My five simple wishes for you . . .

1. I wish you happiness.

You’ve been through a lot this year. Even though life may not have gone as planned, I hope you are being gentle with yourself. May positive thoughts come in waves stronger than negative ones. Remember, happiness is already within you.

May you find moments where you give yourself permission to be happy, no matter what is happening. Right now, you deserve to show up for you. Choose to see the silver lining.

May happiness be with you. 

2. I wish you peace of mind.

For many right now, the world feels crazy and uncertain. When we look around we see and hear of sadness, chaos, and misfortune.  

It’s more challenging than ever to train our mind to relax and stop worrying. It’s more important than ever to find peace. Breath in peace, and exhale worry and stress.

May peace be with you. 



3. I wish you unwavering faith.

With all the negative news out there, we can easily become cynical and worry. These are the times we need to cling to faith and trust in the process. Things will get better if we stay positive in thought and feel the blessings of our belief.

Allow the light to shine into the darkness and illuminate it so brightly we cannot miss the solution when it arrives.  You can only choose one, faith or fear. Faith will take you anywhere. 

May faith be with you.

4. I wish you abundance.

It’s okay to be more and want more. It’s your divine right. Allow yourself to be open and receptive to new opportunities. Become a magnet for prosperity.

Feel grateful for the good you already have in your life, and worthy of more. You deserve to live comfortable and receive all the good things that you desire.  Abundance can flow into your life in new and exciting ways.

May abundance be with you. 

5. I wish you Love.

No matter where your heart may be now, remember, you are worthy of all the love that you are seeking. Love is the greatest healer. You are love expressed in physical form.

Honor who you are by loving yourself unconditionally.  Let love guide all of your relationships. Love is our greatest power.  I hope it wells up within you, overflowing into the lives of others.

May love always be with you. 

May these wishes give you all that you need… please pass this on.