If you want to increase positive energy, using mantras can help. These powerful mantras will broaden your perspective and help you radiate and attract positivity. As you repeat the phrases, they help eliminate negative energy and replace it with positive, empowering energy.

Reading the mantras will help, but saying them aloud can make all the difference. Start your day with the ones that resonate with you, and repeat a few throughout the day. Your mind will process the phrases as the truth, helping you increase positive energy.

If you ever feel unnecessarily exhausted or constantly feel like you need a break, these mantras are for you. While sometimes, these issues stem from not resting enough, that isn’t always the problem. Sometimes, the reason you feel so exhausted is that you’re carrying around negative energy.

Twenty Mantras to Increase Positive Energy

By replacing negative energy with positivity, you will feel better and more energized each day. As you read or say the mantras, make a conscious effort to feel the positive effect. The more often you do this, the more receptive your mind and body are to the positive phrases.

increase positive energy
1. I let go of anything or anyone that brings negative energy to my life.

You can’t keep things in your life that create toxic energy. If you notice certain people or things make you feel this way, let go of them. Fill your life with things and people that bring positive energy, instead, and you’ll find that you become more positive, too.

If you can’t identify the harmful sources, consider keeping a journal to write in when the negativity sets in. Please spend some time writing about how you feel and what you were doing when it started to affect you. Then, you can begin identifying patterns and address problematic areas.

2. I accept today as a new opportunity, and I choose to focus on positivity.

Think of each day as a new opportunity for positivity. It doesn’t matter how the day before went, as long as you can go into today with a fresh mindset. Use this mantra each morning so that you can make a conscious effort to focus on positivity, allowing for increased positive energy.

3. My thoughts uplift me, raise my energy vibration, and improve my well-being.

Using this mantra can help you refocus your thoughts to things that are uplifting and positive. By telling yourself that your thoughts do these things, you’ll notice an improvement in your energy. If you ever realize negative thoughts creeping in, use this phrase to increase positivity instead.

4. I am open to positivity, and I attract positive energy from the universe.

If you aren’t open to positivity, you won’t experience positive energy. Tell yourself that you are receptive to it and that you attract positive energy from the universe. Once you convince yourself of this, you’ll quickly notice an improvement.

5. My life keeps getting better in every way.

This mantra helps you notice the good things in your life rather than the bad. As you recognize the things that are going well, you’ll quickly feel more positive energy within.

6. I notice positive energy in the universe, and I know where it’s guiding me.

If you can notice the signs of positive energy around you, you’ll feel a quick improvement within. Plus, when you watch for it, you’ll know where the universe is guiding you to go. Follow the positivity, and you’ll experience a change in your energy.

7. I know that everything works out for the best, and I find peace in that knowledge.

While you might not realize it at the time, things happen to lead you in a different direction. Try to remember that everything works out the way it is supposed to. This mantra helps you find peace with the things that happen in your life, knowing that everything will work out.

8. I am full of positive energy, and nothing can change that.

Sometimes all it takes is for you to tell yourself that you’re already full of positive energy. The energy is there, but you have to find a way to bring it out. Say this mantra aloud, and visualize your body filling with positive energy.

9. I release negative thoughts that drain my energy and steal my focus.

Don’t hold onto thoughts that don’t serve you. Let go of negativity so that it doesn’t steal your energy and focus anymore. Once you let it go, you’ll have plenty of space for positive energy to fill up.

10. I focus my attention on things that bring positive energy.

Don’t waste your time or attention on things that inspire negativity. Instead, spend your time doing things that bring out your positive energy. Use this mantra as a reminder to consciously shift your focus whenever necessary.

increase positive energy
11. I deserve the best in life, and I’ll recognize it when it comes.

Sometimes you might think that you don’t deserve the best in life, but you do. Use this mantra if you ever find yourself having thoughts of not being good enough. It will help bring positive energy to your life, and you’ll start to identify good things while letting go of the bad.

By saying this aloud and reminding yourself that you deserve the best, you’ll have an easier time recognizing it. Plus, you’ll be more likely to go for it rather than sitting back and letting the good things pass by.

12. I love and respect myself, and I decide how I want to live.

With self-love and respect, you are sure to increase positive energy. You don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules because you get to decide how you want to live. Put yourself first and learn to say no when you need to.

The moment you prioritize yourself and realize that you can choose how to live, you will experience positive energy. However, if you decide to continue living for others, the negativity will linger.

13. I am happy, healthy, relaxed, and at peace in all areas of my life.

Describe your life the way you want it to be so that you can manifest positivity. Use this mantra verbatim, or adjust it by using words to describe what you desire for your mind and inner energy.

14. I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to, even with setbacks.

Negative energy can come from feeling like you can’t get something done. If you experience setbacks as you work toward a goal, you might feel like you will never reach the finish line.

Use this mantra as a reminder that you can do anything as long as you remain dedicated. Push through and persevere, and repeat this phrase as many times as it takes to entice positive energy.

15. I allow myself to accept positivity and good things in life.

Surprisingly, many people refuse to allow positivity and goodness into their life. They might turn down every opportunity and wallow in self-pity instead. If this ever happens to you, use this mantra to eliminate negativity and allow positivity in.

16. I am safe, and I can find comfort right now.

If you feel unsafe, you won’t experience positive energy or comfort in your life. To alleviate this issue, look around you and ask yourself if anything is dangerous in your environment. If the answer is no, use this mantra to convince yourself that you’re safe so that you can embrace positivity again.

17. I sense positive energy surrounding me all of the time.

With positive energy surrounding you, you’re sure to have it within you, too. Repeat this mantra until you feel the energy in the universe, and allow it to move within your body.

18. I am grateful for the things I have, the people in my life, and the opportunities that present themselves.

With gratitude, you’ll experience more positivity in life. Negative energy won’t stand a chance when you find joy in all that you have. Find different ways to practice gratitude and repeat this mantra whenever you need a reminder.

19. I am right where I need to be at this moment in my life.

Sometimes the situations you didn’t want to happen are the best ones for your life. Whenever something happens, it leads you toward the life intended for you. This mantra can help remind you that wherever you are right now is where you’re supposed to be.

20. I forgive easily instead of letting things weigh on my life.

If you want to increase positive energy, focus on forgiving others for their wrongdoings. Holding grudges will only increase negativity in your life, so let go of those feelings. Keep in mind that forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to have them in your life.

increase positive energy
Final Thoughts on Twenty Mantras to Increase Positive Energy

These powerful mantras will help you increase positive energy, allowing you to live a more meaningful life. All that you have to do is change your perspective and let go of negativity. By repeating these phrases, you’ll empower yourself to think positively and welcome positive energy.

You are the only one controlling your thoughts and internal energy, so focus on making it joyful. Make changes to better your life and use the mantras to help you stay positive.