15 Good Morning Texts to Send Someone You Love

15 Good Morning Texts to Send Someone You Love

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Sending your partner good morning texts is a sweet way to let them know that you are thinking of them. It is quick to do and won’t interrupt either of your morning routines. The best part is that when you send good morning texts, your loved one knows that they are important to you.

Another bonus of sending good morning texts is that it causes the person that you love to think of you, too. If they think about you first thing in the morning, they’ll likely think of you throughout the day, as well.

You don’t have to worry about sending the right thing or make it a stressful process for yourself. Just say what you think, and your partner will love it.

Fifteen Good Morning Texts to Send Someone You Love

Good morning texts can be short and straightforward because the goal is to let them know that they are on your mind. Or, you can be a little more creative and have fun with it. If you need some ideas to help you get started, here are some ideas for good morning texts.

good morning texts1. I woke up today thinking that even with the world constantly changing around us, my love for you will never change.

The world is constantly changing, but don’t allow your partner to think that your love will change, too. Start the day by assuring your partner that you will continue to love them despite anything going on in the world. When they read this text message first thing in the morning, they will start their day feeling happy and loved.

2. Good morning to the most important person in my life. You deserve nothing but positivity today.

When you love someone, finding ways to make them smile is essential. Remind them that they are important to you, and send some positive vibes their way. This simple text message will likely make their entire day as they get started on the right path.

3. I miss your smile, and I hope that I can see it today.

By telling your partner that you miss their smile, you will probably make them smile. Even if you aren’t there to see it, just knowing that you brought a smile to their face can make you feel happier. Follow it up with your wish to see them today, and you might end up with plans for that evening.

You never know what kind of day your loved one is having, so finding ways to make them smile can be just what they need. Plus, letting them know that you want to see them will make the relationship even stronger.

4. I am counting down until I can see you again.

Let your partner know that you are excited to see them again. Sometimes, people convince themselves that their loved ones don’t want them around. If you start the day by assuring your partner that you want to see them, they’ll be ecstatic all day long.

Plus, it lets your partner know that you are looking forward to spending time together. Knowing that you think of them first thing in the morning and make plans to spend time together will assure them that your relationship is the real thing.

5. I dreamt of you last night, and I’ll be thinking about you all day, too.

When someone makes it into your dreams, they have made a significant impact on your life. Don’t hide this fact from those that you love. Make sure you share the dream with them so that it makes their entire day, too.

Let the person that you love know that they are always on your mind. It will make them feel special and loved, which will help you strengthen your bond.

6. I started my day thinking of you and wanted to let you know that I hope you have a great day.

Nothing will make someone’s day more than knowing that someone they care deeply about is thinking about them. So, never hesitate to send a quick text message when you are thinking of your loved one. One text can make a big difference in someone’s day.

If they are having a bad morning, this message will cheer them up. On the other hand, if your partner is having a good morning already, it’ll only make it even better. This type of text message is never a bad idea to send.

7. Good morning to the one person that makes my heart flutter.

While it might be a little cheesy, it will make your loved one smile. This message singles your love out (in a good way) and makes them feel special.

best friend8. I just wanted you to start the day by letting you know that thinking of you makes me incredibly happy.

Your partner will love to start their day knowing that they bring you happiness. They want to make you happy, and they won’t know if you are unless you tell them. Don’t leave the person you love wondering if they are enough for you and if your happiness is a concern.

Plus, they’ll be thrilled to know that you love them that much. Make sure your partner never has to second-guess things by sending sweet good morning texts like this one.

9. There’s only one thing I want to do right now, and that is to tell you that I love you.

When you make your partner a priority, your relationship will highly benefit from that. This message will affirm for your partner that you love them, and it will give them happy feelings all day long. Plus, it’ll make them want to reach out to talk or see you in person, too.

Let the person you love know that they are the only thing they want to spend their time on. Sure, you might have other interests and loved ones, but letting them know they are important can make a huge difference.

10. You motivate me to be a better person, and I can’t wait to start working toward our future together.

The right person in your life will encourage you to be a better person. Even if you were a good person before, they make you want to keep learning and growing. When you can be this way with a person, you can truly start doing things to set up a happy future together.

If you have found this person, let them know by sending them this sweet text in the morning. It will make them appreciate you and the efforts you put into the relationship more. Plus, it will let them know that you are serious about the relationship and planning a future together.

11. I’m sad I didn’t wake up next to you, so I wanted to let you know you’re on my mind.

If you didn’t get to wake up next to your love, you aren’t the only one that is sad about it. Let your partner know that you’re sad because they’re probably feeling it, too. It’ll help the two of you connect even when you’re away from each other.

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