Doctor Explains 5 Reasons Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Health

Doctor Explains 5 Reasons Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Health

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Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils to consume, apply to the skin, and use on hair. Many people already use it for hair to get rid of dandruff, but what many don’t know is its ability to repair damaged hair and assist in its regrowth.

Another great use of the oil involves management of diabetes, treatment of seizures, maintenance of a healthy heart, and more. There are dozens of studies that prove consuming coconut oil for health works.

Here are five reasons coconut oil is excellent for your health.


1. Skin Care

Coconut oil works well for skin. According to a study carried out in 2018 by Dr. Lily Zhong of the California State University regarding the impacts of plant oils on the skin, it was discovered that oil from coconut has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties. It can also assist in treating many skin conditions like:• Eczema & psoriasis: Topical application of virgin oil from coconut minimizes the severity of this problem.

• UV radiation: According to research by R. R. Korac, K. M. Khambholja shows that the use of oil from coconut safeguards the skin against dangerous impacts of UV radiation.

• Dermatitis: According to a study by Peter A. Lio and Allison L. Goddard, it was discovered that oil from coconut is effective in relieving symptoms of atopic dermatitis in comparison to mineral oil. Another research discovered that virgin oil from coconut could be utilized as an efficient way of managing this condition.

• Skin Wound: The oil can assist in speeding up the healing of wounds.

• Dry Skin or Xerosis: Agero, AL and Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell M.D carried out a research that concluded oil from coconut to be an effective and safe moisturizer for your skin. Pure non-GMO, cold-pressed, and organic oil from coconut is an exceptional massage oil that can be utilized for all skin types, including dry skin.

• Antimicrobial activity: Monolaurin refers to an active component of oil from coconut that is found to be antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial in nature. It safeguards against the harmful impacts of bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus that leads to pimples as well as other skin conditions.

• Burns: Use of oil from coconut aids in offering relief to patients with burns.

• Other: It also assists in repairing the skin barrier.

Unlike mineral oil, application of oil from coconut does not have any adverse side effects. For this reason, it has been used for centuries to prevent flaking and dryness of the skin. Hence, it is a primary ingredient in various body care products such as soaps, creams, and lotions that are utilized for skin care.

Additionally, the oil can make you look younger by delaying the sagging of the skin and appearance of wrinkles.

2. Hair Care

The reason that females in tropical coastal regions have bright and long hair is coconut oil. Women in the world’s tropical coastal areas utilize the oil for their hair almost every day. The oil is thick and butter-like, and aids in healthy hair growth, as well as offering shine to the strands.

coconut oil

According to the Journal of Cosmetic Science, a study by R. B. Mohile and Aarti S. Rele discovered that oil from coconut is very efficient in minimizing loss of protein, which if not monitored can result in numerous unhealthy hair qualities. As a result of low molecular weight, the oil can penetrate the hair shaft and safeguard against hair damage.

For this reason, it is utilized as a hair care oil as well as in the production of numerous dandruff relief creams and conditioners. The best variety of oil from coconut that is perfect for healthy hair is one that is organic and extra virgin. You can use coconut oil hair mask or apply it topically to the hair.

Coconut oil for health of your hair is perfect for treating damaged hair. It is an excellent conditioner and aids in the regrowth process of ruined hair. It also offers the critical proteins needed for nourishment and healing of damaged hair.

According to research carried out by Ruetsch SB et al., TRI/Princeton states that oil from coconut offers greater protection to hair from damage that results from hygral fatigue. Using the oil to massage your head regularly will enable your scalp to be free from dandruff, even when it is chronically dry. It also aids in keeping your scalp and hair free from lice infestation.

3. Improved Heart Health

According to a review study by Lauren Boateng et al., it was discovered that 50 percent of fats present in coconut oil are MCTs like lauric acid. These acids are easily absorbed in the intestines and can be utilized by the body in the production of energy. Additionally, the MCTs fail to participate in the biosynthesis or transport of cholesterol.

According to a study carried out on 116 patients of coronary artery disease, it was found out that a diet rich in extra virgin oil from coconuts resulted in improved good cholesterol levels and decreased bad cholesterol levels. Another study by Dr. Alan Feranil et al., of the University of San Carlos shows that consumption of this oil can assist in the maintenance of healthy lipid profiles in women who are pre-menopausal.

In case you are utilizing the oil for consumption purposes, be sure to monitor your levels of cholesterol regularly. If you detect an increase, it is best to stop consuming it extensively.

4. Better Brain Function and Fewer Seizures

Alzheimer’s disease is the most typical cause of dementia in the whole world and takes place mainly in older people. In patients of Alzheimer’s disease, there seems to be a minimal ability to utilize glucose for energy in particular brain parts.

According to research, ketones can offer an alternative source of energy for the brain cells that are malfunctioning and minimize symptoms of Alzheimer’s. In a particular 2006 study, intake of medium chain triglycerides resulted in improvement of brain function in individuals who had mild Alzheimer’s disease. But research is still early, and there is no evidence to show that the oil itself assists with the condition.

Research is being conducted to find out the ability of very high fat and very low carb diet to treat a variety of diseases. The most popular therapeutic application of the diet is to treat children for drug-resistant epilepsy. The diet involves consuming a few carbohydrates and massive amounts of fat resulting in high levels of ketones in your blood.

For an unknown reason, the diet greatly minimizes the seizure rate in epileptic children, including those who have failed in the use of various drugs that treat the condition. Since coconut oil’s fatty acids are taken to the liver and converted into ketones, they are usually used in epileptic patients for inducing ketosis while giving room for some carbs in the diet.

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