Are you an introvert or an extrovert? The two personality types are opposites, and it’s easy to identify which type you’re based on a few key characteristics. People who gravitate towards introversion prefer to keep things simple.

Unlike the extrovert who likes to mingle and keep people close by, the introvert would rather be alone and enjoy the peace that comes with solitude. Carl Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychotherapist who believed that every personality was made up of four facets: thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions. He was the one who originally came up with the idea of the human personality, according to Psychologia.

He was the one who coined the phrases introversion and extroversion through more than two decades of research. Jung wanted to merge Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler’s psychological findings, where he formed his theories in 1948. Though his discoveries were groundbreaking in psychology, many of his works didn’t get published until he passed.

Jung forever changed the mental health world by introducing personalities and analytic psychology. Today, both psychiatrists and psychologists still use his founding studies to help patients understand and cope with their mental health.

Fifteen Behaviors That Indicate Introversion

Things have certainly changed in the world of psychology, especially in the past few decades. The stigma is beginning to lift as people learn that they should embrace their differences and seek help.

Some of these individuals are mistaken to have depression, especially since this personality tends to be reclusive. Thankfully, it’s not sadness but rather their makeup and how they are hardwired.

Here are some other habits of the introvert that you should familiarize yourself with:

1. Must Charge Internal Battery

One of the reasons why an introverted person prefers to be alone is because it gives them a chance to recharge their batteries. It wears them out to be around a large group where everyone is talking and mingling. They need quiet times so that they can reflect and refocus both their mind and their body.

Have you ever used rechargeable batteries for your electronics? It’s a similar process with these individuals. They become drained by life, especially when they are pushed to their limits. So, they must be alone to rejuvenate. They plug into solitude and peace and quiet to refresh themselves.

2. Very Guarded and Private

Privacy is essential to the introvert, and they don’t like to answer any questions about themselves. They tend to get frustrated with people who tell everything they know. Some may think that introversion makes a person stuck up and not friendly, but nothing could be further from the truth.

They are not the kind of person with social media, or if they have these accounts, they would never post anything personal online for all to see.

3. Prefers Low Key Activities

Going white water rafting or climbing a mountain probably isn’t going to be an activity an introvert engages in. They love simple things like watching TV or reading a good book. Their appreciation for low-key activities also extends to people.

They prefer to hang with those who are modest and don’t engage in drama. Introverts often choose people just like themselves to have as friends.

4. Enjoys Quiet, Solitude, and Being Alone

You won’t hear music blaring from the introvert’s cars or homes, as they prefer peace and quiet. They don’t need to be with friends to be entertained as they love flying solo.

They’re the kind of person that can go out to eat all alone or enjoy a movie without any friends in tow. Their simplistic lifestyle and need for solitude allow many of these individuals to live in rural areas. It’s okay if there’s no neighbor for miles as the location’s tranquility turns its crank.

5. Always on The Outside Looking In

One might describe an introvert as someone who is on the outside looking in. They would instead observe than engage in activities. These people are often good judges of character, so they tend to watch and observe before interacting.

In a business meeting at work, they’re over in the corner, hoping no one calls on them. They don’t do large groups, so even in essential situations like work, they tend to stay outside and let others handle negotiations.

6. Keeps the Inner Circle Small

Due to their nature that prohibits them from opening up to others, their relationships are usually few. They don’t let many people into their inner circle, so they prefer to have a couple of good buddies they can trust.

Family is usually essential, so they allow certain members to join their circle. These individuals don’t see the need to have more than a select few friends.

7. Functions Better in Small Groups

When it comes to introverts, they prefer to stay away from social situations. Some may think they’re too withdrawn or have a challenging personality to get to know. However, there is a biological behind introversion.

According to the National Institute of Health, the brain of the introvert is wired differently. Social signals don’t flow normally in their brain, and they tend to be guarded. They prefer to stay in smaller groups with fewer stimuli.

being alone
8. Prefers Face-to-Face Interaction

Forget phone calls and texting as this person prefers to handle things face-to-face. While they may love modern technology, they are old-school in their methods. Since they’re cautious, conversations on the phone won’t allow them to see the person and read body language, which is especially important.

If you have a conversation with them on the phone, they won’t talk long, and they will have very few things to say.

9. Generally Quiet and Reserved

Introverts like to listen more than speak. You will often see these people in careers like a therapist because their listening skills are superior. They make great spouses and friends as they always seem to make others feel at ease.

Since many people talk non-stop and don’t allow others to get a word into a conversation, this aspect of the introvert is a breath of fresh air.

10. Think Long and Hard Before Speaking

Many people accuse them of not responding or listening when they speak. However, their pause to answer stems from the fact that they prefer to think before they talk. They are very calculated, so they weigh their words wisely.

Remember, this individual doesn’t like drama and prefers to stay more subdued, so they usually have few words. So, when they do speak, their words are meaningful.

11. Prefers to Be Home

Rather than going out and socializing with people, those who display traits of introversion tend to be more of a homebody. According to the National Institute of Health, these people would rather engage in activities like writing or quilting as they can be done from the comforts of home. They also make great IT professionals and other careers where technical expertise is necessary.

12. Don’t Like Group Activities

Since this person is a loner, they don’t like to work in groups. Being alone allows them to focus and not become overwhelmed with social distractions from peers. Work at home jobs is perfect for this person because they feel the most comfortable in their home environment.

13. Cautious in Relationships

Whether a friend or a lover, the introvert is extremely cautious about getting involved with anyone. They’re not quick to share any details of their life, so letting people inside is often a challenge. However, once they open their heart to someone, they are very loyal and committed and tend to stay in the friendship/relationship for the long haul.

14. There’s No Time for Small Talk

Small talk is just a waste of their time. They prefer to be engaging in something, even if it’s just a good book. You won’t see this person sitting around “shooting the breeze” as they have more important things to do. It’s not that this person is rude or unfriendly; it’s just that they don’t need all the social stimulation that others crave.

15. A Calculated Risk Taker

Don’t count on this individual to make any decisions at the spur of the moment. They’re very calculated risk-takers, and they think long and hard before making decisions. These people are the ones that drive sale professionals crazy because it may take a few weeks to a month to decide on the right automobile or other major purchase.

Final Thoughts on Introversion

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted doesn’t matter. Both have enduring characteristics that people love, but introversion tends to be a more subdued personality.

Nevertheless, you must identify these classic traits in yourself, your spouse, and other family members. Not only will it help you to enhance your relationship, but it will help you understand how the other person thinks and feels.