It’s natural to get caught up in how you think your body should look rather than celebrate your individuality. Many people use body-shaming because they see themselves through Hollywood’s lenses. When you hate your body, you’re not celebrating your unique qualities.

Even if you tried to be the coveted size, genetics would play a big part in your appearance. Wouldn’t it be nice if every woman had plump lips, a round booty, tan skin, and the perfect little button nose? It’s unrealistic to think that this is how everyone should look, as it doesn’t celebrate diversity.

Just because you don’t have the characteristics that society finds desirable at the moment, doesn’t mean your body isn’t lovable. Being true to yourself and loving the skin you’re in is undoubtedly something to honor.

Twelve Reasons Why You Should Not Hate Your Body

Having healthy self-esteem starts with kicking body-shaming to the curb. You can’t love yourself when you hate your body. Here are some reasons you need to celebrate your individuality and fall in love with what you’ve been given.

hate your body

1. Your Body is a Work of Art

Picasso couldn’t have painted a better picture than you. Look at the beauty all around you. What would life be without a rose, carnation, wisteria, or daisy?

Each of these flowers has unique smells, characteristics, and beauty that make them spectacular. Can you imagine a flower garden without a rose? Of course not.

Remember that your individuality brings something unique to this life, and without you, the work of art in your family tree wouldn’t be nearly as colorful.

2. It’s a Temple for Your Soul

Man is comprised of body, mind, and spirit. Your body was essentially created to house your soul. In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, it states that your body was designed to accommodate the spirit of God, and you’re not your own. It further says that you were bought with a price. Whether you’re Christian, Buddhist, or some other religion doesn’t matter, as it’s the principle.

This passage reminds you that there’s so much more to you than your hair color or weight. You were created to be a temple. So when you hate your body and engage in body-shaming, you deny the supernatural forces that created you for spiritual aspects.

3. Your Value Doesn’t Decrease

If you know anything about assets and investments, you know they either appreciate or depreciate. The wonderful thing about you is that your value doesn’t go up and down. You were a treasure the moment you came from your mother’s womb, and you will remain a gem all your days.

You may lose and gain weight ten times throughout your life, as well as lose and gain monetary items, but your value remains the same. So why engage in body-shaming as you should know your worth?

4. No Two People Are the Same

You may be short/tall, skinny/thick, muscular/skeletal, and have wrinkles and scars. However, these are just physical characteristics that don’t matter much in the grand scheme. Consider the snowflake.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, snowflakes get their individuality because they all follow slightly different paths from the sky to the ground. Your course isn’t the same as someone else’s, which creates your diversity. Celebrate these things, and don’t engage in body-shaming. Your path was chosen for you, and it’s unique.

5. Your Body is the Stuff of Stars

It may sound bizarre, but did you know that your very existence can be traced back to the start of time? Humans were made when the stars were created and all matter on earth. If this sounds a little far-fetched, there’s scientific research to back it.

According to Science, astronomers evaluated human beings alongside the galaxy. The results were uncanny as they showed a 97 percent correlation between the two. Ironically, humans share the most similar elements with the stars.

Isn’t that something worthy of excitement? You’re made with the same material that makes the stars beam in the sky? So you have no reason but to shine.

6. Looks are Transitory

You’re constantly changing and evolving. You won’t look the same at forty as when you were twenty years old.

As you grow and mature, you realize that what’s on the inside matters much more than what’s on the outside. Hold on if you dislike your appearance and hate your body. It’s going to alter as you age. It’s better to embrace the changes and that you’re still alive and kicking.


7. You’re a Life-Giver

Men and women both participate in the beautiful part of creating a life. A woman’s body is used to carry that baby to term and deliver it into the world. Can you think of a more fabulous job than to be the bearer of life?

How can you hate your body that brought your children into the world or helped their creation? Anything that could go through all those changes and pain to bring forth new life must be spectacular.

8. You Only Get One Body

From the time you’re born until you take your last breath, you will spend your life in the body you’ve been given. Wouldn’t it be silly to hate your body and don’t engage in self-care? If you don’t love yourself, then how can you expect anyone else to either?

It’s time to celebrate your weaknesses and strengths. You may not like your hair, teeth, or legs, but don’t focus on the things you dislike. Instead, turn your focus toward the things you do.

Do you have a dazzling smile, a heart that loves deeply, and stunning eyes? Then focus on the positive things and not the negative ones.

9. Body-shaming Causes You to Hate Other Things Too

Humans are complex beings. If you feel too big or ugly, it makes your mood off. While having off days is normal, you can’t let these feelings become habitual.

You will miss out on so much in life if you live in a state where you hate your body. Loving yourself and keeping a good body image are essential for your self-esteem. How you feel about yourself sets the foundation for thinking about most other things in life, so kick body-shaming to the curb.

10. Your Body Loves You

The next time you have those negative thoughts and hate your body, why not consider that your body loves you? Stop and think that you’re a breathing being, and all your systems work harmoniously for your good. You’re blinking, your heart is pumping, and you’re moving and thriving.

You may not look how you want or have the attributes you desire, but your body loves you enough to work tirelessly to keep you going.

11. One Person’s Beauty Isn’t the Absence of Your Own

Humans are beautiful creatures by design. Pay attention the next time you’re in a crowd. It’s easy to see some folks are more attractive than others, but you’re guilty of judging a book by its cover.

You must focus on that just because someone else is more handsome or beautiful than you doesn’t make you less of a person. While Angelina Jolie might have large lips, and Jennifer Anniston has gorgeous hair, it doesn’t take away from the beautiful features that make you unique.

12. It’s Empowering to Love Yourself

Wouldn’t it be easier to love yourself rather than to hate your body? It’s empowering to learn that you don’t need validation from anyone to feel good about being you.

A certain level of sanity comes from knowing that you feel good without anyone else’s approval. Being comfortable in your skin is a beautiful and mentally healthy thing.

hate your body

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Never Hate Your Body or Engage in Bodyshaming

You know that good self-esteem is required to have healthy relationships in your life. If you don’t have self-love, you cannot truly understand and love others. The feelings you have for yourself can interfere with your relationships.

For instance, if you have low self-esteem and don’t have a good sense of self-worth, it’s only natural that you would see your partner’s actions more negatively. Because you don’t love yourself, you’re unable to see and embrace the love of others.

Don’t hate your body because you believe you don’t measure up. This is not a good way to determine your self-worth. When you don’t love yourself and have self-loathing tendencies, you will expect rejection from others without giving them a chance.

On the flip side, people with low self-esteem often find that they stay in toxic relationships with individuals who don’t treat them well. Imagine being stuck in this situation because you think you can’t do better. It’s just so much easier to love yourself.