Have you ever thought of what your dream guy would be? Of course, you have! Whether you were six and dreaming about true love or twenty-six and just wishing for someone who would listen to you, most women have thought about this topic once or twice. Now that you are thinking about it, what is your dream love like? Do you prefer tall and handsome or short and cute? This may come as a surprise, but with regards to personality, women are becoming more and more attracted to introverts.

First, let us define an introvert. Although a quick google search will deem an introverted individual to be “a shy, reticent person”, there is much more to it than that. An introvert may prefer small groups of friends or simply hanging out by themselves as opposed to being a part of a huge crowd. They have a tendency to be quiet until they get to know another person, but this can vary extremely from introvert to introvert.

So, what makes introverts so attractive? Let’s find out. Also, if you are not sure if you are an introvert, if you relate to the items listed below, they could be signs you are an introvert.

1. Extreme Passion
One of the first introvert characteristics that comes to mind is passion. Since introverts often do not have huge friend circles, they often take on their passion with a huge passion. What we mean is that introverts pour their heart into what they are passionate about, whether it is a hobby, work, or maybe you if you’re lucky!

2. The Element of Mystery
Because introverted people are sometimes naturally quiet individuals, women are often first interested in an introverted man because they are not sure about them. This element of mystique often peaks interest and can encourage a woman to get to know the introverted man more than she would someone who is more extroverted.

3. Undivided Attention
Extroverts may be attracted to introverts because they feel that they will be the center of their world. While this may not always be the case, it can create a sense of security and increase a blooming attraction.

4. Introverted People are GREAT Listeners
When you come home from a long day at work and want to vent to someone, but your extroverted boyfriend has probably already started telling a story. This would likely not be the case if you were dating an introvert who fits the stereotype of being a good listener. Although, keep in mind that not all introverted people are superb listeners and this quality could diminish as the person gets more comfortable with you (so enjoy it while it lasts!).

5. A Breath of Fresh Air
If you are used to dating men rowdyre loud and roudy, an introverted man will literally be a breath of fresh air. Introverted individuals do not tend to raise their voice unless extremely angry (and sometimes not even then) and if in a social situation will most likely observe and listen instead of interrupting and butting into the ongoing conversation. Doesn’t that just sound relaxing?

6. Self-Awareness
Another outstanding quality about introverted individuals is that they generally have a pretty good sense of self-awareness. They know thier personal attributes, what they like, and what they do not like. While they would never be rude, you can trust that an introverted individual will be straightforward with you and their feelings.

7. They Know What You Want
Because introverted people spend so much time listening and observing, an introverted man will catch on to things that make you happy very quickly. This means no more dropping not-so-subtle hints to your boyfriend about things you want to do because the introverted man has likely already caught on and will suggest it before you have the chance to drop a hint!

8. Value Separate Time
Especially at the beginning of a new relationship, it can feel important to be with your significant other 24/7. However, if you choose to date an introverted man, he will likely be respectful of your need for a little alone time (because he will need it to). Even if you eventually move in together, you will be grateful for this mutual respect.

9. Pay Attention to Details
With the constant observation and listening, introverts also tend to pay attention to every single detail. This means that your significant other should remember your anniversary, birthday, and any other special holidays that you two may share.

10. Organization Matters
Although it may seem like a feminine attribute, a lot of introverted men are extremely organized. This is nice because not only will they be on time for your date, but if you two move in together you will not have to constantly push piles of their stuff out of the way to get to the closet.

11. Ability to Maintain Long-Term Relationships
Most introverts are in a relationship for the long-haul. This can be a refreshing change if you are used to guys who are only interested in a few weeks.


12. Great at Collaborating
This skill is great in the workplace and in your relationship. Between the passion that the introverted man will have for you, your relationship, and the ability to listen and work together, this should make any arguments that you may have easy to work through.

Final Thoughts
If you haven’t ever dated an introverted man, now is the time to try something new. You will find qualities that you may not be used to if you frequent extroverts, such as listening, passion, and self-awarenss.

Keep in mind that these are general qualities, not universal rules. Not every introvert will demonstrate ALL of these introvert characteristics, but you are likely to see a few of them in each introvert that you meet! The signs you are an introvert are likely to vary from person to person, because we are all unique!