You will be amazed to learn that facial pattern reading can reveal things about your personality, future, and your health. Facial pattern reading is an ancient Chinese technique, but it is as easy to learn as reading below to see what your facial features tell others about your personality.

Researchers examining people’s beliefs about the attractiveness of certain facial features say that ‘Chinese face reading is based on a philosophy held by Chinese people all over the world that expresses itself in contemporary daily life and practices by coloring people’s choices, likes, and dislikes.’

What Does Your Facial Pattern Reveal About Your Personality?

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the ancient technique of face reading to map one’s true nature, health, and inherited potential. It is a technique of reading the past, present and future by the facial patterns that can be seen at first glance.

Facial reading can be used for matchmaking, choosing successful business partners, and detecting a person who is more likely to conceal or deceive you. Knowing what to look for is key to interpreting facial pattern personality.

Being able to study this art can help you learn quickly about the tendencies that others are born with at first glance rather than having to get to know them. Are they trustworthy? Will they be a hard worker? Will they be a good partner or parent to your children?

Facial Pattern Reading Is an Ancient Practice

A practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a facial map and looks at the elements of earth, metal, wood, water, and fire as they are represented in the face.

Physiognomy is the practice of reading facial features to understand the true nature of the self and the destiny that you are meant to have. The color of the skin, shape and placement of facial features all have a role in the facial pattern reading and what it reveals about your personality.

In the book Reading in Chinese Medicine that she learned face reading from her grandmother and that these ancient Chinese facial pattern readings can predict illnesses long before tests show the health problems.

Bridges says that facial pattern reading can reveal details about your past and future. She tells a story of her Grandfather being able to know that someone he had just met had almost died as a young adult by what he saw on his forehead. The man was astonished that this detail of his past was evident to someone who knew about facial pattern reading.


1. Eyes – Your perspective on the world

A narrow-lidded person is more likely to be less emotional and businesslike. A person with a deep-set eye and a large upper eyelid is more open emotionally.

The lower eyelid curve either represents honesty if it is a deeper curve or defensiveness if it is straight across.

Wide apart eyes mean that the person is a visionary. Eyes that are close together mean that the personality is very detail oriented.

2. Eyebrows – Quality and quantity of thoughts

Thicker eyebrows = more ideas

Thicker at beginning of eyebrow = good at starting things

Height of eyebrows above the eyes

Higher = more patient

Lower = impatient

3. Ear size – Listening ability, learning and conformity

Larger ears = better listening to others

Smaller ears = better at listening to self

Ears higher up on head = faster learning

Ears that stick out far = rebelliousness

4. Nose – Drive

Larger nose tip = better at planning

Smaller nose tip = not interested in money

Turned up = impulsive

Larger nostrils = less careful with money

Opening of nostrils is larger toward tip of nose = more likely to spend money on others than self

Nose thickness = thicker noses are more socially inclined

Long nose = leadership

Short nose = hard worker

5. Cheek bones – Your Personality Reveals You as a Leader

Chubby cheeks = more likely to draw people to you

Larger cheeks = leadership

Prominent cheek bones = boldness

Wider cheeks = more confidence

Small jaw = health issues, sensitive stomach

6. Jaw and chin – Desire and Stamina

Wide jaw = good negotiator

Jaw size = stamina

Chin size = larger is more aggressive

Narrow chin = physically weaker

Rounder chin = more people and emotion oriented

Angular chin = more controlling and introverted

7. Mouth and teeth – Expressiveness Is in Your Personality

Larger mouth = a talker who is outgoing

Licker lips = more persuasive and sensual

Thinner lips = may conceal secrets, withholds information

Crooked teeth = conflicted thoughts

Smaller teeth = more generosity

Overbite = more introverted

What Do Your Dominant Facial Features Reveal About Your Personality?

Looking in the mirror, some of our feature appear larger and out of proportion to others, unless we are as symmetrical in our facial features as a supermodel.

A dominant forehead indicates a big thinker.

A dominant mouth means a sensual person.

Dominant noses means a large ambition.

Prominent ears tend to be introverted listeners.

Larger eyes and eyebrows are charismatic and naturally attract people.