How to get rid of acne–that’s a question on the mind of many.  It’s something I can identify with on a personal note.

I’ve always struggled with acne from the time I hit puberty until now. Acne has always been an issue that has left me feeling less than perfect and pretty self-conscious at the same time.  With such negative feelings surrounding this skin condition, I was trying to figure out how to eliminate acne. My research was full of surprises, but after trying a few of these things, I beat my acne in just a week.

Here’s how I learned how to get rid of acne naturally.

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I Changed My Diet

First, I evaluated my diet and the foods I was taking in daily. Two significant culprits for acne are dairy and empty carbs. Then I learned how to get rid of acne by cutting out processed sugars and flour from my diet and opting for vegetables, whole wheat, and fruits. I also cut out my greasy food options, though that was a healthy move since greasy food causing acne has little scientific basis. I also tried to cut out my chocolate. However, I admit to indulging in a bit of dark chocolate one night.

I Kept My Hands Away

One of the biggest acne-causing problems is actually in our hands. I am the worst about picking at a pimple or touching my face throughout the day, especially if I’m stressed, but this can be terrible when learning to get rid of acne. This behavior worsens acne since it can lead to scarring, infection, and swollen skin. Poor hygiene is not always the cause of acne either, and when people, myself included, respond to this idea with heavier washes, it irritates the skin more to cause flare-ups. Instead, I washed gently with a mild acne cleanser and soap. I also tried not to stress too much during the week by trying yoga and other stress-relieving things.

I Tried Natural Options

Finally, when learning how to get rid of acne, I decided to try a few natural remedies to try at home. These are remedies that are backed by science, and they work. Since acne treatments can be pricey, I wanted to find something that was inexpensive and effective without too many chemicals or side effects. These are the three that worked for me! You should note that everyone’s skin is different, and the remedies might take a little longer to work for you.

  • Honey and Cinnamon

I heard about this honey and cinnamon mask from an online search. I thought it sounded pretty interesting, so I researched and tried it for myself. First, antioxidants have been proven more effective than leading acne medications like retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. Honey and cinnamon both have antioxidants and other benefits for the skin. They also have inflammation reducers and bacteria fighters in the natural products, and they help fight acne.

I made my mask by mixing one teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of honey. I cleaned my face thoroughly and applied the mask to my face. Finally, I let it rest for 10 minutes before rinsing it away and patting my face dry. It made my face feel amazing too.

  • Green Tea

I love green tea. I drink a glass every morning because I don’t like coffee. Green tea is loaded with benefits for the body but has antioxidants. While there aren’t any major studies out there right now proving that drinking green tea will help with acne, there are studies that show how applying it to the skin can help. Green tea helps fight inflammation and bacteria, and the major antioxidant also helps inhibit the growth of P. acnes, found in acne-prone skin. I start by steeping a green tea bag in boiling water for three to four minutes. Then I let it cool down before applying the tea to my face with a cotton ball. I let the tea dry and rinse my face with cool water. I’ve also heard of people mixing the tea leaves with honey to make a face mask, though I’ve never tried that.

  • Tea Tree Oil

I’ve always been an advocate for essential oils. I think they have so many benefits and uses in the body and outside the body, so when I heard about Tea Tree oil is great for acne spot treatments, I immediately had to get my bottle out and give it a shot. Tea Tree oil reduces inflammation when placed on the skin. It also helps to reduce acne just like the other spot treatments. However, it should be noted that this oil does not work as fast as medicated options. However, it does not dry the skin out as much. I mixed one drop of the oil in with nine drops of water. I dipped a cotton swab in the mixture and applied it right onto my pimples, using it twice a day.

Final Thoughts on Learning How to Get Rid of Acne

Over the course of the week, I tried these three natural remedies along with changing up my diet and habits to help get rid of acne naturally. It seemed to work because my acne is much clearer now. Today, I feel more confident than ever. Plus, I’m loaded with an arsenal of information about how to get rid of acne.