There is a lot of relationship advice regarding the introvert and the extrovert. There is a beauty to being in a relationship with an introvert–the excellent demeanor, loyalty, and calming effects in a relationship.

Here are five reasons introverts are some of the best relationship partners:

1. Introverts are great listeners.

Nothing turns a woman off like going out with someone who only talks about himself. Introverts are empathetic, and this sense of presence is priceless. They will listen to you over and over. They will let you rant and release while remaining quiet. Introverts think before they speak, so they can come across as chill while delicately using a grounding tone. The world needs both the talker and the listener.

2. They love being at home with their loved ones.

In their means to find solitude from the outside world, the introvert enjoys being with their mate. Quiet time, TV watching, reading, or even listening to music is a retreat for them. Their need for solitude gives an introvert a chance to recharge their batteries. They enjoy their privacy with the togetherness of their loved ones. There is no need to entertain them. An afternoon with their loved one while reading a novel is orgasmic.

3. Introverts are faithful.

Because it takes so much energy to enter into a relationship, introverts are conscientious of what they have. They find gratitude in lasting relationships. They will do everything to stay in a safe environment. Loyalty is number one in their books. An introvert prefers profound connection in their personal lives over the social stimulus of the world at any time.

4. Introverts are lovers of mystery.

The introvert lives in his thoughts. When you are in a relationship with this type of mind, the world is an encyclopedia. Their love for reading and knowledge is magical. An introvert can share stories and adventures from history. They love that you are there to listen as well. Introverts are great thinkers and observers of everything around them. They will notice changes and appreciate the smallest of details.

5. They are sensible and realistic.

It helps when one partner is level-headed and down to earth in a relationship. The introvert has a way of seeing all sides and making logical decisions. They think things through. They are analytical and will help their mate see the practicalities of challenges and obstacles.

Loving an introvert is opening up to a genius mind. They bring mysticism and creativity into a relationship. Their presence is in tune with nature and will always get a sense of peace. If you are in love with an introvert, you already know this!

“According to the latest research, one-third to one half of us are introverts – that’s one out of every two or three people you know. But you’d never guess that, right? That’s because introverts learn from an early age to act like pretend-extroverts. The trick for introverts is to honor their styles instead of allowing themselves to be swept up by prevailing norms.” ~ Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

6. They Value Separate Time in A Relationship.

Since introverts love spending time alone, they also know the importance of giving their partners space. Even two introverts eventually get tired of one another and need solitude to recharge. Plus, time apart greatly benefits relationships, giving couples a sense of autonomy and individuality.

Often, people refer to themselves as “we” after a while in a relationship. While this is normal and indicative of a strong relationship, you also need to retain your interests and persona.

Spending time with friends, doing hobbies you enjoy, or even lounging around the house alone can build a stronger partnership. Alone time also allows for self-reflection and introspection, two things introverts highly value.

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7. Introverts Don’t Like Drama.

Introverts also make incredible relationship partners because they have easygoing, low-key personalities (mostly, anyway). They steer clear of loud, boisterous people and those who gossip because they’d instead not get involved. Quiet introverts like to mind their own business and avoid getting caught up in others’ drama.

Their relationship probably won’t make a mountain out of a molehill either when it comes to their relationship. Little things like their partner leaving their socks on the floor or forgetting garbage day never ruffles their feathers.

When you’re with an introvert, you can rest assured that discussions will remain calm and civilized. If a disagreement comes up, they won’t yell, become passive-aggressive, or resort to name-calling. This quiet, collected demeanor makes them highly attractive partners for the long haul.

8. They Accept You Without Question.

Another benefit of being with an introvert is that they will love you unconditionally, no questions asked. They have done the hard shadow work on themselves and have learned to accept their flaws. So, they can easily extend this love and compassion to their partner. They know that the perfect relationship or partner doesn’t exist, so they don’t have unrealistic expectations.

As long as you love and respect them, they will hold space for you to be your authentic self. They love people who feel comfortable in their skin, so don’t feel like you have to hold back. Introverts crave authenticity and will adore you even more for showing your true colors.

9. Introverts Pay Attention to the Details.

In relationships, introverts quickly memorize all the important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the day you first met. They pay attention to your favorite foods, colors, songs, and every little thing about you. As you might have noticed, your introvert lover listens intently to everything you say and remembers the minor details.

Introverts are thoughtful, deeply caring people who want to give their all in relationships. They tend to shower their partners with love, affection, and sentimental gifts to show how much they care. If you’re lucky enough to have an introvert partner, you’ve probably noticed how they dote on you.

10. They Know What They Want.

Introverts take their time getting to know someone and don’t just rush into relationships. So, if they’ve chosen you, they feel a deep connection and want something serious. Introverts aren’t known to have many casual relationships because they value intimate bonds with people.

They also are highly analytical and take ample time making decisions, which they don’t take lightly. Their reflective nature means they think long and hard about relationships before pouring their heart and soul into them. They’ve been burned many times, most likely, which helps them discern what they like or dislike in potential partners.

When they finally decide to settle down, they’ve met someone pretty special. So, if you’ve been dating an introvert for a while, know that they have your best interests at heart. They’re loyal to a fault and will always make the relationship a priority.

11. Introverts Are Authentic and Sincere.

Despite being aloof and withdrawn when you first meet them, they quickly open up to those they feel comfortable around. It isn’t that they’re being rude; they want to save their energy for a real, intimate connection. So, if you meet them at a party, they may not talk much at first. They’re trying to decide if they should take things further than small talk or not.

If you have a connection and decide to start dating, expect long nights of deep conversations, though. They crave the type of relationship where they can share their deepest thoughts without being judged or feeling uncomfortable. When you can break their walls down and truly get to know them, they’re some of the most beautiful, sincere people.

12. They’re Easy to Please.

Another bonus to having an introverted relationship partner is that they are easy to love, low-maintenance people. They don’t make a big fuss if something goes wrong and don’t need a lot in a relationship. Love, kindness, friendship, and someone who will have their back matter the most to them. They don’t require fancy dinners, flashy cars, or expensive vacations to feel satisfied.

Quality time at home with their partner gives them more happiness and warmth than any material item. Their perfect day looks like breakfast in bed, a walk in the park, and snuggling up for a movie. A home-cooked meal, relaxing music, and a cup of tea wouldn’t hurt, either. If you’re a homebody by nature, you will have a good relationship with an introvert!

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Final Thoughts on A Relationship With An Introvert

Relationships with introverts may take time to form, but they can quickly become some of the most rewarding bonds you’ll have. Introverts crave soul connections and thrive on meaningful conversations with people. They love staying up late talking about everything under the sun in relationships, from aliens to philosophy.

They’re also loyal, honest people who take their relationships seriously and would do anything for their partners. Introverts are thoughtful, observant individuals who notice the little, subtle things most people miss. Their authenticity and easygoing nature make them the best relationship partners and friends!