It can feel unnatural to relax when you have bills pending and a dwindling bank account. Stop worrying–giving in to your fears won’t do anything to attract more money. In reality, giving in to your anxiety will generate negative energy that stops you from bringing more money into your life.

How to Stop Worrying and Attract More Money

Money comes and money goes, but worrying about it won’t make it come any faster. If you’d like to attract more money, keep reading to learn how to stop worrying and how to become the money magnet you really are.

1. Identify Any Negative Beliefs You Have About Money

Stop worrying about your bank account by recognizing your fears and any other negative beliefs you may have about money. Many people admit they are taught to never discuss money. Additionally, they believe that having a lot of money is evil and that they should feel bad when spending money. These beliefs all stem from insecurity and need to be done away with if you hope to attract more money into your life.

Start becoming the money magnet you deserve to be by unlearning all these negative beliefs and replacing them with positive energy. It’s time for you to accept the idea that you deserve to have wealth.

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2. Build a New Money Mindset with Positivity

The next step in learning how to stop worrying about money is the start of rebuilding your money mindset using positive affirmations. According to the law of attraction, what you think, you become. Thus, what you speak into your life will come to pass.

Start speaking positivity into your finances by using positive money affirmations on a regular basis. Begin every day by looking into a mirror and speaking the following types of affirmations to yourself:

  • I am a winner.
  • I‘m stepping into a new financial future.
  • My blessings and wealth are overflowing.
  • I deserve all the money I will make.

Positive affirmations like those above that tap into the law of attraction and your ability to bring about a change in your life with the type of energy you exude. By already believing that you deserve money and that you’re already building the wealth that you’re working towards, your life will automatically align to reach these goals.

3. Learn What You Deserve in Life

What stops many people from going after what they want is the fact that they don’t believe that they deserve it.

Want to get out of debt? Want to build generational wealth? While these may seem like lofty goals right now, the moment you already know that you deserve these things in your life is the moment that you start attracting them towards yourself.

The best thing about this obstacle of feeling undeserving is that you are fully in control of it. Stop worrying that you’ll never be financially stable and begin stepping into what you deserve.

Your dreams are only as big as you allow them to be and you deserve to dream big. Don’t give in to the insecurity that makes you feel undeserving. You are worthy of living the best life.

Start working on attracting what you deserve in life by realizing new goals. Do you hope to buy a house? Are you planning to build your savings? Write down all of your financial goals and understand that you deserve every single one of them.

4. Love Your Bills to Attract More Money

We have all been guilty of hating having to pay our bills. However, avoiding or hating your bills only adds more negative energy to your finances.

While it may seem absurd to try to love your bills, this little bit of love will go a long way. The key to attracting more money when paying your bills is to be confident, grateful, and happy as you pay the bills.

This is why part of learning how to stop worrying about money is to stop seeing bills as a black hole for your earnings. Your bills are a symbol of the life that you live, the blessings you enjoy, and your ability to finance your quality of life.

Additionally, the happier you are about getting to pay these bills, the more you will value the money you earn that you use to pay your bills. This positive energy and happiness will translate to you feeling more positive about the work you do and how you earn your money.

5. Be Happy for Others’ Financial Success

Jealousy and the feeling of missing out are strong motivators. We’ve all experienced feeling a certain sense of insecurity when we see others sharing about their luxury lifestyles or abundant lives. While these feelings can be inescapable at times, feeling this way isn’t effective if you’re hoping to stop worrying about your own finances.

Instead of feeling negative about yourself and financial situation when you see others doing well, start rejoicing for them. As you feel happier for the wealth that others are enjoying, the more the same energy will return to you.

Start destroying these negative and envious feelings by genuinely expressing excitement when you see someone else thriving. Speak the same into your life by telling yourself, “You deserve the same. You will have the same.”

This simple shift from jealousy to hopeful positivity will immediately affect how money flows into your life. Instead of being unhappy with where you are in your finances, your new happiness for others will spill over to your current situation, ultimately leading you to attract more money into your life.

6. Visualize Financial Abundance

Visualization is a powerful tool to bring about a change in your life. Do you want to increase your finances and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of? Start visualizing it.

Visualize the life you want, deserve, and will have by writing out what you hope to see. And, imagine that you are living that life right now. While this may seem like a strange exercise, it will help to ease any fears you feel and help you to believe are already leading the life you long for.

To make visualization part of your daily life, commit to spending a few moments in the morning or at night to meditate on your money affirmations and visualize the life you long for. This will help you keep your goals fresh in your mind as you actively work to make them a reality each day.

7. Recognize Prosperity in Your Life

Prosperity is everywhere you go, if you know what to look for. By recognizing prosperity, you’ll be inviting it into your life.

Too often, we’re programmed to seek out poverty and notice what’s lacking in life. From your bank account to the world around you, you may be naturally inclined to see what’s wrong rather than look for what’s right.

Start transforming the way you look at life by automatically seeking out prosperity. In order for you to prosper, you must first be able to recognize prosperity.

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Look at all the beautiful things in life. Whether it’s having a roof over your head, the relationships you have in life, or the beauty in nature around you, taking notice of prosperity can change everything else in your life.

When you look to your finances and work on planning for the future, you’ll automatically think with prosperity in mind, which will have an immediate effect on the way you save, spend, and earn money.

8. Give More Away, Get More Back

Giving may be the last thing on your mind if you aren’t confident in your financial situation, but the more you give, the more you’ll receive.

Giving can relate to anything in your life. Whether you’re giving away your time, energy, advice, affection, or money, you’ll find that you’ll likely always feel the effects of the positive energy you attract after giving to someone in need.

This is because giving raises our vibrations and attracts more positive energy.

This is why the more of yourself you give at work, the more you’ll get back. Whether it’s in terms of a raise, recognition, or respect, you’ll easily see the benefits of giving more and automatically start to attract more wealth into your life.

9. Be Open to Receiving

While most people feel that they are open to financial positivity, if you never learn to stop worrying about money, you’ll never be able to attract more of it.

Shift your level of openness by being more accessible to receiving more of everything from the Universe. The more open you are, the easier it will be to see the gifts that you may otherwise miss in your daily life.

Whether this takes on the form of someone offering to pay your bill, a loved one surprising you with a gift, or someone discounting a service or product for you, the more open and receptive you are,. This means the more these types of things will happen for you.

10. Always Practice Gratitude

The more grateful we are, the faster we attract positive things into our lives.

Start attracting more money by choosing to practice gratitude in everything you do. From the first breath, you take in the morning to the work you get to do during the day, be thankful for everything that you have in life. The universe rewards gratitude and you’ll soon learn this as you attract more money.

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Final Thoughts on How to Stop Worrying

When you’re in a desperate financial situation, it’s easy to think that worrying is the answer to your problems. While stressing over your problems may seem the only way to get through them, this is only making matters worse.

Stop worrying and invite positivity and financial success into your life by choosing to be more positive about whatever situation you find yourself in. As you strive to stay positive, you’ll find that you’ll have no room for any financial fears in your life. Keep these 10 tips in mind as you learn how to stop worrying and start attracting more money today.