20 Meal Prep Ideas for the Ketogenic Diet

20 Meal Prep Ideas for the Ketogenic Diet

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Are you trying to lose weight with the ketogenic diet? Whether you are an old pro or you are just starting, you should learn more about the meal prep ideas. This practice helps you to manage your timetable well and come up with delicious keto meals every time.

Planning on meals ahead allows you to save time and keep on track. The ketogenic diet involves a high fat, low carb diet. This diet helps you lose weight without having to feel you’re working so hard cooking. So in this piece, we are going to list recipes with high fat and low carb dishes.

The meals listed here are more likely to get better with days of storage. When you store up such tasty recipes, you will always have a grab and go keto food. A keto diet should not be too difficult for people to manage.

And with meal prep, you can prepare at least part of each dish in advance. The practice is effective for helping you follow your diet with ease. With these ketogenic diet meal prep solutions, any ketogenic dieter will manage mealtime well.

20 Ketogenic Diet Meal Prep Ideas

1. Ketogenic coconut flour pancakes

This one is a perfect ketogenic meal prep for those of us who would want to reheat the meal. The batter used to make these pancakes is from the low carb ingredients such as coconut, which is why you can decide to take it as breakfast.

You will only consume two net carbs per each cake.


Keep pre-measured scoops of coconut flour in zip-top bags until you’re ready to use them.

2. Paleo breakfast sausage patties

Want to spice up your breakfast, then this is the perfect keto meal prep. Upgrade your breakfast with a little meat by mixing ground pork with other spices. For make-ahead prep, cook up a large amount of this and store in the fridge to enjoy later.

To stay on the less savory side, you can use pastured pork, and you can skip the garlic. Replace the garlic by swapping in olive oil.

3. Ketogenic, low-carb strawberry chocolate chip

This treat is low on carbs since berries are one of the keto-friendly foods. Put just a little teaspoon of chocolate chips over the berries for a hint of sweetness. It is not only delicious, but it will get you through the week or even some days if you make a nicely-sized batch. Wash and slice the strawberries when you get home from the market and seal them in a bowl until you’re ready to use them.

4. Ketogenic diet breakfast sandwich

This breakfast sandwich is a favorite among many ketogenic diet followers. The ketogenic breakfast sandwich is full of flavors. In spite of this sandwich’s flavorful taste, it turns out to be very low in carbohydrates, also.

If you are making a start on the keto diet, then this is the best breakfast for you. If you were in love with your bread, then the sausage on top will help you forget about your bread.

It is very straightforward to make, and the ingredients are all readily available in your kitchen. Pre-cook the sausage patties–you’ll be able to warm them up quickly in the morning.

5. Bacon spinach frittata

It is a simple egg vegetable ketogenic meal prep. Its simplicity includes some steamed vegetables like spinach and bacon. The veggies used to make this meal high in fiber, which makes it even more suitable for losing weight.

In addition to staying full for most of your day, the fiber also helps your digestive system to keep in check.

Make several frittatas at once. Store the extras in a large zipper bag with waxed paper between each.

6. Blueberry pancake bites

Delicious pop-ups are the best ketogenic meal plan that you need to kickstart your day. This breakfast should be a go-to keto food since you can comfortably eat four of these bites and only gain four net carbs.

It is full of the best pancake flavors with an infusion of butter and wild blueberries. To make sure that you are on the safe side, you can use grass-fed butter. You can also add up some Ceylon cinnamon and some fresh blueberries.

Wash the blueberries and store them until ready to use.

7. Ketogenic bacon and zucchini muffins

Some chewy bacon, some onions, and also some fresh are an excellent way to start your ketogenic meal day. They are low in carbs but very high in flavor. Don’t worry about the muffins; they will only run to about 1.5 net carbs.

If you want to add up some protein to this meal prep, you can add up some pastured collagen peptides. The muffins are very low in carb, but they will keep you satisfied throughout the day.

Cook a large batch of bacon every few days. Store away strips of the savory meat in individual-sized bags.

8. Bacon-wrapped with asparagus ketogenic meal prep

Who loves the smell of bacon in the morning? It only gets better with keto dieters since they can spice the bacon with some asparagus. This meal prep will keep you full throughout your day.

Asparagus is a type of vegetables with lots of iron, so this is best for women in the morning. If you want a touch of fruits, some blueberries are going to complete the pack.

To ensure that this is purely ketogenic and low on carb use pastured bacon. You can also add in some kale to spice up the prepped meal.

Assemble these yummy treats ahead of time and pull them out when it’s time to cook them. It’s easy to meal prep to continue to sustain your ketogenic diet!

9. Ketogenic banana nut muffins

Sometimes keto dieters get tired of eating eggs each morning. The best way to reduce the monotony of eggs you need to be creative. By creative, it means that you should be able to come up with another healthier alternative.

These simple muffins are very simple to make, so you can also invite your kids to make them. They will enjoy making and eating them as well.

Meal prep is better when you cook in batches– bake a dozen and eat them when you’re ready to enjoy one.

10. Blueberry chia crisp

This another mouthwatering ketogenic meal prep. It is a super keto meal-prep that contains protein and fiber. The blueberry chia crisp also has antioxidants of which your skin will thank you for them. Antioxidants and foods rich in vitamin C are lovely for your skin.

Blueberry chia crisp is a great breakfast alternative. It also contains some seeds that are very useful to the body. These seeds include hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and almonds.

11. Keto egg roll

This meal has been said to be the most favorite among ketogenic dieters. So why is it the most loved? It is because it is super easy to make. It is also very delicious, which makes it suitable for breakfast.

12. Keto Cuban sliders

This is a sandwich that many keto dieters can swear by. It contains some ham, cheese, pork, pickles, and swiss cheese. If you know any of these main ingredients, then you will have a picture of how this sandwich might taste. It’s crazy delicious.

Meal prep is easy. Pre-portion out single stacks of the ingredients and put them in a plastic bag. Pull out a portion, roll it up, and yum!

13. Chicken and Zucchini noodle

This one is another keto diet dish that is purely low on carbs but high on taste. You will enjoy eating this meal at any time of the day. If you are a huge fan of noodles, then this is the meal prep for you.


Use a spiral of veggie strip tool to make the zucchini noodles. Wrap them in paper towels to absorb any liquid and inside an airtight container until ready to cook.

14. Easy broccoli cheese soup

This meal prep is effortless, considering that it only consists of five ingredients. It is also gluten-free, which makes it even better for your belly. This broccoli cheese soup is low on carb; therefore, it is a perfect breakfast meal for ketogenic dieters.

This meal can be made in 20 minutes. This only means that it can work to those busy keto dieters. Broccoli is so much important health-wise.

15. Shrimp avocado salad with some tomatoes

If you love some vegetable mix, then this could be your favorite keto meal prep. It is super easy to make. You only need tomatoes, shrimp, avocados, onions, and cilantro. If you want some upgraded sour but sweet taste, you can try sprinkling in some lime juice.

Meal prep by chopping the onions, tomatoes, and cilantro ahead of time. Hint: pre-prepped bowl of goodies also makes a fantastic fresh salsa right by itself!

16. Skillet taco cauliflower rice

This one is a skillet ketogenic meal prep that is super easy to make. This meal consists of ground turkey and some cauliflower. On top of these main ingredients are lettuce topping and some avocado.

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