Many people are shocked to learn that the keto diet has been around since the 1920s. While the term keto wasn’t coined until the past decade, many low carbohydrate diet variations were used to treat epilepsy since the 20th century. People are reporting dropping weight with ease while following this eating plan, but there are some keto diet mistakes that you must be wary of.

The basic principle behind a low carbohydrate diet is that you must eat fewer complex carbs and more protein and healthy fats. The problem is that keto is much different from Atkins and other low carb plans as it’s more restrictive. Many variations have made the dieting plan more livable, such as clean and dirty varieties. However, there are many pros and cons to this eating plan.

Wanna Liv features 20 success stories of people that made the keto diet work for them. One lady, Ileka, was over 300 pounds. She had tried every diet out there, and still, her weight was at dangerous levels. When Ileka started the keto diet, she dropped 40 pounds in a couple of months, seemingly unheard of.

She went on to lose more than 120 pounds. She is just one of many fantastic weight loss stories that give people the gusto they need to start this way of living. Sadly, not everyone loses weight on this plan, as many keto diet mistakes thwart weight loss.

Keto Dieting Mistakes

The keto plan is beneficial if you follow the basic guidelines. If you’ve found that you’re not losing the weight you want, or your weight loss has stalled, then maybe you’re having issues with the most common keto diet mistakes. Here are the most common blunders that can easily be fixed to jump start your weight loss.

keto diet mistakes
Mistake #1 – Indulging on Too Many Sweets

Whether you love to bake keto delights or buy them in the store, you should know that they still have calories and fat in them that you must consider. Sure, the box’s front seems appealing because it states that they only have a net of 2-5 carbs, but have you looked at the calorie content on these treats?

No dieting plan will allow you to snack off and on throughout the day on sweet treats. If you have a sweet tooth, you need to get it under control. You can sabotage your diet by piling on the desserts, even if they are lower in carbs.

Mistake #2 – Not Exercising

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is not only to develop a good eating plan, but you need a good exercise plan too. There is no magic diet that will make weight melt away without any work. Exercise helps to burn calories and fat, which is why it’s essential for healthy eating.

Mistake #3 – Eating Too Many Calories

So whether you’re doing a vegan lifestyle, Mediterranean diet, or the keto plan, you must count calories. One of the biggest keto diet mistakes is that people don’t count their macronutrients. You must use an app or write down your carbs, fat, sugars, protein, and other vitamin levels. You will be surprised how much you’re eating when you really start keeping track.

Mistake #4 – Not Reading Labels

Do you always go by the net carb wording on the front of the box? You may be surprised to know that those advertising gimmicks don’t always tell the real story. Most of the keto diet bars and drinks use sugar alcohols for sweeteners.

While a little bit of these artificial sweeteners can’t hurt you, the overabundance can be too much. Additionally, those with diabetes respond differently to some of these alternative sweeteners, and it can raise your glucose levels. Always read the labels and see what is being used in the products you buy, as some of the carb counts are high if you’re not going on net carbs alone.

Mistake #5 – Snacking Constantly

If you watch the famous show My 600 Pound Life on TLC, you might have heard Dr. Nowzarden telling his patients that you need to eat a 1,200 calorie a day, low carbohydrate, high protein diet. His diet plan shows that you cannot eat whatever you want and still expect to lose weight.

Now, 1,200 calories is a bit low for someone who wants to make this a long term eating plan, but the key is that you can’t eat 3,000 calories a day and still lose weight. Plan your meals, and make sure you consider all your macronutrients. When you snack all day long, you will eat way more calories than you should for any diet plan, even if they’re keto snacks.

Mistake #6 – Neglecting Protein Intake

BRAT diet
One of the biggest keto diet mistakes is that people make it interchangeable with Atkin’s diet. While the principles are the same, the methods are different. You can’t eat as much protein as you want on the keto diet, nor can you avoid it altogether. This is certainly not a plan for those who don’t want to eat meat.

Your protein must be balanced with fats and nutrients to be successful. Eating hamburgers, bacon, pork chops, and sausage all day long is better than sweets, but the overabundance isn’t going to help with weight loss.

Mistake #7 – Not Getting Enough Fat

Your body needs healthy fats to give you energy and protect your vital organs. It’s also essential to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol checked and helped the body absorb essential nutrients.

To do the keto diet correctly, you must erase the old thought process that states fat is bad for you. Fats like coconut, olive oil, palm oil, and sunflower are right for you. Avoid fats that come in the form of vegetable or corn oil. Please stay away from saturated or trans fats as they are the ones that will clog your arteries.

Mistake #8 – Relying on Fast Food

If you’re not meal prepping, then you’re making a huge mistake. Relying on fast food for a quick keto meal only works in a pinch. You shouldn’t make fast food your eating plan because of the hidden carbs and fats.

Did you know that many of these burger joints use sugar in their burgers, chili, and other seemingly keto-friendly foods? Asking them to remove the bun is a good start, but it’s not going to take the place of eating at home. Unless the restaurant has a specific item that is keto-friendly, you need to investigate the ingredients.

Also, it’s easy to think that you can have two double cheeseburgers minus the buns and be within a safe range for your diet. However, think about all the calories you’re consuming. A double cheeseburger has around 500 calories, and two of them would be 1,000 calories.

Now, how can you eat all that and still expect to lose weight? Sometimes, taking the bun off won’t help you. Another consideration is ketchup. Did you know that ketchup has as much sugar as a donut? It’s a scary thought, but you need to watch what you’re putting on your sandwiches too.

Mistake #9 – Not Having Sufficient Water Intake

Are you drinking enough water? You still need sufficient water intake to help flush the fats from your body. If you’re not drinking at least six eight-ounce glasses each day, then you’re dehydrating your body of what it needs.

Sure, nothing tastes as good as a diet soda or that bulletproof coffee, but you need H2O to help your body’s processes. All weight loss plans and healthy living guidelines require you to drink good, cold water.

Mistake #10 – Lack of Vitamins and Minerals

You must have a colorful array of foods to help support your vitamin and minerals levels. You can’t live on meat alone as you need vegetables, fruits, and grains. Don’t get stuck on eating protein and cheese and forget about all the other things your body needs, like potassium.

While bananas are a good source, they are banned on the keto plan. However, you can get potassium from spinach, broccoli, and mushrooms. If you’re not getting the proper vitamin intake, you will experience muscle cramps and other issues. Taking a supplement may be necessary to keep things like the keto flu at bay.

keto diet mistakes
Final Thoughts on Keto Dieting Mistakes

There is no magic pill, drink, or diet that is going to make fat melt away. No matter what plan you choose, it’s going to require that you work hard. The keto diet has helped many people lose massive amounts of weight, but you must decide if this is a lifestyle that you can adhere to for the long haul.

People tend to put weight back on very quickly when adding foods back into their diet forbidden on this eating plan. Additionally, whether you use clean or dirty keto can significantly differentiate what you eat and how fast you lose. Many keto diet mistakes can stall your weight loss or tell you that this isn’t the diet for you.

Other plans are similar, allowing you a little more fruit and vegetable freedom, like the Mediterranean diet. Still, for quick weight loss, it seems keto is king.