20 Affirmations to Tell Yourself If Your Heart Is Broken

20 Affirmations to Tell Yourself If Your Heart Is Broken

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When your heart is broken, it can affect more than just your emotional health. Being heartbroken affects your day-to-day life, interfering with your personal and professional relationships and abilities.

When you let your heartbreak consume your life, it is detrimental in all aspects. Your thoughts play an essential role in overcoming heartbreak because if you can change your thoughts, you can heal. That is why positive affirmations can help you if your heart is broken.

Staying aware of your thoughts can help, and you can repeat affirmations no matter where you are. Take a moment to yourself whenever you feel the negative thoughts creeping in, and use these affirmations to refocus your thoughts.


Heartbreak is hard no matter what the situation is, but always remember that you are strong enough to get through it. You will overcome, and you will be better because of it. Anytime you find yourself struggling, turn back to these affirmations to tell yourself if your heart is broken.

20 Affirmations to Tell Yourself If Your Heart Is Broken

Remind yourself of these unshakeable truths every day as you recover from a broken heart.

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1. I am complete on my own, and I will move on from this.

You don’t need a partner to complete you, and you can feel whole after a breakup. If you recognize that you are already complete, you will move on more quickly. Never forget to tell yourself that you will move on because, no matter how hard it seems right now, it will happen.

2. I know my worth, even if someone else doesn’t recognize it.

Never doubt your worth because you are highly worthy and valuable. Even if someone broke your heart because they didn’t see your worth, it is still there. You will find the right person that sees your value. Until then, you must focus on boosting your sense of self-worth.



3. I forgive the person that hurt me.

When you forgive the person that broke your heart, you will have an easier time healing. If you don’t forgive, you will experience bitterness and anger, preventing yourself from moving on. Focus on forgiveness instead, and you will find happiness again.

4. I forgive myself for getting hurt.

Just like you must forgive the person that hurt you, you must forgive yourself, too. There is nothing wrong with experiencing heartache, but people tend to blame themselves. If you find yourself in that position, forgive yourself so that you can move on.


5. My heart is healing, and I will be okay.

By telling yourself that your heart is healing, you’ll begin to notice the healing process a little more. You will sense that you feel better each day, and you will find comfort in knowing that you will be okay. Each day gets a little easier, so repeat this affirmation each morning.

6. I will take this time for personal growth, and I will love myself the way I deserve to be loved.

Embrace the opportunity to spend time alone and use it to better yourself. If you put all of your pain and energy into personal growth, you will heal quicker while also becoming a better version of yourself. Along the way, make sure to love yourself the way you deserve, and part of self-love is self-improvement.

7. I feel my heart becoming whole again.

Repeat this affirmation each morning, and visualize your heart coming back together. With the vocal repetition and the visualization, this affirmation will help you heal. If you practice meditation, you could repeat this phrase while you meditate, too.

8. I am on my way to something even better.

When a relationship ends, remind yourself that it means something better is in your future. You will find your person when the time is right, so use this affirmation as a reminder that you will overcome.

9. I am more than this breakup.

Sometimes when you are heartbroken, you will feel consumed by it. The breakup will seem like it fills every part of your life and being, but you can rise above that feeling.

Use this affirmation to remind yourself that you are much more than what is happening in your life. When you recognize this fact, you will have more self-confidence as you go through your day.

10. I am thankful that I now know what wasn’t meant to be mine.

It would be more painful if the relationship continued because it wasn’t meant to be. Eventually, things would have gone wrong, so it is better to find out now. As this relationship ends, remind yourself that you will find true love one day, and it will be meant just for you.


Knowing that there is something better out there for you will bring comfort as you work to heal your broken heart. Remember that if something didn’t work out, it is the universe’s way of saving you.

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11. I am strong enough to overcome my broken heart.

You are stronger than you realize, and you will overcome your broken heart. It won’t last forever, and you will persevere and come out better than ever. Use this affirmation to remember your inner strength each day, and you will feel a difference.

12. I am paying attention to all of the lessons learned.

When your heart is broken, you can find many lessons in the experience if you remember to look for them. Use this affirmation as a reminder to stay alert and remember that even heartbreak is a learning opportunity.

13. I am patient as I wait for true love.

Your time is coming, so remember to stay patient. Don’t try to rush the process, or you’ll find that you get hurt repeatedly. If you’re patient as you watch for your chance, you’ll find the love that you deserve.


14. I know that the pain will ease, and I will find joy in life again.

It might seem overwhelming right now, but the pain will ease a little more each day. Before you know it, you will experience happiness and joy again. Using this affirmation when your heart is broken will remind you to look for the little things that make you smile.

15. I am attracting people that will love me in the way that I deserve.

Not everyone is for you, and they won’t treat you how you deserve to be. Use this affirmation as a way to attract only those that will treat you with respect, kindness, and love.

You will find your person, so stay positive along the way. Remember that positive people attract other positive people, so pay attention to the energy flowing through you.

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