thinking

These Kristen Butler quotes can help you refill your positivity when things get hard. They offer inspiration and motivation to live your best life. Of course, negative thoughts will creep in sometimes, and you can turn back to these quotes for a reminder of the good parts of life.

Consider placing these quotes in a place you’ll often see, such as on your mirror or desk. Reading them throughout the day can prevent negativity from setting in altogether. You can live a positive life if you remain hopeful and focus on the good all around you.