You might not have realized it before, but the way you write can reveal a lot about your personality. Whether you write with a left or right slant, little or great pressure, large or small spacing, and big or little letters, your handwriting speaks volumes about you as a person. Science actually backs up this theory with an area of study known as Graphology, involving how handwriting relates to personality.

Graphology came into the public’s eye in 1622, when the first book was published about the subject. Jean Michon of France came up with a word for the study, however, later on in the 1870s. The field of graphology gained traction in the 19th century when psychology became a profession.

Graphology focuses on four main areas: size, slant, pressure and spacing. By analyzing these four aspects of one’s handwriting, much about their personality can be uncovered. Kathy McKnight, expert Graphologist, says that the practice of analyzing one’s handwriting can reveal 5,000 different personality traits alone.

If you want to find out what your handwriting says about your personality, write out a short sentence, such as “I am thankful for my life” and then read on for more information.

What Does Your Handwriting Reveal About Your Personality?


Large letters

Writing with large letters may indicate that you have an extroverted personality. You enjoy being around other people more than you enjoy being alone. You express yourself fully and comfortably, and don’t hold back in life.

Small letters

On the other hand, this points to an introverted personality. You have the ability to focus intently on the task at hand, and block out anything else that might distract you. You have great concentration skills and willpower, but you might struggle with social skills and getting out of your shell.


Right Slant

You allow your emotions to steer your ship in life. You make decisions based on appeal to emotions rather than logic. You also have a spontaneous and impulsive nature. You might get in the car with no destination in mind, just to see where your intuition leads you. You cherish your personal relationships, and are there for your friends and family at the drop of a hat when something goes wrong.

No Slant

You approach life very logically and practically. You don’t let your emotions get in the way of your decisions. You don’t have a spontaneous nature, and like to plan out the details of something before doing it. You think before you act, so to speak.

Left Slant

You have a reserved personality, but you aren’t shy. You simply enjoy your alone time more than most people, and would rather work with objects or a creative process than people.


Heavy Pressure

You have a strong spirit, and wear your heart on your sleeve. You are also opinionated, and have strong reactions to issues you hold close to your heart. Your emotions run deep, but you don’t always say what’s on your mind.

You care for others deeply, even strangers, and would gladly step in to help them in a dangerous situation without even thinking of your own life first.

Light Pressure

You don’t let the small stresses of life weigh you down. You go with the flow, not being burdened by the trivialities in life. You feel your emotions, but don’t let them rule you. You accept and embrace every experience without resisting it. You accept life for what it hands you, and don’t question what happens.

You have a low-stress approach to life, not getting too invested into things mentally or emotionally.

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Line Spacing

Little Spacing

You have a lot on your plate, and not enough time to handle it all it seems. You don’t manage your time well, often scheduling so much in one day that you get burnt out. You might arrive late for things, and don’t take a lot of time for yourself.

Even Spacing

You have great time management skills, on the contrary. You arrive before an event takes place, prepared and organized. You only schedule what you can comfortably manage for one day, and ask before showing up somewhere.