Do you have a good reserve of karmic points, or do you need to add some good deeds to your bank? The word karma is widely used in the Western world, but it has an Eastern origin. Buddhist teaching educates on the laws of karma, which means every word or deed is repaid in the same manner.

To help you understand karmic points, think of your bank account. When you work, you earn a check that shows the fruits of your labor. Your bank account increases because of your actions.

Now, if you don’t go to work this week and have no paid time off, you won’t add anything to your bank. In fact, you will hurt yourself because you will be out of money. Karma isn’t about money, but it adds up in the same way.

Rather, it’s about your deeds, whether they be good or bad. If you do nice things for others and put goodness into the atmosphere, you will reap an increase in your karmic points. Sadly, if you do sinister or negative things, you will take away from this bank.

Whatever you do in word or deed will follow you, and karma isn’t something you can escape. Everyone has an “account” the Universe keeps track of. Another way to understand this is to use a farming analogy. If you plant corn in your garden, you can’t expect green beans to grow.

When you sow something into your life, you will reap the rewards of that harvest. So, you must ensure that you’re planting goodness and encouraging things so that the karma you receive is manifested in positivity.

25 Ways To Boost Your Karmic Points

It’s ominous to think that everything you do will be paid back in either good or bad ways. Sadly, you can’t escape the karma or the karmic debt that you’ve incurred. The goal is to fill your karmic account with good things, so you will have an excellent reserve of goodness coming back to you. Here are 25 ways that you can increase your karmic points.

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1. Spread Positivity

Spreading positivity is an easy way to increase your karmic bank. Think about each word that comes out of your mouth, as well as your actions. Make sure that you’re a positive influence rather than a negative one.

2. Do Something Spontaneous Out of Kindness

Random acts of kindness will undoubtedly boost your points with the Universe. Whenever you go out of your way to be kind to someone, you’re ensuring that kindness will come back to you. While this shouldn’t be your motivation to do these things, it certainly doesn’t hurt that it boosts your points.

3. Sponsor the Publication of Any Holy Text

Sponsoring texts is another way to benefit others. Distributing the teachings of holy lamas that were written centuries ago is a way to create karmic merit. Giving good spiritual advice that can help others is another way to show kindness.

4. Reciting the Names of the 35 Confession Buddhas

According to Lotus Happiness, The Sutra of the Bodhisattvas is a book that contains famous sutras in East Asian Buddhism. By reciting the 35 Confession Buddhas, you’re helping to cleanse negative karma. Admitting all the downfalls in your life shows moral regret, and it can help to allow goodness to manifest.

5. Take Care of Lonely People

Send a card, call them, or spend time with someone who is lonely. Not only will they appreciate your company, but you will put more goodness into the world.

6. Read a Spiritual Book

Many great spiritual books can be enlightening. Not only do these writings help to educate you, but you can learn how to live a more holy life. There are thousands of books to choose from, so pick something that speaks to you at this phase of life.

7. Copy the Sutras

Copying the sutras is an excellent way to increase your good karma. Make sure that they’re written in gold ink, if possible. These holy texts will inspire you as well as give you merit.

8. Connect With a Spiritual Teacher

Connecting with a spiritual teacher can show you many things. They can help you meditate correctly and educate you on how to live in ultimate happiness. If you want to manifest in your life and build your karmic bank, you need spiritual advisors.

9. Replace Negative Words With Positive Ones

Weigh your words wisely. Don’t be negative and downing towards others. Instead, choose phrases that are lifting and pleasant.

10. Chanting Mantras

Chanting mantras can open new horizons for your mind. It’s another way to purify negativity and eliminate any karmic imprints that have carried over from previous lifetimes.

11. Become a Volunteer

Volunteering your time and energy is something that the Universe will notice. Giving of yourself to help others is something that will increase your points, as well as make you a better human being.

12. Stop Gossiping

Gossiping is a way to connect with others, and it can be challenging to pass a good session. However, gossiping is a hostile act that has karmic repercussions. According to Hannah Rose LCPC from Psychology Today, ask yourself these three questions before engaging in a conversation:

•Is the story true?

•Is it good?

•Are you sharing helpful information?

If you can’t see that the conversation has any actual benefits to your life, then pass it by. Remember, when you talk about others, it won’t be long before you’ll be the topic of conversation.

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13. Keep It Clean

Living a clean life means more than just a clean home. You need to make sure your heart is pure, as well as your body, workplace, and even your house.

Do you have clutter in any of these areas you need to address? You must be mindful of what you are thinking and doing every day.

14. Use Twirling Prayer Wheels

Buddhists use twirling prayer wheels that contain mantras that speak of the compassion of Buddha. With each twirl of the wheel, you state several the mantra that’s included in that section.

While it’s a practice often observed by Tibetan Buddhists, anyone can do it. This act has the power to purify, erase karma, and create good destiny.

15. Curb Your Impatience When Driving

If you have road rage, then you’re not bringing good karma to your life. Let someone in on the freeway or slow down to let someone else pass. Life’s highways are a great way to increase your karmic bank account.

16. Practice Spiritual Meditation

Meditation has a higher purpose than just relaxing the mind. It allows you to analyze, understand, and even philosophize. Many people gain wisdom during these sessions, as well as purge negativity. It’s another way to build good karma.

17. Make Forgiveness a Daily Habit

If you want to be forgiven when you do things wrong to others, you must practice forgiveness. It would help if you forgave daily and never held grudges.

18. Live By the Motto – One Day, One Deed

Strive each day to do something good. This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but do one act of kindness or another good deed each day to build karmic points.

19. Reading the Sutras

Sutras are stories that contain wise teachings. Many of these tales are about past Buddhas, and you get a large amount of merit by voicing these holy names.

20. Write Holy Words on a Mani Stones

Mani stones are decorative rocks that the water has smoothed over the centuries. It’s best to use stones from holy areas like in the Himalayan mountains, but any smooth rock will do. Write sacred words onto these rocks, and this will bring good merit.

21. Embark On a Journey to Visit the Holy Places

There are many holy destinations of the world, and embarking on a pilgrimage to these areas can be enlightening. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim or Buddhist doesn’t matter; you need to find someplace to go to enhance your spirituality.

22. Be Thankful to the Universe

An attitude of gratitude is one way to show the Universe you’re thankful for all you have in life. When you offer thanksgiving, the Universe will bless you with more.

23. Making Holy Objects Such as Statues

There is a great deal of merit that comes from painting holy objects. If you have artistic creativity, it’s very beneficial. Each stroke of the brush is a way for you to pour out your feelings in a positive way.

24. Be Honest

You certainly won’t get any points with the Universe by being deceptive. Strive to be truthful in all you say or do.

25. Develop a Kind Attitude Towards Others

Many people confuse karma with religion, but it doesn’t have anything to do with religious faith. It has more to do with spirituality. Your religion should be showing kindness to others, so developing a kind attitude will help increase karmic points.

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Final Thoughts on Racking Up Those Karmic Points

Are there things on this list that you already do? Do you see some things that you would like to try to enhance your life? Building karmic points doesn’t always have to be doing something for the expectation of receiving goodness, but it’s more about how you can better yourself in this lifetime and the next.