If You See Someone With A Feather Tattoo, This Is What It Means

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Feather tattoos can have many different meanings, and people get them for a variety of reasons. Easily one of the most popular tattoo designs, feathers have a lot of symbolism behind them, but many people don’t realize it. If you’ve been thinking of getting a feather tattoo, whether large or small, you might be interested to learn a little bit about the various meanings behind this popular tattoo idea.

If you see someone with a feather tattoo, this is what it means:


An obvious meaning behind a feather tattoo, the desire for freedom prompts many people to get this design etched onto their skin. Bird feathers symbolize spreading your wings and taking off, no matter if you can see the ground or not. You might hear a lot of people who get these types of tattoos calling themselves free spirits or wanderers, because they long for emotional, mental, and physical freedom.

Connection to Spirit

Historically, different cultures have been known to sport feather tattoos as a sign that they have a close relationship with Spirit, Source, the Universe, or whatever you’d like to call it. Specifically, Native Americans, Egyptians, and Celtics wore feather tattoos as a symbol of their connection to nature, and the various gods they believed in. These cultures have a close relationship with the Earth, and therefore, this tattoo allows them to depict that connection on their own skin, further deepening this bond between human and Earth.


Feather tattoos can also be a sign of boldness, assertiveness, and courage. If you look at it symbolically, birds have the courage to spread their wings and fly, and trust themselves enough to not fall. So, in the same way, people who get feather tattoos have great strength and faith in themselves to make the right decisions in life, and soar rather than fall.


People who get feather tattoos likely have great intelligence, as feathers have an association with air, and people born under an air sign excel in intelligence and communication. They express themselves clearly and know exactly what they want in life, which persuades them to get a feather tattoo.


Also, many animals with feathers have great beauty; for example, owls, peacocks, and doves. If you get a feather tattoo, this symbolizes regality, poise, and beauty. You might look at various birds in bewilderment, and really feel a connection to how they carry themselves in nature. If you get a feather tattoo, this will serve as a constant reminder of how truly breathtaking this world is.


Especially in the Native American culture, birds are seen as sacred, wise creatures that deliver important messages and directly embody Spirit. Native Americans believe that all animals and plants carry the Source Energy through them, but birds are seen as special spirit guides, showing them the right path in life. So, you might get a feather tattoo as a connection to your culture, as well.

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