10 Reasons to Include Butter Coffee in Your Ketogenic Diet

10 Reasons to Include Butter Coffee in Your Ketogenic Diet

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Are you one of the countless people across the country who isn’t alive until you’ve had your morning cup of Joe? You savor the warm, enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the kick of caffeine to take you through another hectic day. What if this delicious beverage could benefit your efforts on a keto diet?

Do You Know About Keto?

Even if you’re a newcomer to the diet and fitness world, you’ve probably heard about the ketogenic diet. Whether you are browsing through the grocery store, Internet surfing, or reading a magazine, you’ll see something about it. The popular food has spawned a plethora of books, magazines, and websites devoted to helping people lose weight the keto way.

The premise of the keto diet is to severely reduce your carbohydrate intake while increasing your fat grams, which goes against the fat-free diet craze of the past decades. Research suggests that when your carbs are reduced, your body begins to burn fat for energy, a process called ketosis.

While keto-conscience might seem like a wave of the future, it’s not a new concept. Dr. Russell Wilder developed an eating plan in the early 1920s to help his epileptic patients. His research found that when his subjects’ bodies went into ketosis, it benefited his patients. He also noticed that his patients were losing weight.

Like most dieting trends, what’s old is new again. Research has gleaned more information since Wilder’s studies and promote the keto diet as a sound way to lose weight. As a backlash against the current anti-fat campaign, many Americans have embraced keto as a silver bullet for weight loss.

Proponents of keto claim that they have more energy and lose weight and inches than on previous diets. Instead of tolerating bland reduced or fat-free foods, keto encourages dieters to enjoy full-fat versions, including butter. So, you can ditch the margarine and slather on the butter.

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Are You Better with a Bit of Butter?

For the past few years, butter and other venerable dairy products were demonized by the fad diet industry. As medical science discovered more about saturated fat and its link to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, they sounded the anti-fat alarm. They encouraged an overweight America to shun butter and other fat-laden foods, only to replace them with foods that presented another issue.

Not only do most keto diet plans urge you to eat full-fat foods, but some encourage you to be creative with them. Keto websites share a plethora of recipes for tasty fat bombs, which are snacks that are supposed to jumpstart ketosis. One of the most popular of these unique fatty recipes is buttery rich coffee.

Please Pass the Butter for Coffee?

For generations, coffee aficionados have sipped their favorite beverage in every way imaginable. Various roasting styles and added ingredients created iconic coffee drinks popular around the world. From cream-laden mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos to intense espressos, everyone has a favorite.

While many coffee fans prefer their brew au naturel, you may be like others and like to add a dash of sugar and a splash of cream. You might also be adventurous and experiment with the myriad of flavored syrups available to enhance your java experience. You might be open to new taste sensations for your cup of Joe, but would you consider butter?

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Doctors reveal that butter is healther than margarine.

How to Make a Delicious Hot Cup of Butter Coffee

Pure, creamy butter lends a lovely rich flavor to meats, vegetables, and baked goods. When you consider adding butter to your coffee for taste and keto benefits, it makes sense. If literature’s favorite junior wizard and his friends are spellbound over butterbeer, then butter coffee could be a tasty treat.

Recipes for this creative concoction abound in books and online, with slight variations. The most basic formula is as follows:

•16 Ounces of Coffee of Your Choice
•1 Tbsp. Ghee, Pure Butter, or Clarified Butter

You should mix this thoroughly till you get a creamy consistency.

Ten Reasons Why You Need to Add Butter Coffee to Your Ketogenic Diet

If you’re on the fence about adding buttered coffee to your diet, then here are some things that might help to convince you. Here are ten reasons why this new trendy coffee should be part of your day.

1. It Fills You Up

Butter has such a high-fat content that it helps to fill you up when added to your coffee. It’s incredible how mixing a little bit of butter in your coffee can make such a difference in your hunger levels. Many people have found that they are not hungry until lunchtime by having a cup of coffee for breakfast and their favorite butter or MCT oil added.

If you use MCT oil, it gives you all the macronutrients you need, which only help to keep hunger at bay.

2. It Gives You Energy

Since fat is the most energy-dense macronutrient, adding a tablespoon to your coffee helps to rev you up. You will be amazed at the energy you have by merely drinking buttered coffee. There’s nothing that says you can only have this drink at breakfast, either. If you need a little kick after lunch, it’s easy to mix up this brew.

3. It Helps with Sleep

Americans get into a pattern where they are sleepy all day and wide awake at night. This process is a vicious cycle caused by the inability to get the proper rest the night before. When you drink bulletproof coffee, you have the energy to go all day long.

You may not need naps anymore as your stamina has improved so much. The result is that you’re ready to go to bed when it’s bedtime. You won’t have to fight sleep because of all the energy you have during the day, and you are more than ready for bed at night.

4. It Gives a Mental Boost for Clarity

The energy boost that you feel helps sustain you throughout the day, but people are reporting mental clarity with this coffee for some odd reason. Could fat not be as toxic as what people thought? For some reason, it seems to increase mental clarity as the fats boost brain chemicals.

Just make sure you’re using clarified butter, ghee, or MCT oil as margarine is a processed food that has toxic chemicals in it.

Productive (Without Coffee)

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