Nothing can brighten up your day quite like a golden retriever. Just looking at them reminds you of sunshine because of their glossy, tan coat and happy nature. Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America, and it’s easy to see why! They’re lovable, friendly, loyal, easy to train, and make wonderful family pets.

They do have a lot of hair and shed almost constantly, but that’s a small price to pay for their companionship. Plus, their thick, flowing coats can keep you warm when you cuddle them on those cold winter nights. Goldens may have a ton of fur, but it makes them even more adorable. Not to mention, you can teach golden retrievers to fetch your newspaper or even groceries delivered to your door!

Golden retrievers are insanely intelligent, able to learn almost any trick in the book. An added bonus is that they love to go on adventures. Nova, a two-year-old golden retriever living in Los Angeles, enjoys spending her free time at the beach. She’s pretty cute and fluffy, so we think you’ll love learning more about her and how she’s impacted her owner’s life.

This Adorable Golden Retriever Loves Going to the Beach

Dogs have an uncanny ability to heal people, and provide them comfort and support. After you’ve had a bad day, there’s nothing like coming home to a fluffy friend. They just have a way of cheering you up and making you forget all the stress in your life. Dogs also help ward off loneliness, because they will always be there for you.

“She came to me at a time when I was pretty down, and she helped me get out of bed in the morning for a bit of time. Her joy and her teaching me how to be in the present was such an amazing gift,” Kristina Ensslen, Nova’s owner, said.

Why Dogs Are the Best

Dogs have also been known to ease depression symptoms and calm your nervous system. It’s no wonder why dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world.

“I just feel like she’s taught me how to love in a totally different way, and it’s something I really needed at the time. It’s something I would’ve needed at any time, but especially at that time.”

Nova came from Connecticut originally, living out her first year of life in New York City. She’s now living in Los Angeles, California, and has fully embraced the beach lifestyle. While Kristina felt a little nervous about raising a dog on her own, she knew she couldn’t live without Nova. Who could, after seeing her sweet face looking up at you?

“The first moment I saw her, I almost cried because this little, helpless animal was coming home with me. I had golden retrievers in the past but they were family dogs, so this is my first golden that I was raising. She was just the best from day one.”


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Dogs offer companionship, and also make amazing adventure buddies! Wherever you go, a dog will make the journey ten times better.

Dog and Mom Both Love the Beach

Nova loves the beach just as much as her mom

“Her favorite activity would have to be swimming. She loves to hike as well, and she just loves to play fetch and spend time with me, honestly. I think the best memory involving Nova was the first time she went on the beach. The first time she went on the beach, she was only 5 months old.”

Her face lit up when she got to visit the beach for the first time. Nova ran around doing “puppy hops,” playing and digging in the sand, and jumping in and out of the water. She absolutely loved it!

“She felt at home there and it was amazing for me to see that because honestly, that’s what my home is. That’s where I feel most at home. The beach is my happy place, so the fact that it was hers too really was a touching moment for me,” Kristina says.

Golden retrievers are known for their love of the water. Since golden retrievers were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl for hunters, they’ve retained their natural instincts. It also explains why they love fetching things for their owners. Goldens make an all-around wonderful pet to have by your side; plus, they’re just too cute to handle!

You’ll never get tired of a golden’s friendship, because they will never hesitate to lift you up when you’re down. Plus, taking care of an animal can add purpose to your life, and improve your mental health.

“Having your first dog is really scary, and she made that easy. I would say if you’re thinking about adopting a beautiful angel or if you’re simply going to get a pet, I would say do it. You’ll be so happy that you did. Sure, it is more work but they give your life so much more meaning. I just feel so much more fulfilled, and wholesome, and happy with her and she’s just the best.”


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Final Thoughts: Nova the Golden Retriever Loves Beach Days with Mom

Nova and Kristina both love the beach, making them the perfect pair. Kristina says that Nova has added so much positivity to her life, and she’s her absolute best friend. Whether they’re spending time cuddling or playing at the beach, there’s never a dull moment. They’ve brought so much love into each other’s lives, and you can easily see that unbreakable bond in their pictures.

We’ll leave you with this loving quote from Kristina about Nova: “Your unconditional love for me has taught me a new kind of love and has expanded my heart in ways I never thought possible. Thank you for being there for me every day and for being the best adventure buddy out there. From coast to coast, season to season, you’re my best girl forever!”

If you have a golden retriever or any other dog, we’d love to hear how they’ve changed your life, too!