Are you suffering from anxiety? If yes, then you should know that with a few tips, you can treat the condition by yourself. Anxiety can become a serious medical condition if left untreated. Hence, upon realizing that you are suffering from the condition, treat it immediately.

Here are ten ways to beat anxiety and change the way you feel:

1. Meditation

With meditation, you can manage fear and stress by slowing racing thoughts. A variety of meditation styles such as yoga mindfulness and meditation could help. Mindfulness as a meditation technique is becoming famous for therapy. According to research, mindfulness-based meditation can be highly effective for people suffering from stress and mood disorders.

2. Exercise

According to a study, exercise assists to burn off anxious energy. However, high-quality research is necessary to determine its effectiveness. Exercise can also help with fear triggered by stressful situations. A 2016 study showed that people suffering from stress as a result of quitting smoking could benefit from exercising.

3. Writing

You can manage stress better when you have a way to express it. According to research, journaling and other writing forms can assist people to cope with stress. A 2016 study, for instance, showed that creative writing could help teens and children in anxiety management.

4. Relaxation Exercises

Some people unconsciously clench the jaw and tense the muscles in response to anxiety. Exercises relating to progressive relaxation can assist. Attempt to lie in a comfortable position and slowly relax and constrict each muscle group. Start with the toes and work up to the jaws and shoulders.

5. Aromatherapy

You can ease anxiety and stress by smelling soothing plant oils. Particular smells can work better for some individuals than others. Hence, consider experimenting with a variety. Lavender may particularly be helpful. According to a 2012 study, aromatherapy with lavender helped to ease issues with sleep in the long run while reducing the heart rate in the short run.

6. Time management Strategies

When people have a lot of commitments at the same time, they suffer from stress. These may involve health-related, work, and family activities. Planning your next cause of action can assist to manage this fear. Time management strategies that are effective can assist individuals to focus on a particular task at a time. Resisting the multitasking urge, using online calendars, and using book-based planners can help with this. When a significant project is broken down into steps that are manageable, the individual can accomplish the tasks under less stress.

7. Cannabidiol Oil

This oil has been derived from marijuana or cannabis plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil lacks tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that makes you ‘high.’ CBD oil can be found without a prescription in various healthcare shops. According to research, it can assist in panic and stress reduction. In regions where marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes, doctors can prescribe the CBD oil.

8. Herbal Supplements

Various herbal supplements claim to have stress reduction properties. But, there is not much scientific evidence to back this up. Therefore, it requires you to work with a doctor with a background in herbal supplements and their effect on other drugs.

9. Herbal Teas

Various herbal teas claim to aid in sleep and reduce stress. Some individuals find the process of preparing and drinking tea soothing. But particular teas can directly affect the brain, which leads to stress reduction. According to research, chamomile can change cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone.


10. Time with Animals

Pets provide support, love, and companionship. According to research, pets can help people suffering from various health issues such as stress. People prefer dogs, cats, and other tiny mammals. But people suffering from allergies can also get pets that lack fur. According to research, caring for crickets can boost the psychological health of older persons. Spending time with animals may also lead to stress and panic reduction where trauma is involved. According to a 2015 study, grooming and spending time with horses can reduce stress and fear linked to trauma.


Meditating, exercising, writing, doing relaxation exercises, undertaking aromatherapy, undertaking time management strategies, using cannabidiol oil, using herbal supplements, drinking herbal teas, and spending time with animals are some of the remedies that you can use for stress and panic reduction.

These remedies are all natural, and you don’t have to worry about intake of harmful chemicals in your body. You will not only beat anxiety, but you will also boost your creativity in the case of writing; improve your physical health in regard to exercising; improve the quality of your life by utilizing time management strategies and spending time with animals; and benefit from nutrients in herbal teas and herbal supplements. In case you need further assistance, seek medical help.