Guava is a fruit in almost every grocery store across America, yet few truly know anything about it. This superfruit is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber on the planet. It has a fragrance that is intoxicating yet sweet.

The Hindi people call this fruit the “am rood,” and in Central America, they call it the “sand plum.” It has an oval appearance with yellow skin. The inside can be white, pink, or red, depending on the stage of ripeness. It also has an abundance of small seeds like dragon fruit.

The Nutritional Value of Guava

Many people reach for a banana to increase their potassium levels, but they can also ingest guava for the same if not better benefits. It’s loaded with nutritional values, and it can help to improve your immunity. Eating four ounces of this fruit has only 68 calories, which is far less than 120 calories in the average banana.

15 Reasons to Make Guava a Healthy Addition to Your Diet

This super fruit is low in sugar, high in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Here are 15 other benefits to this tasty nectar that should be eaten daily to see improved health.

1. It Has Low Glycemic Index

The low glycemic index of this fruit makes it diabetic friendly. Plus, you won’t have to fear sudden spikes in your sugar levels. As an added benefit, the fiber content of this beauty helps to keep you regular.


2. It Can Stop Toothache Pain

Due to the potent anti-inflammatory powers of this fruit, it can fight off infection and kill germs. In many cultures, they will rub the meat from the fruit on the skin near a toothache for instant relief. It can also help with oral ulcers or swollen gums as it helps to eat away the infection. Instead of popping an over-the-counter pain reliever, you can use nature to heal your discomfort.

3. It’s a Natural Immunity Booster

Oranges are always taunted as having significantly high levels of vitamin C, but they aren’t the only fruit with this vitamin content. Guava has four times more Vitamin C than oranges. Additionally, it will help to keep any illnesses or pathogens at bay.

4. It Effortlessly Improves Eyesight

This super fruit is full of Vitamin A, which is known to boost your vision. As you age, your eyesight degrades. However, eating this fruit daily can slow or even stop cataracts or conditions like macular degeneration from the beginning. While carrots still get the award for having the most Vitamin A, this fruit comes in second.

5. It’s Heart Smart

This magic fruit helps keep the right heart balance due to the high sodium and potassium levels in this magic fruit. Those with hypertension can see benefits in their blood pressure when consuming it daily. Also, it’s known to help lower both good and bad cholesterol levels.

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6. It Handles Constipation with Ease

Did you know that one guava can give you 12 percent of your daily recommended fiber amount? Your digestive system will function better, and you will have regular bowel movements. The seeds can be excellent for those who need laxative benefits. There’s no need to buy harsh chemicals at the drug store when nature provides all you need for regularity.

7. It Can Relieve Stress

Everyone seems to have the magic pill for stress. Doctors want to give antidepressants, and the marketplace offers expensive herbal mixes. Perhaps, all you need it the benefits of pure nature. This fruit can help both the muscles and nerves in your body to relax. Additionally, it can combat stress and boost your energy system.

8. It Can Lower Your Cancer Risk

There’ve been many studies conducted that prove that the foods you eat can reduce the risk of contracting cancer. This fruit has potent antioxidants that can neutralize any free radicals within the body, which eventually grow into cancer cells.

It’s also abundant in lycopene and quercetin, which can help keep both breast and prostate cancer at bay. It’s easier to eat this pure fruit every day than to pay the tens of thousands of dollars in cancer treatments.

9. It Helps Fetal Brain Health

When a mother is pregnant, the health of her fetus is of the utmost importance. Since guava has folic acid, B-9 vitamins, and a plethora of other health benefits, it can help the baby’s brain and nervous system during development. It’s known to stave away any neurological conditions too.

10. It Helps Your Brain Health

Since this fruit has such a dramatic impact on a baby’s brain, what can it do for an adult? Well, niacin and pyridoxine, known as vitamins B3 and B6, are essential for daily consumption.

They help to relax the nerves and improve cognitive function. Many people toss the antidepressants and supplement their stress and anxiety with B vitamins, so eating a delicious fruit may be the answer you need.

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11. It Enhances Your Complexion

Your skin should look radiant and fresh. Did you know you can use fruit to create a DIY scrub at home? Mix the surface of the guava with egg yolk, and then you must mix it thoroughly. Apply it to the face, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse the mixture with warm water and towel dry.

Use this method once or twice a week, and you will see a dramatic improvement in your skin. It will not only lighten your complexion but will remove any dead cells from your face. The skin often becomes discolored and develops dark spots as you age, which is entirely normal.

However, the abundant source of Vitamin K will help to combat those spots as well as dark circles and redness. It’s an inexpensive way to get glowing skin.

12. It Fights Cough and Colds

When you’re dealing with colds, the doctor always tells you to boost your Vitamin C content. This vitamin has a long history of helping with both bacterial and viral infections.

For this purpose, it’s best to use the juice of one of the immature and not quite ripe varieties. The fruit’s delicate makeup can cut through both mucus and heal the respiratory tract and even the lungs.

13. It’s Great for Weight Loss

Are you tired of fighting the battle of the bulge? Have you done everything that you’re supposed to do, but nothing seems to help? Guava may be the thing you need to kick your weight loss into high gear.

Not only is this fruit a very filling snack, but it’s lower in sugar than other fruits. Forgo the apples, bananas, oranges, and grapes as this one won’t bother people with diabetes. Since it’s so filling, you can eat less and still feel full.

Plus, all the fiber and proteins can help boost your metabolism and turn your body into the ultimate fat-busting machine.

14. It Improves Skin’s Texture and Elasticity

Every bit of this fruit can be used to tighten skin and improve its elasticity. The fruit itself has high astringent properties. Shockingly, the leaves of this plant have even higher properties than the meat inside.

Mix the fruit into a paste and apply it to your face. Then, cover the wet mixture with the leaves and allow them to sit for 20 minutes. By doing this a couple of times each week, you will see flabby skin begin to tighten as collagen production is boosted.

15. It Keeps Fine Lines and Wrinkles Away

It seems this fruit can do more than any cream you buy at the store. Another fantastic advantage is that it can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and it can keep them from developing in the first place.

The key is the carotene and lycopene inside the meat. It’s powerful enough to keep your skin glowing, healthy, and wrinkle-free. Why wouldn’t you want to eat this fruit and use it as a mask? Its benefits are astounding.

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Final Thoughts on Adding Guava to Your Menu and Enjoying Improved Health

How many times have you strolled through the produce section at your local supermarket and never noticed this fantastic fruit? You may have passed and wondered what it was as you kept going. So many people reach for strawberries, apples, bananas, and grapes because they are the most common.

The sad fact is that many are passing up what could be the answer to their health dilemma. This one fruit is so versatile and can help so many aspects of your body. It can be mixed as a smoothie, added to other fruits in a salad, and even made into a paste for massive skin benefits.

The best part about using nature as a health remedy is that it’s inexpensive and has no harsh side effects. Stop reaching for prescription and over-the-counter medications when there are things that have the potential to give the same if not better results. Always trust Mother Nature first.