20 Habits of People With High Confidence

20 Habits of People With High Confidence

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Have you ever met someone who could mesmerize you with their presence? With the way they talk, walk, stand up, and sit down. You get the idea. Some people exude radiant qualities that attract people. Confidence.

When they talk, they’re captivating. When you speak, they’re listening. There’s a mutual connection – not always in a romantic sort of way – that leaves you wanting more of them.

Tony Robbins is an example of such an individual. Whether or not you happen to be a Robbins fan or not doesn’t matter much. His crowds of followers indicate the man’s attractive qualities that appeal to millions.

Call it confidence, charisma, allure, charm, magnetism, etc.; some people have that “it” factor that others love.

20 Habits of People With High Confidence

In this article, we discuss ten behaviors of people with a high confidence level. Let’s get going!


1. The correct body language exudes confidence

Those with a high level of confidence exhibit this trait in how they carry themselves. This isn’t to say that confident people feel confident at all times, but they understand the importance of appearing that way. Furthermore, they know that posture strongly correlates with feeling – a mind and body connection.

2. A sincere interest in others

Many of us try to think of a response while someone else is speaking. We do so because “uncomfortable silence” is something that feels unnatural and unaccommodating – a byproduct of social pressure that is not accurate in the least. Genuine sincerity bypasses the need to sound exciting and uses that energy to invest in others.

3. Being curious

Having a one-sided conversation is not attractive (or respectful). People who understand that everyone has a story, and takes this perspective with them, are more likely to attract others. Encourage someone to talk about themselves, and don’t sweat the details of what they have to say.

4. Sharing the spotlight

Confident people aren’t usually too concerned with being at the center. Forget the image of the high school jock in the hallway; the most confident men and women are also some of the most selfless. They’ll generously share the spotlight, heaping deserved praise onto worthy recipients and making an effort to lift the spirit of others.

5. Having a powerful message

Well, having a powerful statement with the proper purpose, that is. Some personal stories are inspirational (e.g., Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey) and conveyed with a selfless and humble disposition. By all means, tell your story but try to contextualize it to benefit someone else.

6. Show confidence by being an active listener

Expressing interest and asking questions makes people feel special and put them at ease. Let people speak without interrupting. Follow up their statements with clarifying questions as needed and place a high value on what they say.

In other words, talk less and listen more.

7. Forgetting the need to be right

Okay, more science-based stuff here. In a study conducted at Emory University, the brain’s primitive “fight or flight” response activates in proportion to their interest in the topic at hand. The need to feel right is ingrained within the human brain, especially when passions are stoked – and this is true regardless of evidence or rationale.

The most confident people will suppress many of these primitive emotions, choosing to engage and sustain a conversation with someone regardless of their opposing viewpoints.

8. Start with a positive mindset

Starting the day with a positive mind makes navigating the day much more manageable. We’ll begin conversations on a positive note, act more respectfully and sincerely, and leave a positive impact wherever we go.

9. Displaying vulnerability

Contrary to what many people still believe, showing vulnerability is not an act of weakness. It is a very human activity that is both charming and compelling. Being vulnerable has a way of establishing trust and revealing a sense of confidence. Displaying vulnerability also delivers a powerful message: that it’s okay to be less than perfect and that we needn’t be so hard on ourselves.

10. Smile to display confidence!

No big surprise here. Confident people are more self-assured – and in many cases, happier – than other, less certain personality types. Even a slight smile will immediately lower many people’s guard, making them more willing to listen to what you say. They’ll also have an established sense of trust when it’s time for you to attend.

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11. Secure in Their Knowledge and Abilities

People with a high level of confidence have worked hard to get where they are. They have the knowledge and skills that they have learned over time. Since you are self-sufficient, you know that you’ll always find a way to manage any situation.

If you aren’t happy in your present position, you know that you can make a change. Perhaps you are among the folks who step out on faith for a different career move. Even if you lose your job tomorrow, you have enough confidence to find something similar or with higher pay.

12. Sets Goals and Accomplishes Them

Another way that people build their confidence is by setting and accomplishing goals. According to an article published by the University of Michigan, establishing goals helps develop more clarity for the future. Plus, it offers better insight to decide what’s essential and not.

When you set realistic goals, you feel a great sense of success with each one you accomplish. Then, you are more apt to believe enough in yourself to set the bar higher. Each accomplishment gives you more satisfaction and self-assurance.

13. Pays Attention

Confidence doesn’t come when folks ignore others. Just think of all the information and skill sets you’ve learned from people. You also build stronger personal and professional relationships when you pay attention to the thoughts and ideas of other individuals.

The whole idea is to be “present” at the moment. Not only are you actively listening, but you’re also showing empathy. You’re present in the situation, and you’re not thinking about what’s for lunch. You let other people know that if something’s important to them, it’s important to you.

14. Knows How to Process Negative Feedback

No matter how much confidence you have, you’ll always face criticism. It’s impossible to please everyone all the time, and you see the futility of trying. Perfectionism isn’t based on reality and does nothing but erode your self-esteem.

However, you’ve realized the secret to sorting constructive criticism from hateful comments. Although constructive criticism can sting a bit, it’s offered kindness to help you do better. Mean-spirited criticism is usually based on negativity, jealousy, and not understanding.

You take constructive criticism and use it to be more successful. When you reflect on the past, you can see your progress. Then, you push hateful criticism to the side and don’t let it get to you.

15. Not Afraid to Learn New Skills

It’s a sign of a highly confident person when you believe in your abilities. However, you’re never so self-assured that you’re above learning new skills. You realized a long time ago that there’s always room for improvement.

It takes a lot of courage to go back to school or learn new skills from generous mentors. Since you’re already solid in your current skill sets, your confidence drives you to learn more. The more you know, the more life satisfaction you have.


The more confident you are, the greater your thirst for knowledge. You try to learn something new every day. Boredom is your greatest enemy, and you fight it by keeping your body and mind active.

16. Doesn’t Procrastinate

It’s difficult for people to be confident when constantly avoiding responsibilities. Some people think why they should do something today when they can put it off till tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow doesn’t come, and they feel worse about themselves.

A study published by the National Library of Medicine discusses a possible link between procrastination and self-esteem. They found evidence suggesting that people with higher self-efficacy tend to have higher confidence levels. Therefore, according to the article, these people tend not to procrastinate as much as those with lower self-esteem.

So, you can be more confident when you do things promptly instead of avoiding them. Once you’ve completed a dreaded task, you may realize that it wasn’t as intimidating. You’re more likely to accomplish your goals and believe in yourself more.

17. Is Always Willing to Help Others

An undeniable sign of a confident person is your willingness to reach out to others. You have enough trust in your abilities that you’re not afraid to help those who need you. Plus, you’re not so high and mighty that you can’t do the most menial tasks as a helper.

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